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Good Habits, Why Would You Want Them…?

Do your toes curl whenever people say you need to create good habits? Do you already feel failure lurking around the corner when you want to change your lifestyle into a healthy lifestyle? Let’s have a look at habits and when you need them and when not. First of all:...

Which Thoughts Are You Feeding?

We all have like 50 to 80 000 thoughts each day. That means it is really important to choose which thoughts we want to feed and which not. Feeding thoughts? How can I feed, or not feed, thoughts? Thoughts pop up. Things trigger thoughts to come up. So, the fact of...

What Is Minimalism to You?

When I am talking about minimalism, I very often get reactions from people who belief that minimalism means living like a stoic monk, void of all pleasures in life, or who think you need to live in a house with one chair, one table and one plant, to be a minimalist. I...

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