What you do on a daily basis, becomes a habit and your habits define your life.

Your habits are who you are.

So, whenever you are not happy with what is going on in your life, look at your habits, look at what you’re doing on a regular basis. The good news is, by changing your daily habits, you ‘ll be creating a whole different life! You can live a happy, content, satisfying life just by changing what you do on a daily basis!

Create healthy habits: look at what you eat, what you drink, what you listen to, what you’re looking at, what you’re reading.

It may seem simple but if you think about it for a moment, it does make sense and just changing those seemingly-not-important things will already make a world of difference.

What do you eat?

If you consider the tons (!) of food you put in your body during your entire life, I think it’s a no brainer that it really does matter what you eat. Make a choice now to start eating more healthy stuff. The better you eat, the healthier you’ll be, the more energy you’ll feel, the happier you’ll be. I think we all know this but we have to start doing it on a daily basis. Once you’re eating healthy every day, it becomes your new habit and it becomes your new YOU.

What do you drink?

Are you really surprised your hands start shaking after your 6th cup of coffee? Are you shocked you put on weight when drinking too much beer? Are you wondering why you sleep a restless sleep after consuming alcohol? Here again: create new daily habits of drinking a lot of water, of moderating your caffeine intake, of avoiding alcohol and sugary drinks and you’ll see your body changing, you’ll feel your mind clearing, you’ll feel rejuvenated, you’ll feel a whole new you, a you that is full of joy and energy! (without the ‘energy drinks’ which do just the opposite to your body and mind)

What do you listen to?

Maybe you’ re not ready to believe that music influences the growth of plants, the behavior of animals, of humans, but be open to it and try it out! For instance: when you put on some really kick ass music in your car, full volume, do you feel you want to start driving faster? Do you feel your adrenaline start pumping? Another example: when you enter a spa, have you ever heard loud hard rock music? No, me neither, hmmm I wonder why… I think it’s safe to say that music does influence our state of mind. Calm music soothes our mind, hard beats make our body respond with adrenaline. And also the lyrics have an impact: listen to cheerful, happy songs instead of listening to all the heartache in the world. The same goes for listening to the news non stop, to talk shows who constantly go over and over all the bad things happening in the world. We all know what is happening, we don’t need to hear it every hour of every day. Choose positive broadcasts, listen to hopeful messages. The more you vibrate on a certain frequency, the more it becomes your dominant frequency. So choose it to be a frequency of positive emotions.

What are you watching?

The same goes for what you watch on one of your screens: garbage in, garbage out. Gaming for instance: how many people do you need to have killed to feel happy?? Television shows: the more you are hooked on who cheated on whom in Temptation Island, who gossiped about whom in reality shows, on shows that are out to shock you just to bring sensation, … the less you’ll feel happy, energized, inspired. You’ll just feel disgusted, irritated, annoyed, even filthy maybe. So be very selective about what you watch! Or turn the television off. Do you dare to count the time you’re in front of your television? Just do the math: let’s say: 2 hours/day. That’s 730 hours/year. Imagine using those hours to do something meaningful like learning a new skill, a new language, doing something creative,…. you’d be an expert even after one year!

What are you reading?

Read inspiring books! Read biographies of people you admire, read historical books that make you feel you’re in another time, in another world and enjoy learning how things were done at that time in history, read happy books… When reading, you enter a whole new world and you’ll feel what that book is making you feel. When you’re reading with a smile on your face, when you put that book down, you’ll still be smiling! Isn’t that exactly what we want, to create happiness, to create feeling good? That’s not the same as ignoring reality, no, it’s creating a positive mindset so that we are able to handle life from an optimistic point of view, from a positive and therefor solution-oriented mindset.

I invite you all to have a close and honest look at how you live your life. Look at the items I’ve talked about and see how you can make some changes to eliminate negative, harmful habits. Choose new daily behavior and stick to it! They’ll become your new habits and those new habits will create your future! It’s all in your hands.

I wish you all very positive, happy, inspiring habits so that you can have an amazing life!

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