Do you often feel

as if you’re alone in this world,

as if no one understands you?

Do you often feel like an outsider,

as if you don’t belong?

Stop feeling sad and alone and use these feelings as an invitation to look very closely at the people around you:

Who are they?

Are they like-minded people?

Do they have the same values, dreams, beliefs?

Do they live a similar lifestyle?

It’s very important to take a very close look at what is going on around you, because once you’ve found your ‘crowd’, you will finally have that feeling of ‘coming home’,

of being where you belong.

That is, ultimately, what everyone is looking for, and it feels so good because:

you don’t have to pretend anymore,

you don’t feel like an outsider anymore,

you don’t feel alone anymore,

you can finally be YOU.

That is what I wish for all of you!

Find your group, your flock, your herd,

whatever you name it,

and thrive!

In order to find your like-minded people,

you first have to know,

and define who you are.

Make it very clear:

Who am I?

Know that you have every right to be who you are.

How do I want to live?

Know that you have every right to live according to your values.

How do I want to relate to people?

Treat people as good as you are and not as bad as they are.

How do I see our planet?

Do you see Mother Earth as something that is here for us to exploit, to use in whatever way we like, or just the other way around:

Do you see Mother Earth as your home, as a place in which we have the privilege of living, of enjoying nature and all its beauty.

What are my values?

Look at them very closely and discard what is not yours anymore, define what you respect and like to see more of in this world.

What am I here for?

What is your purpose? What do you want to be remembered for?

And so on.

Ask yourself all of these questions and be very honest with yourself.

Listen to what your heart says and not what your mind tells you to do.

Your mind tells you what other people taught you, what other people say is how it is supposed to be. That’s how your ego is created throughout your whole life. Override what is not for you anymore. Live from what your heart, your soul is telling you to do.

Once you have your own, very clear vision,

keep your focus on living according to that vision,

and you’ll see that like-minded people ‘suddenly appear’,

seemingly out of nowhere.

Where you used to feel weird, not ‘normal’, unaccepted, … as a result of frequenting the ’wrong’ crowd for you, a crowd that does not see things as you do,

now, once you’ve found the ‘right’ crowd for you, the crowd where you belong, you suddenly feel invited to be YOU, just you. You can finally live the way you see fit and feel accepted for it.

Finding where you belong, is the greatest joy you can find.

My invitation to you all this week is:

Clear out all the clutter in your life,

make room for the real you,

get rid of all that does not ‘feel’ like you,

and you’ll get a very clear vision of what you want your life, and the people in it, to look like!

Simplify your life,

say no to all the ‘obligations’ that have nothing to do with how you see the world, with how you want to live your life.

Be very aware of what makes you happy and what not.

Keep in your life what gives you energy, and ditch what depletes you.

Look at all aspects of your life:

clutter in your house,

unhealthy habits,

self-imposed obligations,

negative thoughts.

These are all things that eat up all of your energy without you even realizing it, you feel ‘low’, you feel alone, you feel as if the world around you is hostile. So it’s absolutely necessary to get rid of them!

In my book “Less is Yes!” I guide you step by step through that process of clearing out:

all of the ‘too much’, all of the ‘draining habits’, all of the ‘letting other people define how you should be/feel’.

Take back control of who you are, of who you want to be.

Make your energy run free through your body and mind again.

Feel light again,

feel happy,

feel at home,

feel accepted.

Find your group of like-minded people!

I wish you all a joyful reading, the intention and the courage to get rid of your ‘garbage’ and lots and lots of happy energy flowing through your body and mind (again)!!!!

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“Less is Yes!” by Katrien Degraeve






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