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Release and Be Free!

I am so grateful for all the things that I have learned over the years, from my wonderful mentor, Courtney Carver*. She’s my go-to-example whenever I am in doubt whether I need something, or whether I need to let go of it. And I have learned that whenever you ask...

Happiness Is = Accepting What Is, Then Changing Your Attitude Towards It.

We so often read and hear about acceptance: “Accept what you cannot change.” But that may be easier said than done. Sometimes we feel that there is stuff we’ll never be able to accept. But let’s have a look at why accepting can only benefit us. Once you realize you’ll...

Why Don’t We Use Our Key?

I read the following beautiful line the other day: “People live inside a cage but they don’t realize the key is on the inside” For me that was such a simple, yet beautiful, and oh so true statement! We all have the key in our hands to open the doors, closed doors that...

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