Those are the feelings that heal our body and soul.

Those are the only feelings that will make us feel better, happier.




Only make us bitter.

The choice is yours:

Do you want to heal?

Do you want to feel happy again?

Do you want to smile again?


Do you want to hate for the rest of your life?

Do you want to feel angry all the time?

Do you want to feel as a victim, blaming everyone else for your misfortune?

Every problem, every hurtful event, every challenge that comes on your path, is there for a reason.

We don’t always know what that reason is, and that makes it hard for us, humans, to understand that it makes us grow.

Sometimes it takes a long time before we are able to grow from it, to see the positive that is coming from that situation.

But even if we don’t know, don’t understand why we have to go through those hardships,

we do know that it gives us a choice:

will we become a better person because of it?

or will we become a bitter person?

Forgiving does not mean you condone what the other person did,

it means that you can let it go, so that you can have inner peace again.

Take charge of your own emotions, find you inner strength again!

You hold the key to your own happiness.

The moment you give that key to someone else, you give your power away, you become dependent on others, they get to decide when you can feel happy or not.

That makes you very vulnerable, very unstable, very powerless,

because you’ll never know how they will make you feel today.


It’s time to:

claim your power,

claim your feelings,

claim control of your life again.


By forgiving!

By feeling compassion for those who hurt you. Only unhappy people lash out, once you can see that, it’s easier to feel compassion!

By understanding that everybody has their own story. Once you realize everybody has their own battles to fight, you can go a little easier on people.

By doing so,

you will feel lighter,

you will feel better.

You will feel more energy flowing again,

you will feel powerful again.

And life suddenly will seem a lot brighter, even if the situation has not changed!

No amount of hate, criticism, negative feelings,

has ever made anyone feeling better again,

has ever healed anyone!

On the contrary, those negative feelings make you sick. They diminish your energy so that you literally become ill after a while.

Only love, kindness, forgiveness heals, makes you healthy.

If you think forgiving is difficult, just consider the end result.

Which of the following results do you prefer?

Feeling sick, bitter, unhappy, powerless?


Feeling healthy, happy, powerful?

That’s all for this week: compassion, forgiveness, understanding.

Some interesting thoughts to chew on in this time of year where people, all over the world, talk of peace and merriness.

Make it a truly happy and warm Christmas!

Thank you all for reading me!





“Silent night, Holy night”

We will sing it again in a couple of weeks:

But where do you find your silence?

Where do you go to, to be peaceful for a while?

It is so very important to have your safe haven, your sanctuary.

And even more so in busy days, in busy schedules.

We lose ourselves in this busyness and instead of saying ‘stop’,

we try to go even faster and further because we believe in this myth, that if we go fast enough, we’ll be able to do it all ….

What is “all”?

When is it enough?

When have we worked enough?

When have we cleaned enough?

When have we prepared enough food?

When have we invited enough people?

When have we enjoyed enough?

When have we practiced enough sports?

When is it enough?

Decide for yourself and say:

“This is my view on things and nobody will dictate me when it’s enough or not”

Besides, it’s quite absurd to even think that somebody else can know what feels as “enough” for you, isn’t it?

We all have our own view on things, we all have our own values.

Live your life and let others live theirs.

This is the best recipe for a peaceful and joyful world.Just breathe,

Just listen to the silence,

Make time, every day, to sit in silence for a while,

You decide for how long.

You can put your hand on your heart if you feel like it.

You’ll notice that the more stressed out you are, the more benefit you will get from it.

Take your time and you’ll feel so much better afterwards.

Once your mind and body calm down,

You’ll see more clearly the difference between:

what you want and

what others want.

Sometimes it is the same, but very often, it is not.

Know the difference,

Know when you are doing somebody else a favor.

Don’t forget to do yourself a favor too!

Because if you don’t take care of yourself, you’ll have no energy left to take care of others.

That’s the blind spot of people pleasers!!

Too much giving leads to burning out!!

Make sure your own flame is burning bright so that you can be the light for others.

Once your candle is out, you stop shining for others too.

And then we are all in the dark….

I would like you to schedule a daily moment in your agenda

to sit quietly,

to meditate,

to think,

to pray,

to …

whatever works for you

and write down what gives YOU energy.

Plan each day, each week:

At least one thing that will kindle your fire!!!

I wish you all

a “happy silence”,

a “happy you-time”!!

Enjoy and see how the world will benefit from you being joyous!



Those are the rogues,

Those are the ones, making us unhappy, frustrated, sad, disappointed…

Think about it:

When you are disappointed:

Were your expectations not met?

