Is there an image popping up in your head? Yes? Great! And… then there is that little voice inside your head who tells you differently…

We can try to be the person-we-want-to-be, but if we don’t believe we can be that person, we’ll never become it. So, how do we get that little voice to agree with what we want.

First of all, make a very clear image in your head of who you want to be, of what you want to do in life. Picture your ideal self with as many details as possible. Mind you, when I use the word ideal, this does not mean perfect! Just imagine your best self, with flaws and imperfections. You can make a mood board, you can write down how you see yourself, … the most important part is that it is a clear image and that you repeat that image in your head over and over again. It has to start feeling natural, as if you already are that person doing the things you dream of. Every morning you picture yourself as your best self. Set little reminders during the day, to repeat the image over and over again. Then before you go to sleep, evoke that image once more, ‘look’ at it, enjoy it and let that image be present in your mind.

Of course, just thinking about speaking Swedish, just imagining yourself doing yoga, just seeing yourself having that new job, … won’t make it happen. But your mindset has been prepared.

That little voice inside your head has become used to ‘seeing’ that new you so that it won’t immediately say “No, You Can’t” whenever you think about learning a new language, practicing yoga, working out, having a new job, a new partner, ….

Once you have you conscious and subconscious mind ‘agreeing with one another’, you can start taking steps towards materializing that image of your best self.

Make a plan,

Set doable goals,

Create daily rituals,

Keep your image clear in your head, but stay flexible,

Feel what works and what doesn’t,

Adjust where necessary so that you can keep on growing into your best you,

Evaluate and celebrate every progress you make,

Enjoy who you have become!

People who have read previous articles of mine, will recognize the working of the 6 mental* muscles. You need to train** them in order to create any new behavior. That’s the beauty of it: learning how the conscious and the subconscious** mind work, makes it possible to achieve anything we set our minds to.

Our subconscious mind is filled with all our experiences in life, from our birth till this very moment. The subconscious mind is there to protect ourself from harm (hence the name our protective Self), and it automatically scans every situation and labels it: do/don’t. It searches our archives and looks if you have encountered this situation before. The subconscious mind does not judge the situation, it just protects you from doing anything dangerous or harmful. The only thing is that:

anything new is labelled dangerous,

any similar situation to where you were once inadequate, is labelled ‘to be avoided’, …

So, the subconscious mind does not consider the fact that growth, learning, discovering something new, can be safe.

That’s where the mental muscles of the conscious mind come into the picture. They need to create* a new image and by repeating it over and over again, the subconscious mind begins to recognize it, hence does not label it as ‘to be avoided’ anymore. The amazing thing about ‘remembering’ experiences, is that whether it happened for real or you just made it happen in your conscious mind, the subconscious mind accepts it as a memory, hence recognizes it as something you have lived before with a safe result.

Whatever you want to achieve in life, whoever you want to become, believe you can!

Create the image in your mind, ‘look’ at it over and over again, enjoy how it feels, and then make it happen! Because you can!

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*The 6 mental muscles: perception, imagination, intuition, memory, free will, reason. Described by Bob Proctor.

** The Trouble is, It’s All Up to Us, The Good Thing Is, It’s All up to Us, Article by Katrien Degraeve







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