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Change your life before life changes you! Le premier pas est le plus difficile!

Voulez-vous un nouvel équilibre dans votre vie?

Votre bonheur et vos passions!

Vous souhaitez une longue vie en pleine santé?

Vous vous sentez coincée?

Avez-vous peur de l’avenir?

Libérez votre potentiel!


The Benefits of Doing Less.

Are we able to do less? What if we needed to, because (the quality of) our lives depended on it? Why wait until we’re forced to slow down because of illness or any other throw back in life? I’ve been talking the last couple of weeks about creating habits, about...

Choices… do we really have them?

People say: “You always have a choice”. Do we? Let’s have a look at what it means to choose. The other day, a colleague of mine asked me: “Do we really always have a choice?” I say: “Yes!” She was not sure and a lot of people, disagree, get angry even. I know, it’s...

Happy Mornings, Happy Days. Happy Days, Happy Life!

When you have a peaceful, joyful morning, you’ll be able to handle whatever happens that day. Let’s have a look at why having a morning routine, and learning how to have a morning ritual can bring you so much peace. We often wonder why we feel so stressed all the...

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