Only when you’re completely honest with yourself, will you be able to really experience the benefits of simplicity.

When we think about simplicity, about making our life simpler, about creating more space, we immediately think of:


stuff we can get rid of,

clearing out our cupboards, etc.

And that is a good thing because that, for me, is the start of the simplifying process: making sure the energy can flow freely through your house again. This is a rather easy – although it may not seem easy when you start clearing out the attic :-)-, and obvious start when you want to feel more energetic again.

But then, although you already feel a lot better, to me, the process only really starts. When your goal is to have a simpler life, a more fulfilling life, a happier life, you need to go further than the material stuff, you have to dig in deeper.

And here is where you need complete honesty.

To simplify your life beyond the material clutter, you have to ask yourself some questions.

Who are you really, deep down in your heart?

What can you handle?

What is it that brings you joy?

What is within your league?

What is not meant for you?

These are questions you cannot answer on the spot.

You have to really think about it. I don’t imply that you only should do what seems effortless to you, no, I want you to learn to feel:

what is an energy drainer in your life and

what gives you that feeling of joy.

Doing less, not overloading your agenda is brilliant BUT look at what you’re still actually doing, every day, every week, …

What lifts you up and what are you doing:

that causes you to feel so much stress, that even when you’re successful at it, it is harmful for you in the long run?

that is above your financial limits, hence that is harmful to your peace of mind in the long run?

that consumes so much of your time that you are neglecting important things like relationships, health, recovery, sleep, … that in the end you will feel regret for having lived that way for so long?

These are questions where you really need to be very honest with yourself to be able to find the answers that will lead to an energetic, balanced, happy life in the long run.

Once you’ve found the answers to these questions, then the next step is to accept your limits, your strengths and your weaknesses. Because as long as you do not accept your boundaries, physical, emotional, and socially, you’ll still be unhappy, you’ll still feel drained. As long as you don’t accept that:

not all things are what make YOU happy, 

you can’t do ALL, 

you have to make conscious choices about what is best for YOU,

you’ll feel as if you’re missing out on things. And that feeling is very draining!

Know yourself, be brave enough to be as honest as you can be so that you finally know, accept and live up to what is good for you.

The key is to replace the FOMO* with JOMO** says Courtney Carver*** She is a great teacher on simplicity! I have been following her teachings, as well as many other minimalists, like Joshua Becker****, for many years now and it is in experiencing for yourself what a great gift “living a simple life” is, that you’ll be wanting to simplify more and more as you now, feel, know, and experience what life can be like without all the too much.

You’re finally free from guilt, shame, comparing, pleasing, …. because you finally figured out what is good for you and you only live up to your own standards from now on.

You’ll realize that as long as you live according to other people’s standards, other people’s expectations, your unrealistic agenda, you thinking you’re indestructible, you measuring your self-worth with accomplishments, you never being satisfied with what you are, who you are and where you are right now, … the costs will always be too high. And you will pay the price, if not now, certainly later on in life.

You’ll drain your energy day after day, you’ll never feel at peace with yourself, you’ll never be in a place of contentment and that, eventually, will lead to disease. You’ll never understand where it came from, but striving day after day for the next thing you believe is important, aiming too high day after day, will inevitably be your downfall. It will end up, and I quote Courtney*** here again, in a break-up or a break-down or both.

That is why I invite you all to have a close and very honest look at your life and determine where your energy system is leaking, where you say yes to others and no to yourself..

Make your energy flow as strong as possible, make sure there are no leaks anymore.

Determine what you’re good at and what is good for you now and in the long run. Simplify your life by doing what is in your league, what gives you energy, what is sustainable for you.

You’ll see that also the people around you will benefit from this, you’ll be more present, you’ll be fully present, you’ll feel happier, you’ll be less frustrated, and it will result in better health now and in the long run.

In my book “Less is Yes!” ***** I guide you on your path to simplicity, starting with the material clutter, part 2 is about energizing your body (by eating healthy, exercising, getting enough sleep …) to finally decluttering your mind in order to find that simple life that is out there for you. It teaches you how to get rid of stuff, how to cleanse your body, to feel more energetic, and how your mind works so that you’ll be able to find honest answers to your questions. No more ego-driven, aka Protective Self, answers, but answers that come from your Higher Self, from your heart, from where you’ll find inner peace because you’ll finally be the person you really are, not the picture-perfect version. That version is so exhausting!

Once you can let go of that picture, once you can stop the Protective Self running the show, you’ll feel real peace coming over you, you’ll feel as if finally, that big burden has been lifted from your shoulders: no more pretending, no more acting, just being, just enjoying YOUR life, YOUR joys, YOUR needs. That takes effort and practice, but the result is so worth it.

Once you learn and experience that what you think determines how you feel which will then again, affect how you act, then you’ll be able to clear out all the negative, self-destructive, self-undermining thoughts. Because now you finally know that it is you who choses your thoughts. It is you who decides how you want to feel. That’s when you’ll realize it is all up to you and the more you clear out all that does not serve you (things, food, thoughts, events, beliefs, stories…), the more honest you are about yourself and life, the more you’ll feel you’ve come home, the less drained you’ll feel, the happier you’ll be and you’ll be more determined than ever to keep simplifying, to keep moving forward on the path of Less is yes! Because you can! Just try it and enjoy the wonderful feeling of lightness!

Thank you all so much for reading me, for letting me inspire you to find your real joy in life.



*FOMO Fear Of Missing Out.

**JOMO Joy Of Missing Out.

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****The Minimalist Home. The More of Less. Becoming Minimalist. All by Joshua Becker.

*****Less is Yes! by Katrien Degraeve

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