Probably so.

When you are frustrated:

Had you hoped for a different outcome?

I guess so.

When you are unhappy:

Were you expecting more, or something else?

I assume you did.

When you are sad:

Did you hope for something/ someone that is not there?

Very likely.

We always make a movie in our head about

how we think, about how we hope things will/should turn out.

But is this based on facts, on reality?

Or is it rather wishful thinking?

Most of the times we are not conscious about it but:

we expect people to behave a certain way,

we expect people to say/do certain things,

we expect things to work out, in a way we think they should work out,

we expect the weather to be nice when we organize something,

we expect trains, planes, buses to be on time,

we expect not to get ill,

we expect

we expect

the list is endless!

All day long we have expectations and we get frustrated when things don’t turn out the way they do in the movie we have running in our head.

And that’s what is causing us stress, anxiety, unhappiness, frustration.

Susan Jeffers, Ph.D. specialized in personal growth and relationships, bestselling author, said in one of her books:

“If I could take one thing away from people on their journey to a happy life, it would be “expectations”!”

I couldn’t agree more!

Take away your expectations,

Adjust your expectations,

Communicate your expectations so that you are all on the same page!

I am not saying you have to be fatalistic, that is just another way of having (no, low, bad, unrealistic) expectations.

No, I would like you

to have an open mind,

to know that anything is possible,

not to cling to a certain outcome!

The weather may be nice or it may be bad.

The plane may be on time, the plane may be late.

Your colleague may be friendly or grumpy today.

Traffic may be fluid or completely stuck.

You may get promoted or not.

You may get a nice present or not.

If we are all doing the BEST we can, then we can let go of the outcome because that is all we and everyone else CAN do.

Your reaction to a situation determines how you will feel:

When the plane is delayed, no matter how frustrated you get about that, the plane will still be delayed.

When traffic is dense, honking your horn, and ‘pushing’ your way through traffic won’t change anything for the best, on the contrary.

When you are disappointed by someone,

first check if your expectations were not too high and

secondly, did the other person know what you expected of him/her?

For this week, try to see how your feelings relate to your expectations. Once you have a better view on that, you will handle situations differently and a LOT of negative feelings will be melting like marshmallows over a fire!

Check your expectations, adjust where necessary and enjoy the “letting go of the outcome”.

Just be!

Thank you all for reading me!


Living consciously,

Not blindly following trends,

Seeing the bigger picture.

I think it’s the perfect time of year to really step up to living consciously.

It’s time for presents, for celebrating, for abundance.

Let’s make this year abundant for someone who has little opportunities to celebrate.

What if this year,

we ask our children to donate, for every present they receive, something of their own stuff to somebody less fortunate.

What if this year,

we donate, for every festive meal we prepare, a meal to a food shelter.

What if this year,

we volunteer to help people, children, animals, … for one day (or more) as our ‘thank you’ for our own good life!

What if this year,

we actually mean it when we wish people a “happy” New Year, like really wishing good things, wishing love, wishing true friendship to people, wishing it with all your heart and soul.

By living more consciously, by living in the now,

you’ll notice that you will enjoy life more, that you will see more, hear more, feel more.

Instead of just following automatically the well-known paths we’ve already walked a thousand times, you will discover beauty in your life that you’ve never noticed before.

I am not saying you absolutely need to change paths, all I would like you to do, is to look around, to see where you’re going, to see what is going on around you and to be grateful for all you DO have in life.

We all have more than enough, we can all share more.

And you know, donating is actually a gift for the both of you:

they are happy because they get a present and you are happy because you made somebody else a happy person!


If you still have cold feet about donating, sharing, giving stuff away, …

Let me give you another very practical reason why you will love it!

By giving stuff away that you don’t use, that you have more than one of, or that you are just giving out of the goodness of your heart…., you create more space in your house!!

Creating space means:

less clutter, less stuff, less obstacles for the energy to move through!

The more space you have, the lighter you feel, the happier you feel!

Less stuff means:

less organizing, less cleaning, less maintenance!

So this really is an overall win situation!!!

Block an afternoon in your agenda so that you will have enough time to take a really good look around your house and to start collecting all the stuff that nobody uses anymore.

Believe me, if you haven’t used it for so long, you’ll never use it (again).

“one day” becomes “never”

Choose one (or more) shelters, organizations, …  and make boxes with the stuff you are going to donate!

Wrap a bow around them if you feel like it and then go and donate the boxes!!!!

