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Who Do You Believe You Can Become?

Is there an image popping up in your head? Yes? Great! And… then there is that little voice inside your head who tells you differently… We can try to be the person-we-want-to-be, but if we don’t believe we can be that person, we’ll never become it. So, how do we get...

Do We Really Get to Choose What We Think, How We Act?

  A recent reaction of a person inspired me to write this week’s blog. He did not agree at all with what I said in my television interview last week, where I was talking about our conscious and subconscious mind and how we can create new behaviors by thinking...

My Wish for You? Believe You Make a Difference!

When asked: “How can you make a difference in the world?” Most people answer: I can’t, I can’t change anything, it’s too big, I have no say in world politics, I have no influence…. And I say, we ALL have influence, we can all make a change, we can all contribute to...

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