Up to 60 000 thoughts enter our mind every day!


That takes up a lot of our energy, doesn’t it?!

If not all!

Sometimes we feel exhausted,

Sometimes we feel drained,

sometimes we feel heavy,

sometimes we see no light at the end of the tunnel,

just because we can’t get our mind to stop racing.

Thoughts enter,

swirl around,

keep coming back like a boomerang,

seem to multiply every split second!

You feel as if your head is going to explode.

You feel as if the thoughts are in control.

And they are!

As long as you don’t say STOP:

they WILL rule your mind,

your emotions,


your LIFE.

It is up to you to put an end to their reign,

because they will never abdicate!

First say out loud:


Repeat it as many times as necessary to stop that train of thoughts coming in and swirling around like leaves in a storm.

The moment you feel they’ve stopped for a second:

You take over.

You start deciding which ones can stay and which ones must go.

You ask yourself:

What thoughts are helping me?

What thoughts are supporting me?

What thoughts are useful to move on?

What thoughts make me happy?

What thoughts are about things I can actually change?

Work with those thoughts.

Only let those thoughts stay.

When useless, negative, draining thoughts try to enter your mind again:

thank them for showing up,

then tell them you don’t need them anymore,

and give them permission to leave your head,

say ‘bye’.

You may think this is stupid,

you may think this is childish,

I don’t care:

It works!

You have to acknowledge the useless thoughts first before letting them go.

Because pushing thoughts away,

will only make them come back.

The more you push them away, the harder they will come back.

That’s why,

you have to recognize them,

tell them you don’t need them anymore,

in order to let them go.

You get to decide what thoughts you let in.

Work with,

Give energy to:

thoughts that are serving you:

thoughts that make you take action,

thoughts that help you move forward,

thoughts that keep you vibrating on a higher frequency,

thoughts that keep your energy on a high level

thoughts that expand your heart.

Start today!

It will take practice and a lot of determination

because thoughts are stubborn little buggers.

I know!

They keep

coming back,

challenging you,

testing you,

begging you to let them in again.

Be firm!

Say ‘no thank you’!

Train yourself in recognizing the difference between:

positive, action-oriented thoughts

and negative, energy-draining thoughts.

Welcome the first and

thank and dismiss the latter.

Don’t give up,

Keep training yourself!

After a while,

you’ll become very skilled in choosing the helpful thoughts.

My invitation to you all this week is:

Check in with your thoughts.

Start seeing the difference between thoughts.

Train yourself in reacting to them as we said before:

Welcome the positive, action-oriented thoughts

Decline the negative, energy-draining thoughts.

Give yourself the peace and quiet of a restful mind.

The more selective you become with your thoughts,

the more energy you will feel flowing through your body,

the happier you’ll feel,

the more peaceful you’ll feel.

Where focus goes, energy flows.

Focus on the positive thoughts and the energy will flow freely.

Thank you all for reading me.



People often ask me:

How can I feel happier?

How can I feel less tired?

How can I stop feeling hurt?

How can I stop my mind going crazy?

Well, it is quite simple but not always easy to accomplish.

As long as we believe that what other people think of us,

is true,

is important,

we will never be happy, or at peace.

Because there are so many people out there,

people with their own stories,

their own beliefs,

their own battles to fight.

What they say to you:

is triggered by their memories,

is a result of how they are feeling right now,

is a venting of their frustration.

It has less to with you than with them.

So, what you can do is:

listen to them from your heart,

know they are not perfect, and neither are you,

know you can never please everyone.

All we can do, is:

be a good person,

do the best we can

and accept that:

we can never be perfect.

the world is not perfect,

people are not perfect,

This is how you are taking a step to being at peace, to being happy.

Knowing that what people think of you, is their business, not yours.

That will help your mind stop racing and going over and over that same conversation.

It takes away all your energy and it gets you nowhere.

So, stop it, it’s useless!

Just breathe and let your mind go quiet.

Once the mind quiets down,

there is room for other thoughts.

Thoughts we get to choose:

Positive thoughts,

warm memories,



The saying goes:

“It is not happy people who are grateful,

But it is grateful people who are happy!”

Try it!

It really is true!

Make a list of all the things that go well in your life!

Make a list of all the little things that made your day more beautiful, even if it was only for a brief moment.

The more you make those lists,

the easier it will become to find things to be grateful for.

The more grateful you become, the happier you’ll be!

Stop wasting your energy on stuff that gets you nowhere:

Arguing, competing, convincing other people of ‘you being right’, reliving your past…

Stop letting your energy get drained by useless stuff like:

watching garbage on TV,

reading stuff that makes you unhappy,

eating junk.

