Hello everyone,

It’s been a couple of weeks.

For me the holidays are over and so I am back!

How are you doing these days?

Do you feel okay?

Are you living your life?

Or are you living what the media dictates us to do?

I hope the former.

I stopped following the “news” months ago.

Yes, we have to stay informed and act responsibly, absolutely.

But that’s the thing, we have to stay INFORMED,

Not dramatized,

Not scared,

Not blindly following what mass media tells us to do or not to do.

Do you still think for yourself?

Or do you believe everything what’s being said?

I hope you keep your mind clear, rational.

For months and months, all we hear is

scary stories,


random advice,

contradictory information,

Now what do you choose?

To just follow what other people think is the right way to do,


To think for yourself and follow your instincts?

I choose the latter,

I firmly believe in listening to my inner voice.

I have faith in my body and its intelligence to heal itself.

That’s why I believe the best thing we can do, is

to make sure we are as healthy, as strong as possible,

to keep our immune system as optimal as possible.

I make sure my body is healthy by

sleeping enough,

eating healthy,

practicing sports.

I make sure my mind is healthy by:not polluting it with garbage ‘information’,

thinking independently,

keeping to the bare and proven facts: not hypothesizing.

I make sure my soul is healthy by

not letting others scare me,

doing what lifts my spirits,

doing what gives me energy,


having quiet moments where the dust can settle down so that I can see clearly again.

I think no one knows the one and only truth, is there even a one, unchangeable truth..?

I don’t think so.

Therefor I ask you to stop following

all the mindless discussions,

the ever-repeating-itself news.

Just live your life to the best of your knowledge,

to what your intuition tells you is the best for you.

Keep yourself healthy and that is the most conscious, most empathic, most caring way to live right now.




Thank you all for reading me and see you next week!