We all want to feel happy, we all want to feel free and the way to freedom is choosing the path of Love. Whenever we decide to look for the light in a person, in a situation, we return to the path of Love and there is where we’ll find our happiness.

I know, we are living in a world that is torn, a world where division and separation is reigning. But just take a look at how this makes us feel. We are unhappy, scared, we don’t trust anymore, and we are reacting to this chaos with resentment, judging, anger, blaming. And at the end of the day, we are not feeling any better, on the contrary, we feel even worse. But this can change, WE can change this. Because: we have a choice!

You can make the decision right now, you can decide this very moment: “I want to feel better”, “I want to feel free of all this negativity”, “I want to stop feeling so angry all the time”.

Just the fact that you’ve made that decision, will already bring you some relief. You’ve decided to get out of the victim modus and you now know, that you can create your own life, you chose to become a creator, a victor instead of a victim.

So, what does this have to do with feeling free, feeling less anger?

We know we can’t change other people, but we do know we CAN learn to look at them from another perspective. I’ve already talked about judging*, and how judging thrives. We judge from a place of fear* and as love is the opposite of fear, looking at life from a place of love, leaves no place for fear. I absolutely adore this quote** from dr. Wayne D. Dyer:

Fear knocked on the door.

Love answered.

And there was nobody there.

Love means accepting, love means feeling compassion. Looking at a person from a place of acceptance, from a place of compassion, will alter your feelings towards that person***. The moment we accept a person for who they really are, we stop our judging. When we stop judging, we are vibrating on a different, higher, frequency and so we will start feeling better. We may think that someone is ‘wrong’ or that they are behaving badly but it’s not up to us to judge. It’s not helping them nor us. Accepting a person for where they are in life right now, is the kindest thing you can do for them AND for yourself. As you focus on accepting a person, you send out positive vibrations, you recognize a person for who he/she really is and you honor their struggle. You believe that this person is more than his/her bad behavior, you know that they are struggling, as we all are, and in recognizing yourself in them, you accept where they are. You know there is also goodness in that person, even though you may not see it right now. Dr. Wayne D. Dyer used to teach:

‘See the light in others and treat them as if that is all you see.’

The more you focus on acceptance, the more you look at people and think ‘The light in you is all I see’, the more you train yourself to live on that high vibrational frequency, and the more you are creating your freedom, your happy feelings, because what you focus on, you create****.

Not only will you be creating your own happiness, you’ll also send out these vibrations to the people around you and they too can start healing. It really is a win-win deal!

Especially in times like now, times of great discomfort, of huge separation, it is more important than ever to help healing. The more people who act from a place of love, the more people can start healing and the kinder the world becomes.

Whenever we focus on seeing the light in others, there is no room left to look for bad stuff.

When we stop judging,

all there is left

is love, compassion, acceptance.

Compassion is the antidote of judging! I know there are situations where it is hard to see the good, where you think you’ll never be able to feel compassion, but it really is the only option when you want to be free. You can start by being willing to feel compassion. When you are willing, you are already vibrating on a different frequency. The Universe picks up on that and helps you move to an even higher vibration*****. All you need to do, is make a decision you want to feel better, and be willing to look around you with compassion. You will feel calmer, you will feel relief. You no longer have to hold on to that anger, that judging. You can let go and start healing. When you make this shift, when you start seeing people as fellow humans who are struggling too, you can start seeing the light. Once you start looking for, and seeing the light, you will start feeling free as you will feel lighter, relieved, happier. The more people who make this shift, the better, the kinder, the safer and healthier the world will be.

Together we can shift the energy of the world

and I believe that this is

what we all want and need right now.

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