Instead, make sure your energy level stays high by:

looking for the positive in every situation,

eating healthy stuff,

sleeping enough,

going outside and breathing the fresh air,

getting your body in shape.

You see:

all the things I have mentioned are in your hands.

It is not rocket science,

It is not difficult to understand,

It is just something YOU need to start doing.

I know, Rome wasn’t built in one day either.

Go slow and steady.

Make a plan and stick to it.

Know why you want to change your habits:

think about the questions you keep asking!

If you want change,

If you want other results in your life,

You’ll have to start doing things differently.

Einstein said it so many years ago:

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and hoping for a different result….”

You can’t hope for a happier, brighter, healthier life by doing what you’ve always done.


Focus on what you want, instead of focusing on what you do not want in your life.

Imagine how it will feel like once you’ve reached that state of:

being happy with what you’ve achieved,

feeling lighter, more energetic,

feeling healthy,

accepting who you are,

being grateful for what life brings you,

seeing everybody as people with the same struggles as you,

knowing that how we look at the world, determines what we will see.

My invitation to you all this week is:

Get a clear vision of how you want your life to look like

and make a plan of all the steps you’re going to take to get there.

Focus on the progress,

Focus on what you’ve achieved each day.

We all waver,

We all fall back on old habits now and then,

But don’t be harsh on yourself,


Get back to your plan and move forward from there.

The main thing is that you keep moving forward,

in little steps and now and then by taking a big step!

You can do it if you want to!

Know why you want it,

Motivate yourself,

Reward yourself.

Be grateful for every step you’ve taken.

Be grateful that you have been given the chance to live in this beautiful world!



Feel the difference between saying:

this happened TO me


this happened FOR me

When saying something happened TO you:

you already give all your power away,

you’re a victim of circumstances,

it is out of your hands,

it is something you can’t do anything about.

When saying something happened FOR you:

you claim power over the situation,

you act upon what is thrown at you,

you decide how you will react,

you take what is given and

look for ways to create an opportunity

to become better because of it,

to grow,

to learn:

you embrace it.

You may think this is absurd.

You may think you could never grow from a horrible situation.

You may think there are only 2 options:

Either you just surrender, do nothing, think it is beyond your control.


You may think that hitting back, getting angry, blaming and complaining, giving them a taste of their own medicine, is the way to handle a situation, is the way to change people, ‘make’ people respect you, love you.

But is it?

Is it really?

Are those the only possible reactions?

I don’t think so,

to me, those options are absurd.

They don’t get you anywhere, it’s like a dog chasing its own tail.

Here is what can bring you closer to a solution, to an improvement:

take a step back from the situation,

take yourself out of the equation

and look at what is happening from a more detached perspective.

Make a conscious choice:

to look for other points of view,

to look for other possibilities.

If you want to change the way you feel about it,

if you want to feel the gain and not the gap,

(cfr Gap or Gain by Dan Sullivan),

you’ll have to take steps to start feeling that gain.

Because if you keep comparing your situation to a perfect situation, to an ideal, you’ll always feel the gap, because you can never reach perfection. (If you want to do something perfectly, you’ve already made your first mistake…)

But when you put your ego on hold,

when you start looking for tiny steps you can take to move forward,

to go beyond the negative,

you’ll notice yourself changing,

you’ll feel yourself shifting from a person something happened to,

to a person something happened for.

You’ll take the situation as an opportunity to learn,

to grow, to become a better person.

And then when you look back and you notice the progress,

the change in your behavior,

you’ll feel the gain!

My invitation to you all is:

Get out of the gap.

Look at how you can take steps to create a positive outcome.

Know it is up to you to take those steps.

Don’t wait for something or someone to change.

Create your own present.

You’ll benefit more from it than you can ever imagine!

Because it is your present mood, it is how you feel right now,

that will determine how your memories will look like, how you’ll look at what happened.

We reinterpret our memories in light of how we feel right now.

If you look at what you’ve achieved, you will ‘remember’ the same past differently than if you focus on where you failed.

If you focus on the good in a relationship, you’ll see it as a fine relationship.

If you focus on the bad in that same relationship, you’ll experience it as a toxic relationship.

Remember where focus goes, energy flows.

Therefore, always look for the positive, create opportunities and the situation will improve!

Thank you all for reading me!




Do you want to heal your soul?


Do you want to let your heart stay shattered?





Those are the feelings that heal our body and soul.

Those are the only actions that will make us feel better, happier.




only make us bitter.

The choice is yours:

Do you want to heal?

Do you want to feel happy again?

Do you want to smile again?


Do you want to hate for the rest of your life?

Do you want to feel angry all the time?

