There is a moment in life where everything changes … we lose our bearings, our stability, our self-confidence …

Why now, why today, when everything was fine …

We were “superwoman” without knowing it or wanting it … by dint of wearing everything, there is a moment you are confronted with a loss of energy … this is where loneliness sets in without really understanding why … or even worse … without seeing it coming.

We have all been so formatted through our experience, that this automatism becomes destructive.

I was lucky to meet Katrien as a coach.

Katrien gave me the keys to take care of myself and strengthen my inner strength through meditation … but most of all, how to divert the negative into positive waves. How to anticipate difficult moments and use them in opportunities.

We do not realize, but living the moment with the necessary hindsight makes things so much easier.

Thank you Katrien for these beautiful meetings.


Hey Katrien,

Graag wil ik je enorm bedanken, voor de kans die ik van u kreeg.
Om te werken aan self-development / Life-coaching.
Buitengewoon fantastisch!!!

Heel veel bijgeleerd.
En door uw wijze aanpak en tips, tijd kunnen creëren voor gezin en ontspanning.

Om nog maar te zwijgen wat je allemaal kan verwezenlijken door meditatie.

Blij dat ik weet, wat ik nu weet.
Dit zou iedereen moeten weten!

Bedankt Katrien,
En tot binnenkort.



Merci à une femme dévouée et passionnée Katrien Degraeve.
J’ai surtout apprécié son mode de coaching innovant et personnel, sa motivation contagieuse et son positivisme.
Je suis arrivée via via chez Katrien. Mon objectif principal était de travailler sur mon ‘assertivité’. Pour cela, je cherchais un coach féminin qui, grâce à ses expériences, pouvait me guider.
Katrien m’a remis les clés à travers des exercices et un dialogue qui m’a donné un aperçu rapide de ma «mission».


I have known Katrien over ten years now and I would like to testify on how valuable our friendship has been. Katrien has a maturely balanced and conscious vision on the intrinsic value of life. Finding a well balanced lifestyle can be so challenging despite our knowledge of all this.

Katrien is a woman, who understands women and has an acute awareness of what can go haywire at critical times in one’s life. Through her innate wisdom and years of courses from nutrition to energetic homeopathic work to NLP, Katrien has clearly the resources to accompany one who needs support in getting ‘back on track’ or simply get ‘off the beaten track’ in order to resource oneself, understand oneself and act with more awareness and more confidence. “Woman empowerment” is the key word that comes to mind – and this is done with much humility, respect, professionalism and most importantly much love.

Her space is a glorious haven of peace in the middle of nature in Lubbeek where Katrien finds her own inner balance.

Once you get a taste of Katrien’s positive and ‘empowering’ energy there is no way back to adopting old habits that have not served you in your evolution… Onwards! We all deserve to be the best version of ourselves. We are all divine women and we must never forget this.

Fiona Mc Greal

co-founder of INGA Wellbeing

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