I guarantee you will feel lighter, brighter, happier afterwards!

Believe me, it feels great!!

Wishing you all an adventurous “treasure hunt” through your house and remember, when you start doubting, know that you will be making people/ animals very happy!!!!

Thank you all for reading me!


I found this amazing Holiday Bucket List the other day!

It is the absolute perfect description of how I see the Holidays!

Really it is!!

If you think about all the stress that, nowadays, accompanies this “magical” time of the year, then what on earth are we getting ourselves in to???

People stress about:

what they should buy other people,

what they will get from their loved ones, ( jep … even that is stressful)

what they should prepare: will it be festive enough?

what they will wear,

who to ask,

who to put next to whom at the Christmas table,

etc, etc, …

Where has the magic gone?

Where is the true spirit of the Holidays?

Isn’t it about:


Taking care of others?

Making someone feel safe, warm,

Making people feel that they belong, …

That’s why I like this list so much!

The items on the list are what the real magic is all about!!

It is about:

Being there, really being there, listening, making time for someone.

Making your loved ones feel that you will always be there for them, that you will always have their back, no matter what.

Sending love into the world, by becoming quiet, meditating and sending your true wishes for love and peace into the world.

It’s about donating, food, clothes, toys, …to people who really need it, people less fortunate. We all have more than enough: make this year, someone’s Christmas, one they will always cherish.

It’s about being together, about bonding, …

Be the shining light, be the one who radiates love so that others can warm themselves in your light.

Too fluffy? Too woowoo?

Not necessarily!

Try it and you’ll be amazed of how wonderful you’ll feel once you’ve traded:

stressing about unimportant stuff


having a meaningful time, taking meaningful actions!

If you don’t want to go “cold turkey”( it is turkey time after all :-))

then at least do one of the above items of the list.

Once you’ve done such a wonderful thing, you’ll be hooked!

Next year you can do even 2 or 3 items on the list!

You’ll feel so much better, so much brighter, so much happier once you liberated yourself of all the ”have-to’s”

Think about it and try it!

I wish you a very inspirational “pre-Holiday” time so that you can really make this Christmas a truly magical time!!!!

Thank you all for reading me!










Why do we often feel so miserable?

Why do we let other people’s opinions rule our life? Our feelings?

What is it, that makes us long for appreciation?

What is it, that makes us crave for recognition?

As long as we need outer affirmation, we’ll never have the power over our own feelings!

That’s why we have to stop giving our power away!

I know it’s so easy to get swept away by need for approval,

but stop for a moment and consider what you are doing!

Does it make you happy or does it make you needy?

Do you feel as if you’re always running behind,

As if you always need to prove yourself, yet once again?

As long as you hope and wait for other people’s praise, applause, compliments, … you’ll feel like a donkey running after a carrot that is dangling in front of him but a carrot that he’ll never reach!

Find you inner power!


Define for yourself by contemplating on:

who you are,

what you want to be,

how you want to live your life (if this is difficult: just imagine what you want your loved ones to remember you by),

what you want your contribution to the world to be, (big or small doesn’t matter! Being a good person is already a great contribution!)

Once you’ve got that vision clear,

Make sure you start living according to that purpose, YOUR purpose!!

Then what you think, what you feel and what you do, will be aligned!

This alignment gives you your inner power!

Make this stronger every day by consciously living your purpose!

You will feel stronger, happier, less needy for outer approval …

Because you will know you are living how you want to live your life,

Nobody will make you feeling unsure, feeling unworthy, feeling unhappy anymore, because you’ve stopped giving your power away!!

If you really think about it: it is quite absurd how we let people dictate what we should and what we shouldn’t do in life!

And yet we’ve all fallen into that trap somewhere during our life:

We felt good when praised and we looked for more. Then we realized we never got praised by everyone because apparently not everyone was expecting the same thing from us, and then we got confused and we even tried harder!! How was it possible that we could never live up to everyone’s expectations?????

Very simple, everyone sees life differently and you, and only you, know what YOU want out of YOUR life!

It is simple but not easy because we’re all so hooked on outer applause!

I ask you now:

define yourself, define your purpose in life and LIVE that life!

That’s where you’ll find your inner power!

You will feel strong, happy because you are aligned: thoughts, emotions and actions are in line.

The more you live according to what your heart makes you do:

The stronger you will become,

The more aligned you will live,

The less needy-of-attention you will feel,

The less ‘people-who-find-you-weird’ you will allow in your life,

The more like-minded people you will meet.

