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Change your life before life changes you! De eerste stap is steeds de moeilijkste!


Wil je evenwicht in jouw leven?


Uw passies en geluk!


Langer en gezonder leven?


Zit je vast?


Bang voor de toekomst?


Haal het beste uit jezelf!


Do you get what you want in life? Or not?

  Do we get what we want in life, or do we get what we need? Hold your horses! Stop fuming! I know life does not always feel like we get what we need, or at least what we think we need. But bear with me for a moment. We all have more or less an idea of what we...

No More ‘Pleasing’, please …

  The more you please, the more you ultimately lose yourself, and others. Let me explain. Being a recovering ‘eternal pleaser’ myself, I know all about it. Of course, I am not talking about helping people out, about doing something you know will make somebody...

Cure Yourself of the Disease called … Excuses…!

“If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place”. Lao Tzu The only way to be at peace, to feel as if you finally are where you are meant to be, is to free your mind of excuses, of false beliefs, of all kind of ‘mind viruses’. No complaining, no...

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