We so often read and hear about acceptance:

“Accept what you cannot change.”

But that may be easier said than done. Sometimes we feel that there is stuff we’ll never be able to accept. But let’s have a look at why accepting can only benefit us. Once you realize you’ll be far better off, once you’ve accepted things, then you’ll be willing and able to do so.

Once you’ve come to that place of acceptance, that is where you’ll find the ‘room’ to start looking for solutions, to start moving forward, to start seeing things from another perspective. The more ‘room’ we have, the more we can see.

To create more room, more space, we have to let go of everything that is not helping us anymore, everything that is still ‘blocking our view’.

I know this is not an easy thing to do, but try it. You can do it if you want it enough. You have to be motivated enough to accept and to let go, you have to believe it’s for your own good.

First of all, you need to realize there are things you will never be able to change or turn back, accept that fact, and accept that whatever happened in the past, is something that has already happened and is behind you now.

Let go of those energy drainers that are only holding you back. To be able to do this, you have to be aware of them. Mostly, people do not realize what a huge load they keep dragging along, what unnecessary stuff they keep in their ‘backpack’, and it only weighs them down.

We put so much energy in:

holding on to old pains,

holding on to grudges,

holding on to old beliefs,

putting ourselves down,

criticizing ourselves and others,

keeping on hating people,

keeping on pleasing people who do not appreciate us anyway.

Know that the only thing that you get from this negative stuff is:

loss of energy,

loss of sleep,

feeling bad,

feeling depressed,

feeling angry,

feeling lonely,

feeling unappreciated…

As Nelson Mandela used to quote:

“Hate is like drinking poison and hoping the other one will die.”

Negative stuff only makes us sick, and the sad thing is, we hardly ever realize how we got sick in the first place. We are so wrapped up in our story that we lose sight of what actually happened, of what other people actually meant, of what is still happening and what lies in the past, and we make ourselves sicker and sicker.

Stop living in this negative atmosphere you create all by yourself.

Yes, the circumstances, the events, are what they are, but take a good look at what you make of it, at how you think about it, at how you feel about it, and at how you act because of it.

Realize what it is that you are able to change, and accept what is out of your hands.

You’ll be amazed about how much is up to you, and about how you react to the circumstances.

Take a good look at what surrounds you, in every sense of the word: stuff, people, thoughts, limiting beliefs, … Make an inventory of what you would like to have less of.

Get rid of all the stuff that drains you and I mean stuff in a large perspective:

Objects you don’t like or need.

All the too much in your house.

Activities that you do not enjoy (anymore), or have no more time for. If you want a happier, lighter life, you have to learn to say no*, also to the good stuff. You can do anything, but you can’t do everything. Choose wisely, keep what you like the most, cancel the other things in your agenda. That way, you’ll fully enjoy what you’re doing without stressing about time, and what else you want to do.

Food that is not helping your body to be fit.

Late nights (sleep **is the most essential thing to feel energized).

‘Friends’ that are only draining your energy.

Your own negative thoughts

Stop living, stop thinking, stop behaving in a way that drowns you.

Start doing things that lift you up.

Meet up with positive people that make you smile,

Look at life with eyes that want to see the positive stuff.

It is there, believe me, just look for it.

Even if you can’t change ‘what’ is happening, things you need to do, …change the way you think about what is going on, about what you need to do.

There is always a positive side to everything!

Look for it!

Once you think differently,

You’ll feel differently.

Once you feel differently,

You’ll behave differently.

Once you behave differently,

People will react differently and your whole reality will change!!

You’ll be on this higher vibrational frequency, and things will start looking better. Your life will turn around. What you never saw before, will become so clear. You’ll feel completely different even if maybe nothing has actually changed in your life because YOU will have changed.

The first step is up to you:

Be willing to let go of your negative attitude towards things, towards people, towards life.

Only YOU can change the way you think.

Do it, start today, this very minute, because it is so worth it!

By thinking differently and looking at your life from another perspective, you’ll see more clearly what is okay and what needs to be changed.

You’ll see the difference between what is ‘bad’ because of how you think about it, because of the story your own imagination has created directed by your ego,

and what really is toxic in your life, what you need to let go of.

Become aware of those, become aware of the things that are really toxic, know what you need to ditch, and then let it go with love. Say: “I don’t need this in my life anymore, I let this go with love. Let it go, Let it God.” It’s important you do not let go in anger, as that again would create a negative vibe. And that is just the thing we want to less of in our lives.

My invitation to you all is:

Start by wanting to see the positive, start with knowing you choose how you look at things.

Mark clearly what is really garbage in your life, and what lifts you up.

The clearer this image becomes, the clearer you’ll see

who you really are,

what you value in life,

what you want more of,

what you want less of.

The more you empty your ‘backpack’ of the things that wear you down

and decide to only keep:

what is of use,

what helps you,

what you love,

what lifts you up,

what gives you a feeling of energy bubbling through your body:

the lighter life will become!

Be the guardian of your own energy.

You, and only you, can know what is good for you.

Take care of yourself,

Respect yourself,

Love yourself.

Your to-do for this weekend is:

Take a very close -and honest- look at how you live your life

and put out the garbage!

The more ‘garbage’ is out,

the more you’ll be able to see all the good stuff!

Treasure all the good stuff.

Let the good stuff shine and let it put a smile on your face!

Try it and you’ll feel the difference!

I wish you a lot of courage to do this.

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*”Be More with Less” by Courtney Carver.

**”Night Time: Sweet Dreams or Waking Hours” and many other articles by Katrien Degraeve on Medium.


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