Do you also feel February to be a month in which you don’t know what to think and how to feel? Christmas and New Year are long gone, decorations have been stored away again, it’s not spring yet, it’s still the beginning of the year so targets seem, yet again, impossible to reach, … not my favorite month. BUT, are we going to let our mood be directed by those feelings? No, of course not!

As Dr. Wayne Dyer* taught us, there is no feeling that stand on its own, every feeling is preceded by a thought. How we think is how we feel, and we ultimately become what we think. Isn’t that great news? Because by steering our thoughts, we will be in charge of how we feel! The more we think in a positive way, the more we see opportunities, the more we look for solutions instead of focusing on the problem, and … the better we will feel! This positive attitude will lead us to actually finding solutions, to be able to benefit from opportunities and that again, will make us feel good.

Buddha already said the same thing centuries ago:

What you think, you become.

What you feel, you attract.

What you imagine, you create.

I would like to make use of these quotes, of that wisdom, to explain that we, and only we are responsible for how we feel.

No one else can make us feel a certain way, unless we agree with what that person is saying. If you believe what others want you to believe, then you’ll feel how they want you to feel.

No situation, no month of the year, no weather condition, … can make us feel a certain way, unless we agree it’s meant to make us feel that way. Of course, you can argue it’s a lot easier to feel light and happy when the sun is shining, but in the end it’s up to us to decide how and what we think about a certain situation. People can feel awful even in the best of circumstances and vice versa.

If you decide, like I used to do: ‘I hate February, it’s cold, dark, … nature is still asleep…’, then of course, we’ll keep on hating February and we’ll see all the negative aspects of it. But when we use our mental muscles**, and decide, this month has opportunities, positive aspects too, we’ll start looking differently at all there is, and we’ll notice our feelings are shifting too. We’ll start noticing other things because now, we focus on finding things that cheer us up. When paying attention, there is a lot to be happy about in this month:

the days are already a bit longer,

the first flowers appear,

birds start singing and some of them are already making their nests,

we can start thinking about what we want to do in our garden this year,

we can still enjoy an open fire at night as it is still chilly enough to justify lighting the fire,

there is Valentine’s Day, and we do not need to go into that commercial frenzy to put love in the picture, to ponder the concept, to realize how much love there is around us.

I could go on and on about all things that lighten up my spirits, even in this month I used to hate.

It’s not even about the month of February. I write this blog to make us all stand still for a moment to realize it’s all in our hands, it’s all about how we decide to look at the world around us. It really is life changing. The moment you decide to look at the world from an optimistic point of view, the world will change into a better world, a nicer world, a more compassionate place.

When you change, the way you look at things,

the things you look at, change.

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Do the test and consciously look for the positive in every person, in every conversation, … and you’ll notice that ‘suddenly’ people are nicer to you, that ‘suddenly’ you have more ‘luck’, that ‘suddenly’ things seem to be working out better for you. All because you train yourself to look for ‘luck’, to look for the good in people. Of course, not everything will be sunshine and roses, BUT you’ll notice a huge difference and in experiencing positive encounters, you’ll attract even more positivity in your life. And that’s what it’s all about in life. Believe there is good stuff waiting for you and it will come.

I wish you all a positive mindset full of compassion and gratitude which will give you a heart full of love and warmth. Once you enter this positive vicious circle, you’re in, you’ll have arrived at a point in your life where it all becomes clear and you’ll understand how you are in charge of how you feel.

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*’The power of intention.’, ‘Happiness is the way’ by dr. Wayne W. Dyer

** ‘The Trouble is: It’s All Up To You. The Good Thing is: It’s All Up To You!’ Article by Katrien Degraeve.




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