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Change your life before life changes you! De eerste stap is steeds de moeilijkste!

Voelt jouw leven vaak als ‘te veel’ aan? Dan is er ook te veel in jouw leven! Zeg nu stop! Volg deze praktisch gids naar een lichter, vrijer en blijer leven!

Nieuwsgierig naar mijn boek? Luister hier naar het interview bij ‘De Madammen’ op radio 2 bij de lancering van “Less is Yes!”

Wil je evenwicht in jouw leven?


Uw passies en geluk!


Langer en gezonder leven?


Zit je vast?


Bang voor de toekomst?


Haal het beste uit jezelf!


It’s YOUR Life! Make It a Beautiful One.

People often ask me: How can I feel happier? How can I feel less tired? How can I stop feeling hurt? How can I stop my mind going crazy? Well, it is quite simple but not always easy to accomplish. As long as we believe that what other people think of us, is true, is...

FEAR: Why is It Always Lurking Around the Corner…?

Why do we experience fear -or call it anxiety or worry- almost every single day? Why do we so often feel uncomfortable? Why do we feel uneasy in so many situations? I highly recommend reading Susan Jeffers* on this topic. In ’Feel the fear …and do it anyway’ she so...

Regret: is it Worth Its While?

What good comes out of wishing you had done things differently? Who says that if you had done things differently it would have made you happier? Regretting… People are always scared they either, will regret things they have done or not have done in life. But isn’t...

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