Most of us live our whole lives in a feeling of scarcity. We fear we will never have enough. Not enough money, not enough stuff, not enough friends, not enough love, not enough…. As we know from the Law of Attraction*. We get more of what vibrates on the same frequency. The Universe gives us more of what we want. What we want???? I hear you scream. I do NOT want more of these problems in my life! Well, then you’ll have to start thinking differently, because the longer you keep living in fear of not having enough, the longer the Universe will provide you with more scarcity. Okay, and how can I turn this around? I hear you asking.

Start with wanting to think differently. Make a decision that from now on, you’ll have faith, that from now on, you’ll trust you’ll have enough.

Then start looking around you with a different set of eyes. Look at everything around you in awe, full of gratitude. You’ll be amazed by how much there is in your life to be grateful for. The more you do this, the more you’ll see things to be grateful for. It’s not happy people that are grateful, it’s grateful people that are happy”.

List all that you appreciate: you have a place to live, you’re not hungry, you’re in good health or if not, you have access to medical care, you have a job, you have friends and family, you live in a peaceful country, you have access to so many things, … Ultimately, this becomes your new attitude. You’ll become a grateful person no matter what happens in your life. And being grateful, lifts you to a higher vibrational frequency. The Universe will provide you with more of what is happening on that frequency.

Suddenly, you’ll experience ‘good luck’, good things start happening to you: things from small stuff like finding a parking space, to big changes in your life. Have you ever noticed that when you’re already creating a story in your head that you’ll never find a parking space, that it’s always a disaster to find a free spot there, that you actually do not find a good spot? And when you’re trusting that you will find a spot nearby, that you actually do find a good parking space? Say thank you when you do. The more you’ll practice this, the more often you’ll find a parking space quite easily.

But it goes way beyond finding parking spaces. You’ll start meeting the ‘right’ people, like-minded people, people that can help you with a project you want to start. You’ll ‘suddenly’ find the funding for your project. Someone will guide you to a doctor you were looking for, etc.

You’ll notice things falling into place. You’ll start to feel in harmony with the world around you. You’ll feel the stress ebbing away. All becomes more natural. You’ll feel calmer.

My invitation to you all is:

Don’ be afraid to give. Don’t look for what you’ll immediately get in return. It doesn’t work like that. Just go and be giving. Change the way you look at the world around you. Be nice, not because people will say oh, he/she is a very nice person, no, be nice to others because you know everyone has their own story, everyone deserves kindness.

We are all here on Mother Earth, we all live here on this same planet, we all come from the same Source and we’ll all return to that same Source. It’s up to you how you want to spend your journey in between. Will you choose to see everyone and all as dangerous, as enemies, as competitors, … and so spend your earthly time being paranoid, harsh, sceptic? If so, you’ll be living an unhappy life in scarcity, feeling you’ll never have enough. Or, will you choose to see all living creatures as beautiful, as friends, as soulmates, as ‘planet’mates, … In that case you’ll feel joy, you’ll see beauty, you’ll feel abundant and happy.

The choice is yours! Choose wisely, your life quality depends on it.

If you choose to live a grateful, joyful life but you don’t quite ‘feel’ it yet, list all that is making you unhappy right now, and start turning things around. Instead of seeing the annoying part, start looking for the good in people, the beauty in life and you WILL find it. It’s an attitude!

I wish you ‘good luck’ 🙂 with creating this new mindset! And remember, the longer you train this, the better you’ll get at it, and after a while, it will become your natural way of being, you will have created a new way of looking at things, a new way of being here on your journey.

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*The Law of Attraction Series, by Esther and jerry Hicks

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