I read the following beautiful line the other day:

“People live inside a cage but they don’t realize the key is on the inside”

For me that was such a simple, yet beautiful, and oh so true statement!

We all have the key in our hands to open the doors, closed doors that are holding us back. We just have to want, and have the courage, to open them.

And here is where all the arguments start flying around:

I have no time.

I just can’t.

There is no room for this, in my life.

There are no availabilities.

What would people think?

I am too old.

I am not fit.

And you can add whatever comes up in your head whenever you think about something you would like to do or have, but you just can’t seem to get to it.

If you want something badly enough, you’ll find a way. But you have to want it AND you have to put in the work. Nothing falls into your lap, you need to take steps, you need to start doing things (differently).

I just finished a 6 weeks detox program* and I feel great, my body feels rejuvenated, and it’s amazing how clear your mind is afterwards. When people asked me about it, the first comment always was: “I would never be able to do this”. Then I think, why not? If you want it bad enough, you could. This program was no walk in the park, but all it takes is knowing why you’re doing it and just following protocol. You decide what you eat and drink, when you eat, … it’s not rocket science, it’s just will power.

I believe people underestimate themselves all the time. People think they are not able:

to lose weight,

to start exercising,

to start learning a new language,

to move to another country,

to change jobs,

to do whatever it is they are dreaming of.

That’s where I think they are wrong.

Everyone can make changes in their lives. You just need to really work towards the change you want.

First of all: you need to make a very clear image of what it is you want to change in your life.

Think about it, envision it. Try to see as much details as possible.

Visualize it every day, make it part of your daily meditation practice.

Make sure you already feel what it would be like, having achieved what you want to change.

Live it in your mind.

This is very important. Your subconscious mind already believes this to be real.

Then make sure you have daily rituals that will bring you closer and closer to your goal.

Do every day something that helps you get closer to the change that you want.

Write down your progress, celebrate every tiny step you gained.

If you failed one day, pick up your plan again the next day. Always keep moving forward.

Connect with people that can help you. It’s no use talking about it with people that will hold you back. Even if they mean well and are just ‘trying to protect you for your own good’, don’t try and convince them. Just let them be, they have their lives, you have yours.

Learn what you need to learn to make the change.

Let go** of what you need to let go of, in order to fulfill your dream.

The more you follow your path, the more you’ll experience that the Universe*** is giving you exactly what you need:

you’ll meet the people that can help you,

you’ll see a job vacancy,

you’ll just ‘happen to see’ an overseas opportunity,

you’ll see an advertisement for a sports school,

you’ll hear of a new course, a new book, …

‘Suddenly**** ‘things start to appear and it becomes a natural thing to be living this change you envisioned.

The more you let go of things that were weighing you down, the more you’ll see and feel what it is you really like, what it is you really need. You’ll feel energized*****.

That is my invitation to you all this week:

Make sure you go to a silent place, preferably in nature. Take your time. Empty your head. Disconnect from all technology. Let things wash over you. Let thoughts come, but don’t hold on to them, let them pass. The more you get used to the silence, the more you’ll experience space. That’s when you’ll start to see and feel what it is you’re longing for. That’s when you’ll hear what your soul needs. Listen. Sit with it. Feel what these thoughts do with your body and mind. Then start making a plan. Believe you can. Create daily rituals.

I wish you the courage and the strength to dive deep into your soul and live the life you were meant to live.

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*’Grow a New Body’ by dr. Alberto Villoldo.

**’Previous Articles about Decluttering your stuff, your body, your mind’ by Katrien Degraeve.

***’The Universe Has Your Back’ Gabby Bernstein.

****’The Law of Attraction series’ by Jerry and Esther Hicks.

*****’Less is Yes!’ by Katrien Degraeve.


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