As I was thinking: “What will I write about this week?”

I had it: “thinking”!

Don’t we all win the Nobel Price for the amount of thinking we do each day?

You know there are at least 80 000 thoughts that pass through our minds every single day?

80 000 …

You can already imagine the impact this has on how we feel.

That is why

we can control how we feel!

by controlling what we think.

You all recognize the following situations:

There is a big thing coming up in your life and the treadmill starts:

What if this goes wrong?

What if this is not working properly?

What if I can’t get this right?

What if this should happen at the very last minute?

What if …

We create worst case scenarios in our mind.

We lose our sleep over it.

We are in a bad mood.

We are stressed out.

We feel bad.

And afterwards, we laugh and say:

was this what I was freaking out about?

It went well after all.

People were satisfied with the result.

So, whenever a huge thing is coming up, and as we can never predict the future:

tell yourself

to stop overthinking it,

to stop creating disaster scenarios.

Just prepare yourself properly and then let go of how it will unfold itself.

The future is not here yet, so stop trying to control it already!

The amount of worrying has made you feel bad,

has spoilt so many hours of your life.

Time that will never come back,

time that you could have felt good, relaxed.

Stress, that is making our bodies sick, could have been avoided.

So, do yourself a huge favor and stop trying to control the uncontrollable.

The same goes for things that happened in the past.

You had a row,

You had a thing that went wrong,

You forgot something important,

You hurt somebody (un)intentionally and now you feel bad,

This is all in the past.

You can never change what happened.

You can apologize, as you should in my opinion.

You can change your behavior right here, right now so that it won’t happen again.

But overthinking and keep on going over and over the same story in your head,

does not help anyone.

So, again, stop overthinking!

Stop beating yourself up over it.

The only result of this negative, guilt-driven thinking is:

you’re losing sleep,

you’re exhausted,

you feel low,

you attract even more negative stuff.

You certainly are not helping to make amends for whatever it is you feel you need to make amends for.

What you do right now, is the only thing that matters,

is the only thing that can make a difference to you and to other people.

So, my invitation to you all this week is:

Stop thinking so much!

Live here and now.

Enjoy the present moment.

If you feel overwhelmed, come back to the present moment,

make your world smaller so that you feel you can handle it.

What is to come, is not here yet.

What has happened in the past, is out of your control.

Make space in your head.

Go into nature,

it has a calming effect,

you feel at home,

you feel connected there.

When you feel the thoughts come rushing in your head:

Ask yourself:

Is this thought changing the situation?

Is this thought making me happy?

If you answer ‘no’ to those questions,

then tell yourself: “stop”!

Put an end to that endless stream of thoughts that are only making you feel unhappy!

Decide how you want to feel.




Listen to upbeat music.

Make yourself useful.

Volunteer at a project you feel very strongly about.

Do whatever it is that makes you feel more relaxed,

more at ease.

Your thoughts create your emotions.

If you want to feel good,

steer your thoughts

to what you can do right now,

to what is in your hands,

to what will actually make a positive change.

Good luck and know that it is a matter of training your mind.

Train yourself

to stay present,

to stop being a drama queen,

to believe that everything will turn out okay.

We are not alone,

We do not need to save the world all by ourselves.

Focus on what is in your hands right here, right now

And let go of all the rest.

You can do it!

Yes, you can!

Thank you all for reading me


author of “Less is yes!

Summer time,

going on vacation,

having no obligations,

no dress code,

(re-)connecting with friends and family,

being you,

recharging your batteries,

living a simple life,

being in nature,

You know the feeling,

You know what I am talking about.

How can we keep feeling like this, even after the holidays are over?

How can we continue living this simple life, feeling happy, being content?

The answer lies in:

living a simple life.

Simplifying your life,

making space,

freeing yourself from all the ‘too much’ in our lives.

Vacation comes from the Latin verb: vacare,

which means being free, being empty.

And that is exactly what I am talking about.

Make more space in your life.

Empty your agenda as much as you can.

And yes, you can.

We always think we have to say ‘yes’ to everyone and everything,

But is that so?

At what cost?

We all feel:

too busy,




as if somebody else is planning our life.

