Do you often feel like this?

Do you feel you’re always working, struggling, doing more, …

and yet never have that feeling of being where you want to be, of being enough, of having enough, of having ‘arrived’, …?

If your answer is ‘yes’, then it’s high time you take a good look at:

How do you perceive life?

What do you expect in/from life?

What are your expectations for/from yourself and for/from others?

When is enough, truly enough?

Ask yourself:

Where do I want to arrive in life?

What makes me feel happy and content?

Make your answer, your vision as clear and as detailed as possible. That’s the only way you’ll ever be able to know and say ‘this is enough’, ‘this is what I was striving for and I have arrived’. That’s when you’ll truly be able to feel inner peace and contentment.

If your goal is for instance to have a career: define what you understand by having a career. For one person this may be: having a paid job and for someone else it may be ‘being in charge’. Here again, make it as detailed and concrete as possible because otherwise: once you’ve ‘arrived’, you’ll set yourself a new destination, a new goal. Is that a problem? Well, look at how you feel, look at your life and you’ll have your answer.

Why do you feel you never seem to arrive?

Why are you always striving for and wanting more?

Why do you feel you always need to do more?

Who tells you to do more?

Who asks more and more of you?

I think if we’re being really honest with ourselves: it is us, it is we ourselves, who continue to put more on our plate. We seem to want more all the time, but why?

Why aren’t we satisfied with what we’ve achieved and with what we once saw as our destination?

Why do we keep pushing ourselves to do more, to have more, to own more, to achieve more?

When is enough, really enough?

Why do we keep striving for more when we all feel it’s depleting us?

Is it FOMO? Is it our insecurity? Is it our EGO which is dictating what we need to do, be, have?

Define what it is you really need to be happy in life and what is excess. There is ALWAYS more to see, to do, to have. But trying to have it all, only makes you feel unhappy, frustrated, tired, … as it is IMPOSSIBLE to do it all. There is simply too much in the world to want it all.

Make a list of what you need (mind you, not what you want but what you need) in the following categories: material stuff, relationships, health, job, hobbies. Make it your personal list. Be realistic, make it a humble list of what you need in life. Then write next to it what you currently have. You’ll be amazed by what you’ve already achieved in life. You’ll see that you already have more than what you need, maybe even all that you ever wanted! And maybe in some categories you do not have what you need yet, but once you’ve established certain areas in life where you already ‘arrived’, you’ll create space for the ones you still need something more to be able to live a fulfilled life.

The more you write down very concrete things, the more you’ll realize you have already more than enough. That is exactly what you need to ‘feel you’ve arrived’.

The more you feel this pressure disappearing of striving for more, the more you’ll see, the more you’ll appreciate, the more grateful you’ll be for what is already present in your life.

Don’t listen to the lies of your EGO** as dr. Wayne W. Dyer so accurately describes in his work ‘The Power of Intention’**:

First lie: ‘I am what I do’.

Second lie: ‘I am what I have.’

Third lie: ‘I am who I know.’

Fourth Lie: ‘I am what other people think of me.’

Fifth lie: I am all alone.’

When you really look at all these lies and think about them for a while, you’ll see that those lies will vanish and all will be resolved once you know

who YOU are,

that what YOU believe is enough, is actually enough,

that what YOU think of yourself, is all that really matters,

that believing YOU are enough and worthy of love, will actually bring love to you.

You’ll also never feel alone anymore, as you now know, accept, respect and love yourself. You’ll be living on this higher vibrational frequency of gratitude, of love and you’ll attract likewise people and events.

Make an inventory of what you need, write down the details. As I said before: make it a humble list, not an over-the-top, show-off-list. Put your ego to bed. Be true, be real, be you and only you. Create a plan to arrive there, if you have not arrived yet. Then, once you realize and know it’s enough, you’ll be able to live your fulfilled life in gratitude and in love. Enjoy all there is in your life. The more you look for, and see what you already have, the more you’ll feel you’ve arrived. You’ll finally stop striving, you’ll finally start feeling happy and content! That is what I wish for all of you! Relax and enjoy your beautiful life!

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*”Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life.” By dr. Wayne W. Dyer

**”The Power of Intention” by dr. Wayne W. Dyer








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