I found this amazing Holiday Bucket List the other day!

It is the absolute perfect description of how I see the Holidays!

Really it is!!

If you think about all the stress that, nowadays, accompanies this “magical” time of the year, then what on earth are we getting ourselves in to???

People stress about:

what they should buy other people,

what they will get from their loved ones, ( jep … even that is stressful)

what they should prepare: will it be festive enough?

what they will wear,

who to ask,

who to put next to whom at the Christmas table,

etc, etc, …

Where has the magic gone?

Where is the true spirit of the Holidays?

Isn’t it about:


Taking care of others?

Making someone feel safe, warm,

Making people feel that they belong, …

That’s why I like this list so much!

The items on the list are what the real magic is all about!!

It is about:

Being there, really being there, listening, making time for someone.

Making your loved ones feel that you will always be there for them, that you will always have their back, no matter what.

Sending love into the world, by becoming quiet, meditating and sending your true wishes for love and peace into the world.

It’s about donating, food, clothes, toys, …to people who really need it, people less fortunate. We all have more than enough: make this year, someone’s Christmas, one they will always cherish.

It’s about being together, about bonding, …

Be the shining light, be the one who radiates love so that others can warm themselves in your light.

Too fluffy? Too woowoo?

Not necessarily!

Try it and you’ll be amazed of how wonderful you’ll feel once you’ve traded:

stressing about unimportant stuff


having a meaningful time, taking meaningful actions!

If you don’t want to go “cold turkey”( it is turkey time after all :-))

then at least do one of the above items of the list.

Once you’ve done such a wonderful thing, you’ll be hooked!

Next year you can do even 2 or 3 items on the list!

You’ll feel so much better, so much brighter, so much happier once you liberated yourself of all the ”have-to’s”

Think about it and try it!

I wish you a very inspirational “pre-Holiday” time so that you can really make this Christmas a truly magical time!!!!

Thank you all for reading me!