We all go on and on and on, and our to-do list is a never-ending story of things we tell ourselves need to get done now.

What if it could wait a little…? What if we would take a little break?

As this last month of the year seems to invite us all to catch up on all that we haven’t done yet, I think it’s a good moment to rethink the concept of to-do lists.

I absolutely adore this saying of Courtney Carver*:

“If catching up would work, we’d all be caught up by now.”

We never get it all done, there is always more on our to-do list. And even if we have finished the current list, there is already a new one popping up in our head. And that is exhausting.

Why don’t we take a little break from our never-ending rat race? Just one day, this month, this week, maybe tomorrow. Yes, you have the permission to take one day off. The world will keep spinning, nobody will die because of it, just do it. One day of no to-do lists.

Take one day off to:

Just breathe,

Just be,

Read a good book,

Play with your kids,

Walk your dog,

Cuddle with your cat,

Just sit by the open fire,


do whatever brings you peace of mind.

You’ll feel the calm coming over you, you’ll feel as if you have more space around you, as if you can breathe more easily. Your mind will be more peaceful and there will be room for ideas, for reflecting, for seeing what is around you. You’ll be able to feel more gratitude, more appreciation. And that feeling will make you feel happier as you realize all the beautiful things you have in your life.

The more we race through life, the more we take everything for granted, the less we realize what gems are present every day in our lives, and the more we get exhausted, depressed, frustrated and angry.

This blog is an invitation to all of you:

to do less,

to do no chores for one day,

to treat yourself with silence, calm, rest and

to enjoy just being.

Plan this in your agenda and honor your commitment to yourself. Say no to invitations for that day. No outer commitments, no social media, no catching up on anything, just committing to yourself to take a day of restfulness, of rejuvenating your body and soul.

It will do you a world of good, especially in this hectic time of year. And afterwards:

You’ll be more focused.

You’ll be better rested.

You’ll be in a better mood.

You’ll see solutions as there is now room in your mind.

You’ll be less judging.

You’ll be more tolerant.

And all of that will make you feel a lot happier, and you’ll be radiating this joy.

The more you are on a high vibrational frequency, the more you’ll attract** things that also vibrate on that same frequency.

You see, nothing but positive effects as a result from taking a day off now and then.

Plan your first day off now!

At first, it’ll take some adjusting your mindset, as we were taught that doing nothing, as in doing no chores or not working, was being lazy, and we were told over and over again that nothing good could ever come from laziness.

But taking one day off is not being lazy, it is making sure you do not get depleted.

“You can’t pour from an empty cup.’

A short blog this week so you have time to take your agenda and block your day of self care!

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*’Bemorewithless.com’ by Courtney Carver

**’Ask and It Is Given’. ’The Vortex, where the law of attraction assembles all cooperative relationships’. By Esther and Jerry Hicks.



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