When I was listening to Bruno Lallement* today, what he said really resonated with me. He explained* so beautifully how:

“As long as you hold on to your emotions, you’ll never know peace and calm in your mind and heart, you’ll never be your true self.”

People always ask me: How can I feel more happy, more satisfied? How can I worry less? How do I know what my purpose is? How do I know when I am really being me?

And the answer to all these questions lies in finding that calmness inside you, that quiet space in your heart. Once you are able to access this sanctuary, you’ll know what life is all about, you’ll know your purpose, you’ll be able to feel calm no matter what goes on around you, you’ll be able to be yourself, to drop all masks, … and that is when you’ll arrive Home, that is when you’ll finally and completely be You.

How can we feel our emotions without being completely overwhelmed by them?

How can we have feelings and yet move beyond them?

You’ll be able to find your calm, peaceful place when you realize you will have to deal with your emotions, you will have to let them go, in order to arrive at your inner sanctuary. Because as long as you’re in the e-motion, in the Energy-in-MOTION, you’ll never be able to be in that place of calm, of quiet.

First of all, it’s important to understand that everything, and everyone, is energy. Everything is constantly vibrating. Everything evolves from spiritual energy to matter, and back again. We only pass here on earth in our body to return to spirit one day, and then to return to matter again another day. We’re just energy changing forms. So, feeling our feelings, is of little importance when we look at the grand scheme of Life. I am not saying that what you feel aren’t your real feelings, I am not pretending that you are not feeling happy, or sad, or frustrated of neglected, … No, all I am saying is, feel your feelings but then let them go! They are not important! You don’t need them to know who you are. In fact, you have to let them go in order to find this calm, this inner quiet. The quieter you become, the more you’ll feel at Home, the more you’ll know and be YOU.

Knowing that feelings are just feelings, knowing that emotions are not what defines you, makes it easier to let them go. I’ve written a lot of articles** about how you decide how you feel by changing the way you think. An emotion is always a consequence of a thought, so by consciously steering your thoughts, you control your feelings. Knowing that emotions are moving energy, you know it’s up to you to decide to let them go in order to find your calm inner sanctuary. Once you arrive there, you’ll feel and know YOU.

That’s when you’ll finally know peace of mind, that’s when you’ll finally have arrived, that’s when you’ll finally be home. This is where you’ll be happy and content.

That’s also where you’ll finally be without worry, without fear, without anger, without the need to prove yourself, without the need to be the best, the fastest, … because you’ll know now who you are, what your purpose is here on earth in this life. And that has nothing to do with how, and what other people are doing in life.

The more you’ll understand and see your feelings as just energy in motion, as a current of which you can alter the direction, as a stream of energy you can slow down by letting go, by letting the energy merge with the big flow of the ocean of Life, the easier you’ll move beyond your emotions.

The more you’ll be able to move beyond your emotions, the more you’ll realize you don’t need to hold on to grudges, to stories you keep telling yourself, to whatever is keeping you from your peace of mind. That is where your answer lies, that is where everyone ultimately wants to arrive: inner peace and quiet, being yourself, being content and happy where you are: no more stories, no more masks, no more insecurities, no more fear…

That is my wish for all of you: recognize your emotions, for what they really are: e-motions. Move beyond them by letting them go in the flow of Life and by letting them go, you’ll let go of the turmoil they were creating, and that’s when and where you’ll find your peace, your Home, you.

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*’Resources et Actualisation’ by Bruno Lallement.

**Medium articles by Katrien Degraeve.

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