Well, by saying ‘no’

you create space in your agenda,

you create time.

time you get to spend the way you want,

time to breathe,

time to do things you never found the time for,

time to actually enjoy what you’re doing right now,

(without already thinking of all the other stuff that is on your agenda)

time to feel in control again,

time to be you, just you,

no obligations.

Make space in your house:

the less stuff you have lying around,

the less you need to take care of,

the less you need to clean, to organize,

the less choices you have to make.

We always think we need that stuff,

but we don’t.

Less stuff also means:

the energy can flow freely through your house,

and that makes you feel light, free, happy as if a burden is taken from your shoulders, as if you can breathe again.

Free your mind, empty your head.

We think and think and think.

We worry about the future,

we overthink past events.

The only moment we can change is now.

So, live today,

solve today’s problems and nothing more.

The past is the past, so let it be.

Learn from it and let it go.

The future is not here yet,

so, we can’t know what is going to happen.

Let go of all the assumptions you make, of what might happen.

Have you noticed that, of all the worrying you’ve ever done,

hardly ever did happen what you feared would happen?

So let go of overthinking what might or might not happen.

By emptying our lives of all this stuff,

by simplifying, the way we live, eat, think,

we make room for so much more:

more energy,

more happiness,

more lightness,

more meaning,

more health,

more love,

more life!

That is what I wish for you this week:



Feeling free

If you want more tips on how you can free yourself from all the too much in your life: read my book “less is yes!”

You’ll find very practical guidelines on:

how to simplify your stuff,  

how to make your body more healthy, more energetic and

how to train your mind to stop worrying, to stop thinking worst case scenario’s, to see the positive side of things.

Once you get rid of all the excess, you’ll wonder how on earth, you ever thought you needed all that stuff.

Once you start taking care of your body and you feel your body getting fitter, healthier, less tired,

you’ll be motivated to keep living this healthy lifestyle and at some point, you’ll be doing this automatically so that it feels easy and ‘normal’ to do.

Thinking positive, believing in the goodness of people, being kind,

is something you have to train your mind to do.

Once you’ve created a habit of thinking this way, it’ll be your new ‘normal’ way of looking at people, at things

and you’ll feel a shift in your life as if suddenly everything feels lighter, easier, as if only good stuff comes your way.

Love is our true nature,

Love is who we really are.

Make space to let that love blossom!

Thank you all for reading me

And have a very fine holiday!!!


Managing stress.

Wouldn’t we all like to know the secret formula…?

What is stress?

Stress is just an influx of energy.

We feel a huge amount of energy coming in and we freak out.

We feel overwhelmed, we start panicking,

and our mind does the rest.

We start seeing worst case scenario’s,

we create in our minds, scenes of things going wrong,

of us failing to handle whatever it is that needs to be handled.

The more scenes we create, the bigger influx of all that energy,

of all that fear we are creating in our mind.

This is a big deal, because we do not realize how much this undermines our health.

The more stress we feel, the more acid our bodies become.

The more acid our bodies, the more susceptible we are for all kinds of diseases.

Viruses like acid environments, so they’ll gladly come into our bodies and settle in.

The more infections we have, the more illnesses we develop in our bodies, think about all the auto immune illnesses, all the illnesses which start with infections.

Illnesses we would never link to stress, are caused by stress.

For example, osteoporosis: the more stress we allow to enter our bodies, the more calcium gets eaten away.

So, we really need to learn how to manage stress.

I’ve talked about my book Less is yes! in previous blogs and it really is a perfect manual to learn how to diminish our stress levels.

And yes, I say stress levels.

Because of some stress we are aware.

Like there is a big thing coming up in your life,

and we are not sure whether we will be able to succeed, to handle it.

That is a stress level we are all very aware of.

But there’s that unnoticeable stress level too:

We feel tired,

our energy is low,

we are frustrated,

we feel grumpy,

we overreact,

we sleep badly,

we get overweight…

We are not aware of what is causing it, but it’s there and it has a huge impact on the quality of our lives.

We need to learn to detect what is causing this fatigue.

