“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become”

Carl Jung

Often people get very upset when you only even suggest that what happened to them does not need to determine how they feel.

People blame,

People keep repeating what happened to them,

People keep telling the story over and over again,

People keep reliving what made them feel bad.

As long as you focus on what you do NOT want, the longer you will feel the negative emotion associated with that thought and the longer you will remain in that unwanted situation.

Buddha said it so many years ago:

“What you think, you become,

What you feel, you attract,

What you imagine, you create.”


Just think about it for a moment, and realize its power: What you think, you create.

So why are you still thinking about negative stuff, about what you do not want, do not like??????

The longer you keep focusing on the drama, as in

thinking about it,

telling people about it,

hammering on the injustice of the situation, …

the longer you will stay on that vibration and the longer you will keep attracting similar things.

The only way out of a negative situation is: thinking about

what you DO want,

how you can SOLVE the problem.

If you are focusing on solutions, you are on a very different vibration than if you are thinking about the problem itself.

I know it seems a very thin line between thinking about the problem itself, and thinking about solutions for that same problem.

But the difference is HUGE!!

Reliving injustice by talking about it, keeps you on a vibration which will attract more of that injustice.

Focusing on what you want and how you can get out of that situation puts you on a vibration where you will ‘find’ solutions.

It’s the law of attraction.

You cannot create a positive future by focusing on the negative things of the past and the present.

You need to focus on how you want your future to look like to be able to actually create that future.

Envision what you want.

Once you understand this and once you start living by this very simple but never easy principle, you can always feel good.

Accepting where you are right now and thinking about what you want are key elements to feeling good.

The only way to stop feeling bad, is to stop thinking about the things that made you feel bad.

The only way to stop thinking about those negative things, is to actively steer your thoughts to things you DO want.

It’s something that you can learn by practicing every day.

The moment you feel your thoughts are slipping towards your dark place again, don’t be upset, don’t be hard on yourself (because that would keep you on that vibe of feeling bad), just acknowledge it and steer away from the dark.

You are the only one responsible for how you feel.

Oh My, that used to piss me off when somebody said that!

I was immediately ready with a whole list of why and what and who made me feel unhappy.


You, and only you decide how you feel by steering your thoughts towards positive, wanted thoughts/situations.

By knowing what you like,

By knowing who you are,

By knowing that you are enough,

By knowing you are loved,

it becomes easier and easier to go to your happy thoughts.

Even when you believe nobody loves you, which is almost never the case, you do love yourself, right? So, you are always loved. Also know that it’s your own dark thoughts that make you temporarily blind for the love of others. So, again, you are always loved. Yes, you are. Start believing it.

“Believe it and you’ll see it”

is a beautiful and very true statement of dr. Wayne W. Dyer. You have to believe first that good things are coming your way and then you’ll start seeing good things happening.

The good thing about us, living creatures, is:

It’s in our nature to want to feel good,

It’s how we are created.

We want to feel good, so work with that creative force, remember what you imagine, you create.

Do the things, think the thoughts, that will bring you onto that vibration of feeling good and more good stuff will come your way.

Believe in your creative power,

Believe in your own responsibility.

Whenever you feel bad, it is an indication that you are deviating from what makes you feel good.

Steer away from it

by looking for the positive in the situation,

by looking at something or someone from a different perspective,

by looking for solutions,

by thinking about stuff that you DO like.

Learn to listen to your emotional GPS, it’s never wrong.

And know that YOU are in the driver seat, so it is up to you to decide which road you take.

Good luck with discovering your emotional GPS, and

learn how to navigate through your life, learn how to feel good.

It really is all up to you!

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