I am so grateful for the free 3-day event ‘Time to Rise’ Tony Robbins* gave this January. It was, as always, very inspiring, very eye-opening, very honest, very truthful, very practical and useful. Yes, I am a fan :-). I like following courses, teachings, … with different mentors and it’s so beautiful to see how, what they teach, all comes together as one vision, a vision I so believe to be true. They may use different words sometimes, but what they teach comes down to the same principles, the same knowledge and I love it. It’s been years now that I practice these beliefs, that I use these tools, that I share their experience and wisdom, and once you really start practicing them, you feel so much better because of it. Even when things get tough, as they have been the last couple of months for me, it gives me something to fall back on, I have the tools to get up again, to see beauty even when it’s not always obvious. That’s what I like, and teach:

building your inner strength,

using tools to turn your mood around,

learning to love and respect yourself,

learning to set boundaries so that you don’t get depleted by outer circumstances anymore,

becoming the creator of your life.

Tony Robbins used the following words when he was explaining ‘the 5 to thrive’ during this last event, and it really resonated with me:

Experiences are what we label them.

This is so true!! Try it out and you’ll see it’s true! Listen to what you are saying and then feel, what it does to you, to your body, to your mood.

Words, names, … are so powerful. Our mind believes what we say. Even when we say jokingly: I am lousy at this, I am not good at that, …. When you say it often enough, it becomes your belief! And you act upon what your beliefs about yourself, about life, are. So, your life, your identity will be defined by how you speak: out loud and silently inside your head!

This goes for all you experience in life. Whatever happens, choose a word to respond to it that opens up possibilities, not a word that expresses tragedy, disaster. Tony gave the example of a person who always responds with ‘good’, no matter what people say to him. This can seem odd, cold, ridiculous, not empathetic at all. But, as it turns out, the more people spend time with that person, the more it rubs off on them and they start to feel less disaster, less ‘bad luck’. They know that the reaction will be ‘good’, no matter what they announce and they already start thinking about how one could possibly see any good in this situation. That’s the key to seeing solutions, that’s the key to not getting overwhelmed when things turn out in a way you did not anticipate. That’s the key to being a creator, a victor, not a victim. I admit, it takes practice, lots of practice. But what do you prefer: to keep being overwhelmed whenever something ‘bad’ happens to you, or to know that even when things are tough, you have the tools, you have the power to rise again.

When I heard Tony talking, the words of another one of my great mentors came into my mind:

“When you change the way you look at things,

the things you look at, change.” Dr. Wayne W. Dyer.

That’s the labelling. Whenever you label something as: catastrophic, horrible, unfair, stupid, … you’ll see it that way. You’ll be on that low vibrational frequency and more negative things will come your way as they are vibrating on that same frequency. You can never find solutions on the frequency of the problem. When you label things differently, you’ll experience it differently and you’ll see opportunities, solutions, …where you would never have found them had you labelled them as something negative.

So, when using words like: good, okay, interesting, …. when something occurs, you invite your mind to see good things, other things, coming your way because of this, things you did not expect but that not need to be bad, just different, unexpected.

As I’ve written in many of my articles** here before, you can train your mind. You can train** your mental muscles like you do your physical muscles.

The more you have trained your mental muscles, the more you can steer your thoughts**. And the more you can steer your focus, your thoughts, your mind, the more you choose how you feel.

Feelings lead to actions. So, the better you feel, the higher the frequency you vibrate on, and the more you see options, the more you see beauty, the more you see opportunities, the more you see love around you, the less you’ll have those knee-jerk reactions that will always make you feel bad afterwards. You’ll find yourself having less ‘bad luck’, you’ll find yourself meeting the ‘right’ people, … and all of this contributes to your overall feeling good.

You can make ‘your toolbox’*** even more effective when adding physical posture*, breath work, meditation, healthy food, workouts. We all know how important it is, but still, we underestimate it. Write down a plan, a daily routine, a weekly schedule and stick to it.

Make it a daily habit. Repeat it over and over again, until it has become your new belief. Once you believe it, you’ll do it because it will be, who you have become. Once this new behavior has become your new identity, you’ll do it automatically because it will be who you are from now on. Keep it up until you don’t have to think about it anymore. Once you start feeling the incredible benefits because of it, you’ll become unstoppable and life will feel so much lighter, you’ll feel so much more love and all becomes so much easier.

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*’Time To Rise’ by Tony Robbins, January 2024

**Previous Medium articles by Katrien Degraeve

***’Less is Yes!’ by Katrien Degraeve

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