There are too many stimuli in our lives which cause a lot of stress but we are not aware of them.

We are so used to them being around and we just go on and on thinking this is normal.

But here’s the thing: it is not!

And YOU can reverse that situation!

Just be very aware of what is going on in and around your life.

Take back control of what you allow to be there,

take back control of your health, your energy, your life!

When you consider your stuff: realize there is way too much stuff in your life!

Simplify your home, your cupboards, your wardrobe, your decorations, …

The less you have, the less that will ask for your attention.

The less stuff in your house, the less you need to clean, to organize, to take care of.

The less clothes you have, the less decisions you have to make in the morning.

Choose your favorite items and enjoy them.

Get rid of all the rest.

The less you see in your house, the less visual stimuli, the less stress, the less fatigue.

The next big step is your health!The healthier, the fitter your body,

the better you’ll handle life.

Just take the example of being well rested!

After a good night’s sleep:

you won’t freak out when you spill your coffee in the morning…

you won’t turn into a screaming monster when somebody ‘steals’ your parking spot…

you won’t bite their heads off, when your kids ‘surprise’ you with ‘something they forgot to mention’ but is really urgent…

You know what I mean, we’ve all been there.

And last but not least:

Learn how to manage your mind.

As I was saying in the beginning: we are our worst enemies!

Half of the situations that cause stress, are really not threatening at all!

I would even dare to say: 90% of the situations!

It’s what we make of it.

So, if you learn how to manage your thoughts,

you’ll be able to manage your feelings.

The more you realize that our thoughts are just thoughts,

-nobody says you have to believe your thoughts-

the more you’ll be able to see stress as just an influx of energy.

Knowing you do not need to be overwhelmed by it,

knowing you can breathe your way out of that situation,

you’ll feel less and less stress.

Feeling less stress,

will allow your body to heal,

which will lead you to feeling stronger, healthier:

as in better able to handle situations which would have made you freak out when feeling less energized, when feeling weaker.

My invitation to you all this week is:

Make a vow to yourself to start dealing with what gives you stress in your life.

Make a list of things that make you feel uncomfortable even just thinking about them.

Then take a step back, let it sink in,

take a deep breath, and go over your list.

Ask yourself:

why does this make me feel uncomfortable?

what am I afraid will happen?

What is the worst that can happen and what are the chances this will actually happen?

Is it something I can control?

What am I scared of?

Why am I scared of that?

Is it for myself I am stressing out or is it for someone else?

Once you’ve written all of your answers to those questions,

you’ll realize that in 90% or more you can stop stressing out because:


it is not something you can control, so stop wasting energy on something you have no control over.


it has nothing to do with you but with your fear of what others might think. Remember previous blogs: people do NOT think about you and even when they do, they forget it immediately and you can NEVER EVER please everyone, so stop stressing out about other people’s opinion.


You’re just imagining worst case scenario’s and we all know that in the end, things always turn out easier to handle, more comfortable.


take a good look at your life and everything in it.

Simplify your life.

Take away a lot of the stimuli.

Get that body healthy again.

Start believing that everything will be all right.

As Susan Jeffers puts it so accurately: “End the struggle and dance with life”

Thank you all for reading me!

If you are interested in simplifying your life step by step, making your body healthier and becoming the master of your own mind:

order my book “Less is yes!” and you’ll be guided through this journey with very practical, doable steps! Plus, you can always contact me for more guidance and I’ll be glad to help you out!


To persevere …

We talked about procrastination in my previous blog,

we talked about knowing what you want,

about visualizing your dreams,

etc. in lots of my blogs.

Even when we’ve done all that,

it’s still hard to keep doing it,

it’s still hard to continue on our new path.

We slip up so easily…

But don’t be too hard on yourself!

Be proud of what you’ve accomplished so far.

By now:

You know what you want.

You visualize your ideal life every day.

You’ve even planned the first steps into that new life.

You already took some (or a lot) of the steps towards your new path.

But know that it’s hard to rewire your brain into new habits.

We have to stay very conscious because,

even when it felt good at the beginning of living this new habit,

we tend to forget how we felt before we started those new ways of acting, of living, of being.

