I find this a very powerful thought, not only for ourselves but also to be able to be more empathetic towards others.

When I read this, for me, this is an invitation:

To learn,

To grow,

To open myself up to new ideas,

To see things from another perspective,

To listen and try to understand,

To become silent and peaceful, …

Because once you do all of the above and more,

you’ll know better and so you can start doing better.

This powerful thought also makes it easier to look at people differently.

Instead of getting angry, fighting them, just know that they don’t know any better yet:

Engaging in a fight makes everybody lose, not engaging in a fight, makes the fight go away as you don’t fuel their anger, their frustration, their pain anymore. Knowing that people fight from a place of pain helps to be more understanding. When you don’t engage in the fight, you have ground to come to a mutual solution:

love is our most powerful tool.

Instead of judging, see them on their path going forward at their pace.

They’ll learn, eventually, or maybe not.

That’s ok too, that is their choice, their responsibility.

The master appears when the student is ready. You can’t force consciousness upon someone. They have to be ready to learn.

Instead of punishing and being harsh, just show them another way to resolve issues by living in a loving, peaceful, respectful way.By being an example, by showing them there is another way, you can teach people what you know, just by living it not by forcing it upon them, not by judging them.

It’s up to them what they pick up and what they will start practicing.

“Be the change you want to see in the world”

says Mahatma Gandhi and that is my absolute favorite saying.

Getting angry because others don’t do the things you would like them to do, leads to nothing. They are responsible for their actions, not you. Don’t focus on what you do not like.

There are also so many ways of living a good life, it doesn’t necessarily mean your way is the only ‘right’ way.

Transforming into the person you respect, doing what you belief is the right thing to do, is what you need to focus on. That way, you’ll keep focusing on what you do want, on what you do like.

Life is a continuous path of learning,

of understanding more and more as we grow older,

of learning from our mistakes,

of becoming better instead of bitter.

That’s how we will be able to live a



less judgmental,

more loving,

more knowing life.

And that is the moment we can start doing better.

My invitation to you all this week is:



embrace your teachers,

become more conscious,

practice what you know,

and that is when you will start doing better.