When I heard Gudni Gunnarsson* saying yesterday, that manipulation is actually a very beautiful word, he sure got my attention…

When we hear about manipulation, manipulating people, we immediately think the worst because we – at least I did- think about manipulating out of lack, out of fear and we do not consider the fact that we can also be manipulating out of Source, out of Trust, out of Love.

Manipulation from fear is NOT a positive thing.

As long as we’re living on a lower frequency, a frequency of fear, of not trusting people, of lack, we’ll try to control people, we will see danger everywhere and that is where manipulating in the negative sense of the word will occur. Whenever we see that happening, we need to take a step back and observe what’s really going on. We will notice that there will always be fear at the basis of that behavior. And that of course is to be avoided as this kind of manipulation is never a good thing, not for the manipulator, as he/she will enforce his/her belief that fear is real and therefor his/her manipulation justified, nor for the person being manipulated, as in this situation that person will be dominated, will be coerced into behavior that is not beneficial for him/her. This way people will continue to live in fear, will continue to try and control people. And as of course, we can never get rid of our fear when we keep feeding our beliefs of lack and of fear, it’s a never-ending circle of negative behavior.

Manipulation from Love, on the other hand, is a positive thing.

When on the other hand, we live our lives inspired by love, guided by trust, being aware of the fact that there is good in everyone, seeing positive aspects in every situation, that’s where we can become a source of positive influence. I know it’s not always easy or obvious to see the positive, and sometimes we might even never be able to see it that way. But there is always something good present. So, when we start living from that place of knowing there is good in everyone, we also start guiding people to see the good. And that is what Gudni Gunnarsson is calling manipulating in a positive way. Whenever we guide people towards love and understanding, whenever we show them the way to being positive, to being grateful, to being kind, we are in fact manipulating them to see things differently. And here manipulation is not a bad thing as it is coming from love and showing people the way to more love in their lives. Living from a place of believing there is: more good than evil, more kindness than hatred, more beauty than ugliness, …will change our brain connections. The more we focus on the good, the more we react from a place of kindness, the more it will become our default reaction. Our brain will make this positive assumption our first thought, our first interpretation and that is when we start living on a different frequency, the frequency of love and kindness. As Esther and Jerry Hicks** explained in their work about The Law of Attraction, we attract whatever is vibrating on our frequency, so it’s in everyone’s (ourselves and others) interest that we all vibrate on this high frequency. And that is why ‘manipulating’ people to show them how living with this positive attitude is beneficial to all, is actually a good thing.

I invite you all to stop for a moment, and take some time to think about how you are seeing the world, about how you are reacting to whatever is going on around you and how this makes you feel.

Do you feel anger, frustration, despair, fear, distrust?

Do you see hatred everywhere?


Do you feel confident that all will be okay, do you feel love, friendship, kindness?

Do you see people helping each other, being kind to one another?

Take a good and honest look at how your life feels right now. If you feel fear, ask yourself, is this fear necessary? Is it based on actual facts? Or is it you getting all wrapped up in the swirl of negativity and anxiety, mass media is constantly spitting out?

Be very aware of the impact disaster-fueled ‘news’ has on you. Get out of that constant feed of fear based ‘information’.

Look around you and notice there is also a lot of beauty, a lot of kindness. Let these positive facts enter your brain, let yourself be influenced by goodness instead of drama. Let’s all manipulate each other into seeing this goodness, this hope, this positivity. The world will be a better place because of it. The more we vibrate on a higher frequency, the more we will see and attract more of that goodness, and the more people vibrating on that high vibrational frequency, the more goodness will be present, the more beautiful the world will be.

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*’Presence is Power’, ‘Power of Will’, ‘Power of Heart’, ‘Power of Gratitude.’ By Gudni Gunnarsson.

**’Ask and It Is Given’. ’The Vortex, where the law of attraction assembles all cooperative relationships’. By Esther and Jerry Hicks.



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