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Judging… When Did That Ever Make You Feel Happy?

Never. Maybe you felt better for a brief, self-righteous moment, but then, afterwards, we feel empty, low in energy and alone. Then why do we keep judging everyone and everything, including ourselves? “Judgment prevents us from seeing the beauty beyond appearances*”....

We are All Interconnected, We are ‘One’.

We are all part of mankind, of nature. Therefor we can make a difference, we can influence the world. Choose to make it a better place, a warm home, a sanctuary for all life on earth. 'If you restore balance in your own self, you will be contributing immensely to the...

How You Can Make Your Life Whole (again).

We all complain there is never enough time and because of that, we skip a lot of important things in our lives and this, all too often, leads to regret and pain. Let’s find out how we can avoid falling into this trap of our rush-rush, busy-busy life. We all have full...

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