Dr Sue Morter*, as do many other of my mentors**, talks so vividly about us being souls in a body, that I always feel very inspired and in awe of her wisdom. I just listened to her meditation*** ‘Redefining sabotage’ where she said this immensely beautiful sentence:

I am a soul that trains my mind to find it.’

I just LOVED it!!

We are indeed all souls, but so few of us act like it. We are so enthralled by the ‘world’ around us, we think with our minds and we belief every thought that crosses our mind. But as I have written in many of my previous articles here on Medium, we can choose our thoughts. We can train ourselves into being able to redirect our thoughts. When we think a certain thought, or cluster of thoughts often enough, it becomes our biology****, it becomes our identity, it becomes who we are, it becomes our reality. If we are stuck thinking thoughts that are not helping us, if we are stuck in negative thinking, that becomes our reality, that is who we become, and that is not who we are meant to be here on Earth.

Who are we meant to be?

Why are we here for on Earth?

This is where dr. Sue’s story about the bus stop conversation comes in. She describes the realm of the souls, the realm of spiritual energy, as, us, souls, being there, contemplating whether we will go for ‘another round of being a soul in a physical body’ or not. She describes two souls sitting at ‘the bus stop to the physical realm’ discussing what they want to achieve while being in a body once again. They discuss how they want their soul to evolve and what they need to do to become better. The one soul says: ‘I want to be able to forgive myself more’. The other soul says: ‘I want to be able to forgive others more’. “How are you going to get to that point?” they ask each other. I have an idea soul one says: As you need to be able to forgive others more, and I need to be able to forgive myself more, here’s what we can do: I’ll be the cause of you being in a car crash. That way, you will have to learn how to forgive others (me in this case) and I will have to learn how to forgive myself for having done this terrible thing to you. And so, they arrive here on Earth, with these purposes in life. They arrive here on Earth with a ‘splash’: body, soul and mind are dispersed. Once in our physical body, we no longer ‘know’ we are a soul, we no longer ‘know’ what we set out as our purpose. In this example dr. Sue chose really big purposes with a huge impact. Our purpose can be anything, it doesn’t matter what it is, it’s what we have chosen and hopefully we will ‘remember’ it and achieve it. It’s our mission here on Earth, it’s our purpose to reintegrate these 3 parts of who we are here on Earth. We need to embody our mind again and as dr. Sue expressed it so beautifully, we, souls, have to train our minds to find who we really are, so that we are able to ‘remember’ what our purposes are while being here on Earth.

We need to learn how our mind works*****, we need to understand that we have a conscious and a subconscious mind and that the latter has 2 components: the Protective Self, aka our Ego, our archive of all we’ve learned, experienced, and our Higher Self, our True Self, our Soul Self. When acting from our Ego, we act based on previous experiences, based on responses we’ve learned in the outer world. Dr. Wayne Dyer describes our EGO as Edging God Out. We do not act from our Higher Self, we do not listen to our Source, our Divine Self, when listening to our Ego. Once we learn how we can train our mind, once we practice how we can listen to our Soul Self, that is when we will ‘remember’ our purpose, our goal here on Earth.

We also need to embody our mind again and we can do this by practicing breathing exercises like the Central Channel Breathing*. Whenever we are all wrapped up in our heads again, we can come back into our bodies by breathing. The more we are back in our bodies, the better we will feel again. We will feel more relaxed, more connected, more grounded and we will respond better to whatever is going on around us. When we react from our Protective Self, aka our Ego, we will have these knee-jerk reactions we all know so well and we all feel so bad about afterwards.

As long as we do not hear what our Higher Self is telling us, we will keep on meeting the same ‘problems’.  It’s only when we start listening to our Higher Self, and acting upon what we ‘hear’, that we will start feeling whole, content, more relaxed, happier. When we have embodied our mind, when we have ‘re-united’ soul-body-mind again, we are who we really are, we are what we came here for on Earth, we are a soul with a body who has trained its mind to find it back again. We will know our purpose and we will be able to grow, to evolve, to achieve what we came here for.

The quieter we become, the more we can hear our Higher Self, the more we see and understand what we came here for.

My invitation to you all is:

Get rid of the ‘noise’.

Get rid of the ‘too much’ in your life******.

Get rid of all the things your Ego is dictating you.

Start listening to your Higher Self.

Learn how to be very quiet so that you can hear the answers to your questions.

I wish you all a very ‘happy reunion’ of your body, mind and soul! You are meant to be one here on Earth. Once it is time to go to the other realm again, you will leave your body behind but your soul exists forever. So, it is really worth finding out who you really are and what you came here for on Earth so that you, as a soul, can evolve.

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