When I was listening to the Heal*podcast with Serena and Saje Dyer the other day, one sentence (of the many 🙂 as I adore their work**!) in particular, kept being stuck in my mind. Serena quoted one of the many things her father dr. Wayne Dyer had said to her:

“Illness begins with I,

and wellness begins with we.”

This is so beautiful and so true!!

Once we realize we are all here together on Earth, living our purpose,

once we start serving others,

once we start living from our hearts, giving, helping, encouraging, …

it’s as if a veil has been lifted, and all we see around us, is beauty, togetherness.

Once we can stop making everything about ourselves, happiness is a natural result.

We are all connected and the more we reach out for and to each other, the more we’ll feel this connection.

When people act from a place of love, of peace, of compassion, the vibration is lifted to a higher frequency. The more people live on that higher vibrational frequency, the more the whole world can be lifted to that frequency.

Everybody will benefit when we could all stop searching for only our own personal happiness. One finds happiness in acting as part of the Whole.

Every living creature is part of this One. We are all connected to every form of life, and every single creature has its part in the Whole: humans, animals, plants, all life in the oceans, …

As dr. Sylvia Earle says:

“No blue, no green, no us.”

We humans tend to think we are the superior beings, that we get to decide what and how things should be run here on this planet. But the day we win our ‘battle’ against nature, we will have lost everything, including our own lives.

That is why my invitation to you all this week is:

Find your part, your role in stepping up for other living beings, stop looking for ‘what’s in it for me’. Start serving, start protecting, start respecting. The amazing part of this new way of living is that you’ll start feeling happy, content, fulfilled, … You’ll live your life being grateful.

You’ll stop looking for happiness and you’ll realize another of dr. Wayne’s favorite quotes:

“There is no way to happiness,

Happiness is the way.”

Look around you and you’ll notice that happy people are people wo serve others, serve good causes. The more people strive for individual gain, individual success, the lonelier they are.

Feel the connection, find your purpose, and enjoy how it makes you and others feel. It doesn’t matter what your service looks like, as long as it is focused on lifting the vibration of the Whole to a higher frequency. Being of service can be helping out your neighbor, it can be advocating for a cleaner environment, it can be helping animals, children, elderly, … Serving has many faces, it can take place on a big scale or on a small scale, every bit helps the Whole.

It’s a short blog this week but it’s a message that I carry very close to my heart. I am sure that the people who most object to helping out for free, would benefit the most. They would stop feeling alone, they would stop feeling being treated unfairly, they would stop focusing on their own problems… Everybody benefits from serving, the giver, the receiver and therefor the Whole.

The more you work from a place of what your heart tells you to do, the more grateful you’ll feel for being allowed to help out. Choose a working area close to your passion and you’ll get another bonus: you’ll feel you naturally belong***. You won’t be searching to fit in somewhere anymore, as trying to fit in, means you have to change your natural way. Belonging means you can be who you are and it feels good. You will have found your ‘tribe’ there, you’ll feel you belong, you’ll feel at Home.

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*”Heal” podcasts by Kelly Noonan Gores.

**”The Knowing” by Saje & Serena Dyer.

***”Atlas of the Heart” by Brené Brown.

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