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Change your life before life changes you! De eerste stap is steeds de moeilijkste!

Voelt jouw leven vaak als ‘te veel’ aan? Dan is er ook te veel in jouw leven! Zeg nu stop! Volg deze praktisch gids naar een lichter, vrijer en blijer leven!

Nieuwsgierig naar mijn boek? Luister hier naar het interview bij ‘De Madammen’ op radio 2 bij de lancering van “Less is Yes!”

Wil je evenwicht in jouw leven?


Uw passies en geluk!


Langer en gezonder leven?


Zit je vast?


Bang voor de toekomst?


Haal het beste uit jezelf!


We Are a Soul in a Body, not a Body with a Soul.

Dr Sue Morter*, as do many other of my mentors**, talks so vividly about us being souls in a body, that I always feel very inspired and in awe of her wisdom. I just listened to her meditation*** ‘Redefining sabotage’ where she said this immensely beautiful sentence:...

Experiences Are What We Label Them…

I am so grateful for the free 3-day event ‘Time to Rise’ Tony Robbins* gave this January. It was, as always, very inspiring, very eye-opening, very honest, very truthful, very practical and useful. Yes, I am a fan :-). I like following courses, teachings, … with...

Saying Goodbye is Part of Life…

Saying goodbye is never easy, it’s never what we want, and yet we so often have to do it in life…. If you want to look at life from a pessimistic point of view, life is a series of goodbyes, there is always someone, or something we have to say goodbye to. In fact,...

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