“Silent night, Holy night”

We will sing it again in a couple of weeks:

But where do you find your silence?

Where do you go to, to be peaceful for a while?

It is so very important to have your safe haven, your sanctuary.

And even more so in busy days, in busy schedules.

We lose ourselves in this busyness and instead of saying ‘stop’,

we try to go even faster and further because we believe in this myth, that if we go fast enough, we’ll be able to do it all ….

What is “all”?

When is it enough?

When have we worked enough?

When have we cleaned enough?

When have we prepared enough food?

When have we invited enough people?

When have we enjoyed enough?

When have we practiced enough sports?

When is it enough?

Decide for yourself and say:

“This is my view on things and nobody will dictate me when it’s enough or not”

Besides, it’s quite absurd to even think that somebody else can know what feels as “enough” for you, isn’t it?

We all have our own view on things, we all have our own values.

Live your life and let others live theirs.

This is the best recipe for a peaceful and joyful world.Just breathe,

Just listen to the silence,

Make time, every day, to sit in silence for a while,

You decide for how long.

You can put your hand on your heart if you feel like it.

You’ll notice that the more stressed out you are, the more benefit you will get from it.

Take your time and you’ll feel so much better afterwards.

Once your mind and body calm down,

You’ll see more clearly the difference between:

what you want and

what others want.

Sometimes it is the same, but very often, it is not.

Know the difference,

Know when you are doing somebody else a favor.

Don’t forget to do yourself a favor too!

Because if you don’t take care of yourself, you’ll have no energy left to take care of others.

That’s the blind spot of people pleasers!!

Too much giving leads to burning out!!

Make sure your own flame is burning bright so that you can be the light for others.

Once your candle is out, you stop shining for others too.

And then we are all in the dark….

I would like you to schedule a daily moment in your agenda

to sit quietly,

to meditate,

to think,

to pray,

to …

whatever works for you

and write down what gives YOU energy.

Plan each day, each week:

At least one thing that will kindle your fire!!!

I wish you all

a “happy silence”,

a “happy you-time”!!

Enjoy and see how the world will benefit from you being joyous!