That’s where a lot of people ‘fall back’ into old routines,

because we forget how we felt before and

even if we haven’t forgotten,

we still think we don’t need to change our behavior in order to feel differently.

The old habits we’ve practiced for so long are literally carved into our brains. Your brain is used to following this path, it’s a routine, it’s a known pathway.

So, it feels ‘good’, it feels familiar and

we slip unconsciously into our old ways of living again.

It really sneaks up on us and before we know it:

we start to feel frustrated again,

our energy level nosedives,

we feel ‘off’,

we don’t know what is happening,

we wonder how on earth we got here ‘again’.

But the good thing is:

as we’ve been here before,

we can recognize this place

AND we have the tools to get out of there again.

We can do this,

we just need to remember,

we have to remember why we started our new path in the first place:

Why did we start eating more healthily?

To feel our energy flowing again

Why did we start taking care of our body?

To feel our energy flowing again

Why did we start practicing sports?

To feel our energy flowing again

Why did we start going to bed earlier?

To feel our energy flowing again

Why did we start getting up earlier?

To feel our energy flowing again

Why did we start being more mindful?

To feel our energy flowing again

Why did we start thinking positive thoughts?

To feel our energy flowing again

Why did we start meditating?

To feel our energy flowing again

Why did we start simplifying our lives?

To feel our energy flowing again

Why did we start reading more instead of endless scrolling on our phones?

To feel our energy flowing again

Why did YOU start your new habit(s)?

Because you wanted to feel differently!

You wanted to feel happy,




and loved again!

No matter what your new path looks like:

Remember WHY you wanted it in the first place!!

Re-write your WHY.

Become conscious of the fact that you’re slipping and say ‘STOP’.

Say it because:

You do not want

to feel drained again,

to feel unhappy again,

to feel frustrated again, …

so, it’s up to you!

You know what to do.

You have the tools,

Use them again to continue living the life you dream of living.

My invitation to you all this week is:

Go to a quiet place.

Become still.


Put your hands on your heart and

listen to what your heart is telling you.

Write down how your life was so much better when you were following your dreams, when you were creating and acting on those new habits.

Remember how you felt, doing all the things that expanded your energy.

Write it down.

Breathe and meditate while feeling this energy flowing again.

Plan your day,

your week,

your month,

with things that make you feel good.

Give no energy to what makes you feel bad.

When you feel negativity coming your way,

acknowledge it,

recognize it as something you do not want to feel

and let it go,

let it go in love.

As dr. Wayne Dyer said:

“Let it go, let it God”

Don’t fight it nor judge it.

It’s not up to us to judge:

just smile,

be kind ( to yourself and others)

and let go.

Focus on what makes you smile.

It’s an ongoing process!

You’re never ‘there’.

Wherever ‘there’ may be.

Life is a journey,

it has no fixed destination.

Meander through life,

and make it as joyful and loving as possible.

If you thought getting started was not easy,

well, let me tell you

continuing on the right path, is even harder.

But you got this!

You have to

keep being conscious.

keep that vision in your head,

keep repeating what and how you want to be in life.

And then be grateful!

Say thanks to the Universe as if you’re already living it,

the Universe will give you what you need, to get there.

Stop thinking about what you do NOT want because the Universe will give you more of it.

The Universe does not judge,

it hears what’s on your mind and gives you more of what you’re thinking,

of what you put your focus on.

Be very aware of that,

and use it to your advantage!

The Universe is always on your side!

Think about what you love, feel it as if it’s already happening

and live you dream life.

You got this,

and the Universe got you.

We are all connected,

We are all one.

Thank you all for reading me!


author of Less is yes!


The meaning we’re giving the word ‘time’ in our lives is very ambiguous to say the least.

On the one hand:

We’re always ‘doing’.

We’re always busy.

We never have enough hours in a day.

Everything needs to be done right now, today.

On the other hand, when it comes down to really ‘life-important’ stuff,

we seem to have all the time in the world:

I’ll do it later,

I’ll change my way of living when I….

Once … this or that, I’ll start doing ….

Why are we such procrastinators when it comes to living a




harmonious life?

If not now, then when?

