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Always Striving but Never Arriving….*

Do you often feel like this? Do you feel you’re always working, struggling, doing more, … and yet never have that feeling of being where you want to be, of being enough, of having enough, of having ‘arrived’, …? If your answer is ‘yes’, then it’s high time you take a...

Inner Peace, Inner Calm = Your Quality of Life.

As I read Dan Pedersen’s post the other day, I couldn’t agree more with what he wrote: “…Nobody can give you the inner peace you need….” That is so true! It’s scary and reassuring at the same time. Scary because it’s up to you*, and reassuring that you are the one in...

Where Do You Belong?

Do you often feel as if you’re alone in this world, as if no one understands you? Do you often feel like an outsider, as if you don’t belong? Stop feeling sad and alone and use these feelings as an invitation to look very closely at the people around you: Who are...

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