Living consciously,

Not blindly following trends,

Seeing the bigger picture.

I think it’s the perfect time of year to really step up to living consciously.

It’s time for presents, for celebrating, for abundance.

Let’s make this year abundant for someone who has little opportunities to celebrate.

What if this year,

we ask our children to donate, for every present they receive, something of their own stuff to somebody less fortunate.

What if this year,

we donate, for every festive meal we prepare, a meal to a food shelter.

What if this year,

we volunteer to help people, children, animals, … for one day (or more) as our ‘thank you’ for our own good life!

What if this year,

we actually mean it when we wish people a “happy” New Year, like really wishing good things, wishing love, wishing true friendship to people, wishing it with all your heart and soul.

By living more consciously, by living in the now,

you’ll notice that you will enjoy life more, that you will see more, hear more, feel more.

Instead of just following automatically the well-known paths we’ve already walked a thousand times, you will discover beauty in your life that you’ve never noticed before.

I am not saying you absolutely need to change paths, all I would like you to do, is to look around, to see where you’re going, to see what is going on around you and to be grateful for all you DO have in life.

We all have more than enough, we can all share more.

And you know, donating is actually a gift for the both of you:

they are happy because they get a present and you are happy because you made somebody else a happy person!


If you still have cold feet about donating, sharing, giving stuff away, …

Let me give you another very practical reason why you will love it!

By giving stuff away that you don’t use, that you have more than one of, or that you are just giving out of the goodness of your heart…., you create more space in your house!!

Creating space means:

less clutter, less stuff, less obstacles for the energy to move through!

The more space you have, the lighter you feel, the happier you feel!

Less stuff means:

less organizing, less cleaning, less maintenance!

So this really is an overall win situation!!!

Block an afternoon in your agenda so that you will have enough time to take a really good look around your house and to start collecting all the stuff that nobody uses anymore.

Believe me, if you haven’t used it for so long, you’ll never use it (again).

“one day” becomes “never”

Choose one (or more) shelters, organizations, …  and make boxes with the stuff you are going to donate!

Wrap a bow around them if you feel like it and then go and donate the boxes!!!!

I guarantee you will feel lighter, brighter, happier afterwards!

Believe me, it feels great!!

Wishing you all an adventurous “treasure hunt” through your house and remember, when you start doubting, know that you will be making people/ animals very happy!!!!

Thank you all for reading me!