We can never know what is waiting around the corner, we have a false sense of control, a false sense of knowing how our lives will continue to unfold itself.

But we have no clue whatsoever.

We don’t know what’s coming.

The only thing we can manage is:

What can I do right now?

How can I live my life in a way that I won’t have (m)any regrets?

What tiny steps can I take towards living according to my values, towards living from my Higher Self?

Dr Christine Li, a procrastination coach, uses a workable acronym to overcome procrastinating.


The S stands for simplicity.

If you’ve been reading my blogs, my book ‘Less is yes!’, you’ll know that I am all for simplifying your life.

The less you have to stress about, the less you’ll stress.

That’s why I advocate:

get rid of all the things you don’t use, don’t need.

Simplify your overall way of living, and I mean every aspect of your life.

The more you simplify your life, the more space, the more time, the more energy you’ll have to actually do the things that will make you live your life from your heart, from your Higher Self.

The M stands for mindfulness. Here again, I can’t but fully agree with her! Part three of my book talks about clearing out your mind, your false beliefs, old thinking patterns…. And learning how to steer your thoughts, here and now.

Living here, in the moment, in the now, will bring you so much more joy. Don’t wait for something to happen, make it happen yourself. Schedule things you like to do, now.

The A stands for anxiety reduction. What triggers your anxiety? What is it that starts this vicious circle in which you spiral down energetically, emotionally? If you’ve read my last weeks’ blog, that was what we needed to write down in the left column. Recognize what chain of actions you perform that gets you to that low vibrational frequency. Break that chain of actions by changing just one thing. Start small and you’ll see that once that circle is broken, you get to choose your next step. And then the next and before you know it, you’ve created a whole new habit!

The C stands for communicating. We talk all the time but we are hardly ever communicating. Communicating is really engaging in the conversation. You can communicate with words and focus on hearing what the other person says, focus on listening and asking questions to make sure you’ve understood correctly. But one can also communicate on an energetic level. You send out your message on an energetic level. People feel you and you, when you really tap into that person’s energy field, feel them. Therefor: ‘feel’ your words, make sure that what you say and what you feel are the same. Otherwise, there’ll be a disharmony, a blockage of energy, a discrepancy, a non-distinct friction in your body that will drain your energy.

Mahatma Gandhi said:

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do, are in harmony.”

The K stands for kindness. This is a virtue I absolutely invite everybody to live by. Be kind. Be kind to yourself. Talk to yourself in the same way you would talk to your best friend. The kinder you are towards yourself, the more you let your power return to yourself. By being kind and getting your inner power back, you won’t need outer circumstances to feel happy. You’ll know your own values, you’ll live by them, you’ll feel your strength and you’ll have all the tools to live harmoniously, to live from your Higher Self, to be compassionate, to feel connected, to shift to a high vibrational frequency. As we all know, you attract what vibrates on your frequency, so vibrate on the frequency of kindness, of love and you’ll attract kind and loving things.

My invitation to you all this week is:

write down, (if you haven’t already last week) what will turn your life into:

a life you want to live,

a life you feel as being a good life according to your values,

a life you won’t regret,

a life full of love and kindness.

Choose one picture, or one word written down on a piece of paper (or on your bathroom mirror!) that symbolises this ‘dream’ life,

hang it somewhere you will see it every day.

Every time you see this picture, or word,

reflect for a moment what you’ve been doing to make it happen.

Take a pen and paper and start writing.

Because your brain files something as important when:

you’ve thought about it,

you’ve put those thoughts into words, inside your head,

you’ve put those words down in writing, on paper!

Your brain has sent signals to your muscles to actually write it down.

All those things make it important to your brain, to your mind.

Read that note every evening before you go to bed.

Write down the tiny step(s) you’ll take

the next day, the next week.

Evaluate every month how it’s going.

Here again,

be kind to yourself!

Otherwise, you’ll change your vibrational energy and you’ll attract what you don’t want.

Build you dream life

step by step,

day by day,

week by week.

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in one day either.

Before you know it,

you’ll have created:

a new hobby,

a new healthy habit,

a new life.

