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Change your life before life changes you! Le premier pas est le plus difficile!

Voulez-vous un nouvel équilibre dans votre vie?

Votre bonheur et vos passions!

Vous souhaitez une longue vie en pleine santé?

Vous vous sentez coincée?

Avez-vous peur de l’avenir?

Libérez votre potentiel!


Why Do We Get, so easily, Upset?

The first thing we need to realize when we are upset, is, that what other people say, and how they react towards us, is all about them. Don’t take it personally*. That is not easy, I know, but people have their own beliefs, their own fears and so, when something does...

Once You Organize Your Time, It Will Slow Down.

I am kicking in an open door, when I say that, everything is moving fast, too fast. We have to be present all the time so that we do not miss out on a mail, a message, a photo posted on social media, the news, … We have to be ‘flexible’. We have to be able to adapt to...

Release and Be Free!

I am so grateful for all the things that I have learned over the years, from my wonderful mentor, Courtney Carver*. She’s my go-to-example whenever I am in doubt whether I need something, or whether I need to let go of it. And I have learned that whenever you ask...

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