About me

Why being a life coach?

As a master in physical education from the University of Leuven, I know that keeping your body in good shape gives you great energy!

One of my passions is healthy food. Over the years I followed multiple courses and seminars on natural food.
For me nature is healing and it is my conviction that eating natural, organic food keeps you healthy. I followed several courses on phytotherapy and homeopathy so that my family and I can keep away from chemical medicines as much as possible.

As your mindset is critical for your well-being: I studied at the Academy Coaching & Mind of topcoach Inge Rock to learn how exactly does the mind works. I also followed a course in NLP coaching (Bandler-Grinder method).
It is my desire to help people find THEIR way, THEIR goals, THEIR path.

Often people feel there is need for a change in their life, but they are stuck in the daily routine.
As a life coach I help people discover their needs, their passions,…
Once we have defined your goal, we roll out an action plan to achieve it.
Happily married for nearly 20 years to a workaholic, mother of 2 teenagers, manager of a lively household (including a dog, cat, chickens, sheep,…) I know all about the challenges of trying to live a balanced life!

Hope to see you soon!

Katrien Degraeve

Katrien - lifecoachwomen.be
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