So, for this week:

make a clear vision board (on your wall or in your mind)

of your life,

of the person you are, deep down,

And take each day one (or more) step(s) towards that person you see on that board!

Your heart will tell you if you’re moving in the right direction!

Be quiet enough to hear the messages from your soul!

Become strong and enjoy who you are!

You are enough! You are okay!

Thank you all for reading me and I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

What resonated the most with you?


Do less!

I know, this sounds weird, all of our lives we hear:

do more …

be more …

want more …

earn more …

have more …

And, how did that make you feel so far?




Never enough?


I think it’s time to start:

Wanting less,

Doing less,

Having less,

Does that mean we have to become lazy, that we can’t have any ambitions anymore?

No absolutely not!

What I mean is,

Think before you:

accept the next offer,

buy the next thing,

enroll in the next course,

engage in the next project …

Be aware of your “busyness”.

Consider very carefully before you say ‘yes’ to the next thing that comes along:

What makes me happy,

What makes me a better person: to myself and to my loved ones,

Why do I say yes?

Because I am afraid people might hate me if I say no?

Because of FOMO (fear of missing out)?

Because I am so used to saying ‘yes’ I forgot I can say ‘no’ too?

Listen to what your heart is telling you,

Become quiet, put your hands on your heart and listen….

Here you will hear who you are, what makes you happy, what really matters, what you really want …

If people hate you for being you,

don’t change yourself, change the company you’re in.

If you live your life hoping others will love you, but, you’re not doing what makes you happy, you’ll never be happy!

And that will never be true love either!

Be who you are and you’ll attract people who love you for who you really are.

So stop doing and buying and having all kinds of things,

just to try to belong,

just to try to be cool, (what does “being cool” mean anyway…???)

just to be a person you are not, but one you think others want you to be,

just to try to impress other people, …

Impress yourself!

By being you,

By believing you are enough,

By knowing you have enough,

By living consciously,

By becoming quiet and really hearing and seeing what is going on around you!

Stop rushing,

Stop doing more,

Yes, you can,

Yes, you are allowed,

Yes, people will still love you!

In fact, they will love you even more because by doing less, by being who you really and truly are, you give them the permission to also be themselves, to also do less, to also have less, to also want less, …

And by doing less, you’ll actually have more time to really be with your loved ones, to choose who you really want to spend time with.

So for this week,


Un-busy yourself,

And enjoy the peace that will come over you!

Have a very calm, quiet, and energizing week!

Thank you all for reading me and I’d love to hear from you too!

Post a comment, send me an email, hit the ‘like’ button, …




Living with purpose.

Do you live with purpose?

What is your purpose?

Do you know your purpose?

What if you were to die tomorrow: what would your regret(s) be?

Think about it.

No, it’s not obscure.

Just use this question to realize if you are living your life according to what your heart is telling you.

If you would have no regrets, fabulous!!

Just continue what you’re doing!! Great!!

If you would have a lot of regrets or a big one, fix it!

Change your life right now so that you can start doing what your heart is telling you to do!

Wait no longer or your regrets will become even bigger!

Become quiet, sit with your hands on your heart and just breathe.

Listen to what your heart is telling you.

Then look at your life and see where you can start making changes.

Even if it’s not possible to make a complete turnaround this very minute, it is always possible to take the first step towards your life with purpose!

Be very conscious about how you want to spend the rest of your life, make a very clear image in your head of how you want your life to be like and plan it, do something about it.

Don’t wait any longer, you never know what tomorrow will bring, so make that change today!

Living according to your heart’s values is the key to being happy!

That’s all for this week!

But if you consider the above question seriously, I think it’s quite enough to chew upon for a while …

Become quiet,

Ask yourself:

“If I were to die tomorrow, what would I regret?”

Define your purpose,

Take your first step today!

Have a very inspiring and courageous week!

Thank you all for reading me!!


Herfst, straks winter, de feestdagen komen eraan, …

Voel je ook al jouw energie wegvloeien?

Word je al moe van het idee alleen?

Te veel en te zwaar eten,

Cadeau stress,

Wie organiseert wat? Waar? Wanneer?

Heb je bij alles het gevoel van ‘het is (me) te veel’?

Wat als we het dit jaar eens heel bewust aanpakken?

Wat als we dit jaar eens ons hart volgen en niet volgen wat de reclame ons dicteert, of wat anderen ons opleggen?