The healthier you are,

the better you’ll feel, and

the easier it’ll become to continue this path.

Thank you all for reading me!


Author of  ‘Less is yes!’

I really like the comparison between our cell phones and ourselves

Anita Moorjani makes in her book ‘Sensitive is the new strong’.

Let’s think about our cell phone for a moment:

We all check its battery level, right?

We all know how important it is to know how much battery is left, agreed?

We all know we need to charge it when the battery level is low,

or else the phone shuts down and becomes useless.

Everybody knows this and considers this a no brainer.

Let’s think about ourselves now:

Do we ever take the time to check our ‘energy’ level?

Do we ever ponder upon the importance of keeping our energy level high?

Do we believe that we become ‘useless’ when our energy is completely drained, or do we think we know better and that we can go on and on and on without recharging??


Strange thinking, no?

We are all convinced that a phone needs to be charged in order to work properly, but

when it comes down to our body, our mind, our emotional state, …

we suddenly are convinced that we can keep on going.

No matter what.

No (re-)charging necessary.

Well, I invite you all to:

look at your life,

look at your body,

look at your state of mind,

look at how you are feeling right now.

Do you feel happy?

Do you feel healthy?

Do you feel energized?

Do you feel you are handling life in a joyful way?


Do you feel overwhelmed?

Do you feel ‘lived’ by circumstances?

Do you feel exhausted?

Do you feel running around like a headless chicken?

Do you feel you never seem to be able to catch up with things?

Do you feel life is happening to you instead of, it being

you that is making your life happen?

I think it really is time to take the charger of your life and plug yourself in.

Plug in in what makes your battery recharge.

Plug out of what drains your battery.

I invite you all to make a list of the things you do.

Make 2 columns.

Write in the left column what drains your energy.

Write in the right column what gives you energy.

For the next week:

You stop doing 2 things from your left column.


You increase the time you spend on 2 things in the right column.

See what happens!

Keep this up until you can either stop, or delegate most of your things in the left column.

Keep increasing your time doing things that expand your energy.

I know we all have to do stuff we do not particularly like but that still needs to get done.

But the thing is:

when we have increased doing things we like, things that give us energy,

the things we do not like become less of a burden!

When we really look at all we are doing,

we realize there is a lot we can skip all together.

We are the ones telling ourselves

we have to do this,

we need to get this done,

it has to be done now,

or else.

Or else what?

Do we really want to keep on going until we’re completely burned out?

Until we become sick?

Until there is a break up or a break down,

or both?

Be mindful of your energy level.

Take care of your health.

There is only so much we can do.

Let go of the rest.

You’ve done enough.

People will not love you more because you ticked off every item of your to-do list.

Tear your to-do list in 2 halves and only do the upper half of it.

You’ll notice

the world keeps spinning,

the sun keeps rising in the East every morning,

you are still breathing,

people keep going  about their businesses.

For some, it may be hard to digest but we really are,

only a little drop in the ocean,

so, relax and go with the flow,

merge into that big ocean.

It’s not about us, individuals.

It’s about life,

it’s about being connected.

Together we are the ocean,

together we are life,

we are all one.

I wish you all:

the honesty of writing down what you spend your time on,

the courage to let go of half of it,

the energy that will come your way, when you finally start monitoring your battery level the way you do your cell phone’s.

Good luck!

Thank you all for reading me


Reading my book ‘Less is yes!’ is a perfect guide to learn how to do less, how to worry less, how to increase your health and feel your energy flowing again!

As I was talking to Courtney* the other day,

we were discussing the issue of control.

We always want to be in control, don’t we?

It gives us a false sense of security,

a false sense of being able to handle things.

But at the end of the day,

we cannot control what happens in the world around us,

we cannot control life.

The sooner we get that, the sooner life will become

a lot easier,

a lot more relaxed,

a lot more pleasant.

No matter how hard we try,

life will at some point, throw us a curveball and

we will -again- realize we are not in control.

We still, against better judgement, want to believe we are, don’t we?

