We, human beings, are as much part of nature as everything else on the planet and yet we think we function differently….

What if we would try and live more in harmony with what we’re part of?

We really are a one-of-a kind species, aren’t we? We think we know what’s best, we think we can improve the world, we think adjustments are necessary. But necessary for whom? Indeed, for mankind. We always want more, we always want everything to be optimal …for us. And where does it lead us? To pollution, to extinction of species, to shortage of fresh water, to diminishing habitats, to depleted soils, … and how do we feel in all of this? Indeed, not great to say the least. We feel exhausted, we feel alone, we feel lost even, we get sick, … And we are searching for answers, for solutions to feel more whole again, to feel happy again, to feel ‘at home’ again, to belong somewhere again. I suggest we go back to nature and observe.

While observing, we will see how intelligent nature is, how much it offers us, how much we can learn from it.

Let’s have a look outside right now: leaves are changing color, crops have been harvested, nuts are falling from the trees, birds fly to where they will spend the winter, animals prepare to go into hibernation…. In nature there is this rhythm of awakening, growing, reproducing, preparing for rest and rest. And look at how well that works. For millions of years nature did perfectly well without mankind interfering. And still, the moment we came along, we thought we had to make adjustments to this beautiful planet.

Why don’t we stop pretending we know better and start learning from it instead?

Fall teaches us to let go, to get rid of what’s no longer useful. When we look at our lives, we can let go of most of our things. As I have written in many of my articles, as well as in my book* “Less is Yes!”: get rid of all the too much in your house, in your life and you’ll feel the energy flowing again, you’ll feel liberated. The more you get rid of stuff, the more time you free up in your schedule, the more you’ll get in touch with YOU again, the more you’ll recognize what is really important and what not.

Winter teaches us there is a time for rest, teaches us that we need a time of slowing down, of letting our body and mind recover. And that is something we tend to learn the hard way, when it’s too late, when we are exhausted. A lot of us get sick, have a burn-out, … and we never saw it coming. We ignored all the signs our body was sending us. As we are part of nature, our body knows, but we don’t get quiet enough anymore**, we don’t hear it anymore. And sometimes, even when we do hear it, we choose to ignore it, we think we know better…. So, let’s go back to being one with our body, let’s teach our mind to listen to the signs, let’s practice silence (again). You’ll feel so much better, so much more in harmony, so much more peaceful and ‘at home’ in your body again.

Spring is the time of (re-)birth, of awakening, of freshness. And this applies to us too. When we take enough time to recover, to rest, we will feel refreshed afterwards. We’ll be more creative, there will be room for new projects, we will feel fully alive and energized!

Summer is the time where we can fully expand, where what we’ve planted comes to full fruit, … there is a lot of light, of warmth, of joy. Let’s build in that season in our life too. Let’s look around and be joyful when we see ‘the seeds we’ve planted’ growing, flourishing. Summer is a time to enjoy life, to be grateful for all the abundance we have in life.

My invitation to you all is, look at how nature functions, watch it, and become part of it again. Live your life like nature does. Build in that rhythm of letting go, rest and recover, feeling freshness and rejuvenation, and fully enjoy what you have in your life. It will all ‘make sense’ again, you’ll feel restful, you’ll feel everything is working out just fine, there will be enough time for everything as you now make the time to listen to what you need. Even if the world around us is in turmoil, we can find peace again by returning to what is essential, by living in harmony with nature, by taking care of our planet, of all life on earth, which includes ourself.

There is a full moon coming this weekend, take some time to look at it, accept its energy, its influence and work with it. A lot of us lost touch with nature, do not consciously feel the energy around them anymore. But that doesn’t mean it’s not there. Look at the tides, ebb and flow, its constant movement without any human manipulation. We too are subject to these forces, we too are influenced by a full moon, by what is going on in our solar system. A full moon means our chakras are wide open so all that we are experiencing will come in stronger. Knowing this, we can work with this.

A full moon is the perfect time to practice gratitude as we’ll feel it even stronger. Send out love, look around you and see all the beauty, all the friendship, all the love, and be grateful for it. You’ll feel it multiplied a tenfold. Enjoy it, bask in it and you’ll radiate this loving, grateful feeling. All the people around you will benefit from it too.

Being conscious of the influence of a full moon, also means you are aware of the possible ‘fall out’. You can avoid huge arguments, harsh feelings because you now know, it all gets a lot more intense. When you feel anger or frustration rising, just take a deep breath and ask yourself what good will come from you getting into an argument just now. What positive result can come from this discussion? If you have no satisfying answer, just let it go, let the negative feeling subside and you’ll be glad you did. Getting into a fight always ends up with everyone feeling bad. It’s better to wait for the feelings to weaken a bit and to have a more rational, factual discussion about it afterwards if it’s still necessary. Then there is room for a dialogue, then both parties are open for different kinds of view, and will be searching to find a mutual beneficial outcome.

I wish you all a peaceful, harmonious, quiet weekend and a lot of joy and happiness as a result of you returning to your source, of you returning to nature, of you becoming one with all there is around you.

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*”Less is Yes!” by Katrien Degraeve

**”Me: Please Mind, be quiet…Mind: But I like being busy…” by Katrien Degraeve

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