Wat als je:

Dit jaar gewoon jezelf mag zijn,

Dit jaar mag aantrekken waar jij jou comfortabel in voelt,

Dit jaar mag eten wat jij wenst, en niet wat volgens de ‘mode’ dient geserveerd te worden,

Dit jaar zelf mag bepalen of er cadeaus worden gegeven of niet, en zo ja, welke.

Voel je het verschil?

Voel je je energie al opborrelen?

Uiteraard moet dit besproken worden en kan je niet plots, zonder waarschuwing, als Einzelgänger gaan optreden.

Maar ik wil jullie gewoon wakker schudden dat het ook anders kan en anders mag!

Sta heel bewust stil bij hoe jij het graag hebt, jij.

Maak hier een beeld van, creëer in jouw hoofd jouw ideale feestdagen, een beeld waarbij niemand commentaar geeft, waarbij alles kan.

Welk beeld heb je dan?

Wat kan je doen om zo dicht mogelijk bij dit beeld te komen?

Gooi het juk van de verwachtingen af, stel alternatieven voor!

Wie weet, zijn er nog mensen die dit leuk zouden vinden maar heeft niemand de moed om dit aan te kaarten!

Hoe dichter we bij ons hart leven, hoe gelukkiger we zijn, hoe beter we ons voelen, hoe gezonder we ook zijn.

Nu voelen we ons vaak moe, voelen we de stress door ons lijf gieren en we proberen dit steeds te compenseren met meer doen, met ‘nog’, …

Want “als we dat nog … dan gaan we…”,

ons ontspannen voelen, tijd hebben, …

maken we onszelf keer op keer wijs.

We maken to-do lijst na to-do lijst.

Heel vaak met zaken die we ons laten dicteren door de omgeving, door de maatschappij, door de reclame!

We moeten zus en zo of we horen er niet bij …

Is dat zo?

Waartoe behoren?

Wat als we nu eens gewoon minder doen?

Minder scrollen op onze smart phone

Minder TV kijken,

Minder snoepen/ ongezond eten,

Minder laat gaan slapen,

Minder activiteiten inplannen,

Minder gaan shoppen,

Bedenk eens wat je hierdoor aan ‘meer’ zal krijgen!

Meer tijd met uw partner,

Meer tijd voor jouw gezin,

Meer tijd voor jezelf,

Betere nachtrust,

Beter humeur,

Gezonder lichaam,

Bewust gekozen activiteiten (i.p.v. events waar je automatisch ‘ja’ op antwoordt) waar je dan ook meer zal van genieten,

Meer geld besparen,

Meer orde door minder rommel in huis,

Meer tijd en plaats om te genieten van wat je hebt,

Je zal zien dat je automatisch rustiger wordt, door “minder” toe te laten.

Je zal niet meer het gevoel hebt dat je krampachtig ergens toe wilt behoren, ergens waar je je eigenlijk toch niet thuis voelt.

Als je leeft volgens jouw hart, kom je daar uw ‘soulmates’ tegen.

Hier zal het echt aanvoelen, niet geforceerd.

Het zal je energie geven i.p.v. stress!

Ik denk dat de aanloop naar de eindejaarsfeesten een ideaal moment kan zijn om bv. eens stil te staan bij wat we allemaal hebben.

Dan kan je dit jaar de feestdagen heel bewust gaan inplannen.

Stel alles in vraag.

Moet er echt zoveel zijn?

Moeten er zoveel spullen zijn?

Kunnen we dit jaar eens een alternatief bedenken?

Bv. iedereen schenkt iets aan een goed doel i.p.v. aan elkaar.De meesten onder ons leven in de luxe van niks nodig te hebben, we hebben voldoende.

Je kan het leuk maken door iedereen te laten beslissen naar welk goed doel “zijn” cadeau zal gaan: dit kan in geld zijn maar dat kan ook gerust in spullen zijn. Geloof me, er zijn heel veel spullen momenteel in jouw huis waar jij niks mee aanvangt! (waarschijnlijk weet je zelfs niet dat ze in jouw huis zijn)

Tijd om op te ruimen!

Iedereen wint!

Iemand die nood heeft aan spullen, krijgt ze.

Iemand die honger heeft, krijgt eten.

Jij wint plaats in jouw huis want er gaan spullen de deur uit.

Probeer het eens en je zal zien dat je hiervan energie krijgt, een warm gevoel krijgt, blijdschap voelt!

Geen cadeau stress meer!

Dit is maar een voorbeeld van hoe je jouw leven kan vereenvoudigen, lichter kan maken.

Bewust omgaan met spullen, met ‘kopen’, is zo verrijkend (letterlijk en figuurlijk), zo bevrijdend!