We think,

and this would actually be funny if it weren’t the cause of so much suffering,


earning a lot of money will give us security:

but then we get sick, or we get fired, or …

sending our kids to the ‘best’ schools will give them the ‘best’ jobs:

but then they want to travel the world with just a backpack …

pleasing everyone will make us be loved by those people:

but then love comes from a totally unexpected place …

doing all the ‘right’ things will keep us out of trouble:

but then ’rules’ change and we do get in trouble …

eating all the ‘right’ stuff will keep us healthy and thin:

but then we get sick anyway, or gain weight…

You can all find situations in which you were completely blown away by the unexpected character of the situation. And yet you thought you had every base covered….

And I do not mean that you can’t earn money, that you can’t have the best intentions for your kids, that is not wise to eat healthy foods… no, all I mean is that:

we should do the best we can but let go of the result.

The result will come but not always in the form we expected it, wanted it, or thought was the best option.

We need to put love and trust over control.

When we let love decide,

we will always feel good,

we will always make the right decisions.

I love the saying:

“Your heart may be on the left, but it is always right.”

We need to learn to trust that all will be okay.

What are we so afraid of that we can’t let go of that need to be in control?

What phantom do we keep chasing?

Perfection? Sorry, does not exist.

Approval? Sorry, you’ll never get approval from everyone.

Once you realize the best things happen when you actually

trust life,

trust your heart,

let go of all those fears,

then you’ll make a huge shift in life!

You’ll finally know and feel

you are enough.

As long as

your intentions are good,

you live from your heart,

you live from honesty,

all will be well.

Love and trust over control.

My invitation to you this week is:

Sit quietly every day for 5 minutes,

with your hands on your heart.

Become entirely still.

Listen to your heartbeat.

Enjoy the calm that comes over you.

Let your mind become quiet too.

Practice this every day and you’ll notice:

how this rejuvenates you,

how it will make you breathe more easily,

how your head becomes more and more clear,

how what is really important to you, will surface in your mind.

People often ask me:

but how will I know?

I tell you:

You’ll know.

You’ll feel the difference.

You’ll feel the shift in your mind.

You’ll be able to set clear intentions in your life.

You’ll be free from that need to control.

You’ll be free from that fear of never being enough.

You’ll start enjoying what is.

That is what I wish for you all:

this peaceful mind,

this quietness in your head,

this warmth in your heart.

You’ll open your eyes with a smile

and you’ll know exactly what you’ll want to do.

You’ll finally trust that everything will be ok.

Love and trust,


Thank you all for reading me.


*Courtney Carver from The Simplicity Space, P333, Soulful Simplicity, Be more with less

How can you keep your energy level high?

How can you keep away from energy drainers?

We all want

to feel good,

to feel energetic,

to be able to handle life,

to live a life that we actually like.

Don’t we?

But what do we do about it?

What do we actually do to get to live that life that feels good?

Well, …

yes, …


and, here we go,

we are so good at finding excuses you know,

because we keep practicing this over and over again!

My boss this,

my partner that,

I will start when I first get this sorted out,

when the kids are all grown,



but I have to,

I can’t help it,

Yep, that was easy, wasn’t it?

But now comes the hard part: taking your responsibility!

And again, oh yes, we are world champions in finding excuses!


it’s not my fault that,

I can’t change that,

that’s not up to me, …

I tell you: it is!

It’s up to you to do all the things that expand your energy.

It’s up to you to look at the situation and know there is a solution for everything.

It’s up to you to believe you can handle it.

It’s up to you to practice self-care so that you have the energy, so that you are feeling able to handle anything that comes your way.

Love yourself enough to start taking care of yourself

so that energy drainers fall back,

and that they do not affect you to the level where you get stuck by them anymore.

Make time to do the things that will expand your energy!

Once your energy flows and you’re vibrating on that high frequency of possibilities,

your boundaries will be there automatically.

You won’t have to ‘fight’ anymore to keep the negative people out of your energy field.

Once your energy is flowing,

people will feel that energy and they will either

enter your positive field and start vibrating on that frequency,


they’ll fall back and stay away.

My invitation to you all this week is:

Take back control of your energy,

of your life,

of how you want to feel.

Start this by doing the following things:

Do something, every day, that releases stress, your fear.

