People often ask me:

How can I feel happier?

How can I feel less tired?

How can I stop feeling hurt?

How can I stop my mind going crazy?

Well, it is quite simple but not always easy to accomplish.

As long as we believe that what other people think of us, is true, is important,

as long as we keep reliving our ‘own’ reality,

we will never be happy, or at peace.

Because there are so many people out there: people with their own stories, their own beliefs, their own battles to fight. What they say to you:

is triggered by their memories,

is a result of how they are feeling right now,

is a venting of their frustration.

It has less to with you than with them.

When you keep reliving old tories, old conversations, it becomes a negative trap, something you can’t seem to get out of anymore. And with no result other than that you keep feeling bad, that you keep feeling a victim.

So, what you can do is:

listen to them from your heart,

know they are not perfect, and neither are you,

know you can never please everyone,

let go of the past,

let go of you believing you are ‘right’ and they are ‘wrong,

be a good person,

do the best you can

and accept that:

no one and nothing can ever be perfect.

the world is not perfect,

people are not perfect.

This is how you are taking a step to being at peace, to being happy.

Knowing that

what people think of you, is their business,

not yours.

Dr Wayne W. Dyer

That will help your mind stop racing and going over and over that same conversation.

It takes away all your energy and it gets you nowhere.

So, stop it, it’s useless!

Once the mind quiets down,

there is room for other thoughts.

Thoughts we get to choose:

Positive thoughts,

warm memories,


The saying goes:

“It is not happy people who are grateful,

But it is grateful people who are happy!”

Try it!

It really is true!

Make a list of all the things that go well in your life!

Make a list of all the little things that made your day more beautiful, even if it was only for a brief moment.

The more you make those lists,

the easier it will become to find things to be grateful for.

The more grateful you become, the happier you’ll be!

Stop wasting your energy on stuff that gets you nowhere:

Arguing, competing, convincing other people of ‘you being right’, reliving your past…

Stop letting your energy get drained by useless stuff like:

watching garbage on TV,

reading stuff that makes you unhappy.

Instead, make sure your energy level stays high by:

looking for the positive in every situation,

eating healthy stuff,

sleeping enough,

going outside and breathe the fresh air,

getting your body in shape,

helping someone…

You see:

all the things I have mentioned are in your hands.

It is not rocket science,

It is not difficult to understand,

It is just something YOU need to start doing.

I know, Rome wasn’t built in one day either.

Go slow and steady.

Make a plan and stick to it.

Know why you want to change your habits:

think about the questions you keep asking!

If you want change,

If you want other results in your life,

You’ll have to start doing things differently.

Einstein said it so many years ago:

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and hoping for a different result….”

You can’t hope for a happier, brighter, healthier life by doing what you’ve always done.


Focus on what you want, instead of focusing on what you do not want in your life.

Imagine how it will feel like once you’ve reached that state of:

being happy with what you’ve achieved,

feeling lighter, more energetic,

accepting who you are,

being grateful for what life brings you,

seeing everybody as people with the same struggles as you,

knowing that how we look at the world, determines what we will see.

My invitation to you all this week is:

Get a clear vision of how you want your life to look like

and make a plan of all the steps you’re going to take to get there.

Focus on the progress,

Focus on what you’ve achieved each day.

We all waver,

We all relapse into old habits now and then,

But don’t be harsh on yourself,


Get back to your plan and move forward from there.

The main thing is that you keep moving forward,

in little steps and now and then by taking a big step!

You can do it if you want to!

Know why you want it,

Motivate yourself,

Reward yourself.

Be grateful for every step you’ve taken.

Be grateful that you have been given the chance to live in this beautiful world!

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