Je draait niet meer mee in de commerciële mallemolen!

Je voelt je vrij! Je voelt je lichter!

Bepaal zelf hoeveel stress je toelaat in jouw leven,

Bepaal zelf wat voor jou belangrijk is,

Wil je graag lichter door het leven gaan?

Wil je graag jouw leven eens grondig opruimen zodat er weer plaats is?

Plaats om te ademen,

Plaats om te leven,

Plaats om te genieten,

Plaats om stil te zijn,

Plaats om lief te hebben.

Ik begeleid jou graag op de weg naar:

‘Meer door minder’



Hoe ziet dat eruit?

Hoe kan je dit bekomen?

Ligt het in jouw handen?

Volgens mij wel!

Loslaten van wrok, van haat, …


Waarom wachten tot het terug Kerstmis is, de tijd van liefde en vrede, de tijd van samen vieren?

Waarom nog maanden met die ‘rugzak’ vol negatieve gevoelens blijven rondzeulen?

Zet die rugzak nu af!

Laat die ruzie nu los!

Wat levert het je op om eraan vast te blijven houden?

Nog meer verdriet, nog meer boosheid, nog meer pijn?

Pijn, zowel fysiek als emotioneel!

We denken er vaak niet aan, maar vasthouden aan negatieve emoties veroorzaakt ook fysieke pijn.

Er ontstaan blokkades in onze energiebanen, we zitten letterlijk en figuurlijk vast.

We voelen ons moe, we zijn snel geïrriteerd, het is ons allemaal te veel …

En we weten niet hoe dat komt.

Ruim die slangenkuil die je van jouw hart hebt gemaakt, op!

Laat al dat negativisme in uw geest los!

Het dient tot niks, integendeel!

Het maakt je moe, je wordt er ziek van.

Gedaan met nodeloos piekeren, “malen”, “worst-case scenario’s” schrijven, boos zijn, …

Boos zijn is in feite niks meer dan jezelf straffen (want jouw bloeddruk stijgt, je voelt je opgefokt, je slaapt er slechter door, jouw maag protesteert, …) voor iets wat een ander heeft gedaan of gezegd.

Claim vanaf vandaag terug jouw geluk!

Wees blij, adem, ontspan, bekijk de situatie vanuit een positief standpunt, vertrouw erop dat alles goed komt, …

Want ja, het komt goed.

Als je op deze positieve vibe leeft, verdwijnen blokkades, voel je je energieker, voel je meer mogelijkheden, zie je oplossingen.

Want ja, je kan een positieve kant zien aan elke negatieve situatie.

Dit vergt enige training maar het is de moeite waard!!

Je leert bv. wat je niet (meer) wilt, hoe jij niet wilt zijn, en dus ook bv. een ruzie heeft een positieve kant!

Je gaat inzien wat echt belangrijk is.

Als je vanop een afstand naar iets of iemand kijkt, dan zie je klaarder,

en’ klaarder zien’ betekent de situatie rustiger beoordelen, met minder – vertroebelende- emotie, minder impulsief reageren.

“Als de geest ontspannen is, komt hij tot rust;

Als water niet beroerd wordt, wordt het helder.”

Gampopa (Tibetaanse, boeddhistische leraar)

Als de grootste emotie is weggeëbd, kan je zodanig handelen dat je dichter bij het leven komt dat jij wenst, dichter bij de persoon die jij wenst te zijn, dichter bij een situatie van rust, blijheid, harmonie.

Vanop een afstand zie je oplossingen, zie je ook de mooie kanten en dat leidt naar positief reageren, reageren vanuit jouw hart en niet vanuit jouw ego.

Op die manier in het leven staan, betekent jouw geluk claimen.

Jij bepaalt zelf of het glas halfvol is of halfleeg.

Je hebt het volledig zelf in de hand! Echt waar!

Bekijk wat er zich allemaal in uw geest heeft vastgezet, tijd om te herkennen wanneer jouw ego dreigt te reageren, tijd voor de grote schoonmaak in uw hart, in uw hoofd!

Laat het licht terug binnen!

Geniet van de energie, de vrijheid, het plezier dat je daarna zal voelen!!!!!

Wens je dit ‘schoonmaakproces’ samen aan te vatten? Aarzel dan zeker niet om mij een mailtje te sturen! Ik begeleid jou heel graag naar een opgeruimder leven, een leven waarin je terug vrij kunt ademen, terug jouw energie voelt stromen!

Kortom een lichter leven in elke betekenis van het woord!