Because fear is an energy drainer.

Remove things from your diet that eat away your energy.

Increase things in your diet that boost your energy, that nourish your body.

Increase daily movement! Do something you like, walking, running, cycling, dancing,… so that you’ll keep doing it.

Rest! Sleep! Let your body recover, let it heal.

Find like minded people with whom you can have fun, laugh, feel good.

Do all those things from a place of love!

Not fear!

Do not just do things because you want to avoid an energy drain, no!

That’s again living on the frequency of fear!

Do things because you want an energy boost!

You want to expand your energy,

You want to feel good,

You want your immune system to work at its best!

You want to expand your chi!

Make yourself a priority!

I do not mean this in an egotistical way but in a way that:

you respect yourself enough to take care of yourself.

You know that the only way to be able to handle stuff is when you have the energy for it,

You deserve to live a happy life.

You are the best you when you can be fully YOU.

Start today!

What are you going to do today to make your energy expand?

Do it!

Thank you all for reading me!


If you want to learn more about how you can make your energy flowing again: read my book Less is yes! and you’ll find very practical tips to turn your life around!

Stop this nonsense.

See who you really are by returning to the essentials.

Because you will never be happy as long as you are living:

somebody else’s dreams,

somebody else’s life.

according to somebody else’s values.

It’s the only way to feel liberated!

It’s the only way to be YOU!


If you often feel

as if you’re alone in this world,

as if no one understands you.

If you feel like an outsider,

as if you don’t belong.

Then that’s an invitation to look very closely at the people around you:

Who are they?

Are they like-minded people?

Do they have the same values, dreams?

Do they live a similar lifestyle?

Because once you’ve found your ‘crowd’,

you finally have that feeling of ‘coming home’,

of being where you belong.

That feels so good because

you don’t have to pretend anymore,

you can finally be YOU.

That is what I wish for all of you!

Find your group, your flock, your herd,

whatever you name it,

and thrive!

In order to find your like-minded people,

you first have to know,


your vision.

Make it very clear:

Who am I?

How do I want to live?

How do I want to relate to people?

How do I see our planet?

As something that is here to serve us or just the other way around:

as our home, as a place in which we have the privilege of living, of enjoying nature and all its beauty.

What are my values?

How do I see health care?

And so on.

Ask yourself all of these questions and be very honest with yourself.

Listen to what your heart says and not what your mind tells you to do.

Your mind tells you what other people taught you, what other people say is how it is supposed to be.

Once you have your own, very clear vision,

keep your focus on living according to that vision,

and you’ll see that like-minded people ‘suddenly appear’,

seemingly out of nowhere.

Where you used to feel weird, not normal, unaccepted,

(because you were frequenting the ’wrong’ crowd),


(once you’ve found the ‘right’ crowd, the crowd where you belong),

you’ll suddenly feel invited to be YOU, just you.

Finding people you belong together with,

is the greatest joy you can find,

that is the missing part you’ve been looking for your whole life.

My invitation to you all this week is:

Clear out all the clutter in your life,

make room for the real you,

get rid of all that does not ‘feel’ like you,

and you’ll get a very clear vision of what you want your life, and the people in it, to look like!

Simplify your life,

say no to all the ‘obligations’ that have nothing to do with how you see the world, with how you want to live your life.

Be very aware of what makes you happy and what not.

Keep in your life what gives you energy,

ditch what depletes you.

Look at all aspects of your life:

clutter in your house,

unhealthy habits,

self-imposed obligations,

negative thoughts.

These are all things that eat up all of your energy without us even realizing it.

In my new book “Less is yes!” I guide you step by step through that process of clearing out

all of the ‘too much’,

all of the ‘draining habits’,

all of the ‘letting other people define how you should be/feel’.

Take back control

of who you are,

of who you want to be,

of your energy.

Feel light again,

feel happy,

feel at home,

feel accepted.

Find your group of like-minded people!

I wish you all a joyful reading, the intention and the courage to get rid of your ‘garbage’ and lots and lots of happy energy flowing through your body and mind (again)!!!!

Thank you all for reading me!


author of “Less is yes!”

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