Do you want to feel as a victim, blaming someone else for your misfortune?

Every problem, every hurtful event, every challenge that comes on your path, is there for a reason.

We don’t always know what that reason is, and that makes it hard for us, humans, to understand that it makes us grow.

Sometimes it takes a long time before we are able to grow,

before we are able to see the positive that this situation is giving us.

But even if we don’t know, don’t understand,

why we have to go through those hardships,

we do know that it gives us a choice:

will we become a better person because of it?

or will we become a bitter person?

Forgiving does not mean you condone what the other person did,

it means that you can let it go,

so that you can have inner peace again.

Take charge of your own emotions,

find you inner strength again!

You hold the key to your own happiness.

The moment you give that key to someone else,

you give your power away,

you become dependent on others,

they get to decide when you can feel happy or not.

That makes you very vulnerable, very unstable, very powerless,

because you’ll never know how they will make you feel today.


It’s time to:

claim your power,

claim your feelings,

claim control of your life again.


By forgiving.

By being compassionate towards those who hurt you. Only unhappy people lash out, once you can see that, it’s easier to feel compassion!

By understanding that everybody has their own story. Once you realize everybody has their own battles they need to fight, you can go a little easier on people.

By doing so,

you will feel lighter,

you will feel better.

You will feel more energy flowing again,

you will feel more powerful again, as in being able to handle things life throws at you.

Life suddenly will seem a lot brighter, easier, even if the situation has not changed!

No amount of hate, criticism, negative feelings,

has ever made anyone feeling better again,

has ever healed anyone!

On the contrary, those negative feelings make you sick.

They diminish your energy so that you literally become ill after a while.

Only love, kindness, forgiveness heals, makes you healthy.If you think forgiving is difficult, just consider the end result.

Which of the following results do you prefer?

Feeling sick, bitter, unhappy, powerless?


Feeling healthy, happy, powerful?

That’s all for this week: compassion, forgiveness, understanding.

Some interesting thoughts to ponder this time of year when we talk of peace and merriness, new beginnings, best wishes, good intentions.

Make it a truly happy and warm Christmas!

Thank you all for reading me!



No matter what the circumstances are,

you can always (re-)act from your higher self.

Stop blaming everything and everyone-but-yourself,

for how you live your life.

We are so used to living from our ego, from our protective self,

that we tend to forget we have a say in how we act and react in life.

First of all, we all have an ego, aka a protective self,

and that is okay.

We just should not let it rule our lives.

In times where we still needed to survive in harsh, wild environments,

we needed that protective self to keep us alive:

we needed to be on guard all the time,

we needed to expect danger,

or we did not survive.

Nowadays, there is less (hardly any)

life-threatening danger nearby anymore.

That means:

we can relax more,

we can enjoy beauty and positive things,

we can be kind and caring towards other people,

we can be trusting,

without fearing for our lives.

Another aspect of how our ego, our ‘protective self ‘comes into existence is,

while being a child:

people (parents, teachers, family, neighbors, …) fill our ‘protective self’ with:

all possible warnings,

their experiences,

their values,

their fears,

their rules,

their rights and wrongs.

But those may not be what YOU need in life.

Take a closer look at what your reactions in life are and whether they make you happy or not.

In a lot of situations, you regret almost immediately what you said or how you reacted.


imagine how you would like to have reacted,

imagine what you would like to have said.

It is time to

thank your protective self for ‘keeping you alive’ all those years,

but at the same time to say goodbye to it.

Say -or even write it down-:

“I don’t need my ego anymore and from now on,

I will start living from my higher self.”

What is this higher self?

This ‘higher self ‘shows you:

who you are in your heart,

what your values represent,

what you dream of,

what life can look like when you are living from a place of love, joy, possibilities, creativity, peace, satisfaction.

Living from your protective self means:

Trying to control life and its circumstances,

Wanting, demanding,

Feeling afraid,

Feeling resentment,

Feeling alone,

Feeling helpless, …

Living from you higher self means:

Going with what is,

Giving, sharing,

Feeling alive,

Feeling grateful,

Feeling connected,

Feeling powerful, …

You see: the choice is yours.

All you have to do is choose which voice you will listen to.

As the protective self is very well developed by repetition throughout all these years,

it is ‘easier’ to hear this voice, as it is still loud in your head.

But when you no longer want to feel how your ego is making you feel,

and you want to start getting a grip, feeling alive, feeling abundant, feeling on your path:

then I would suggest you let the voice of the ‘higher self’ get louder and louder.

Listening to it will make your life so much brighter, lighter, kinder, more joyful.

You will feel confident, content, trusting, forgiving, protected, connected.

At first, this knee jerk reaction from your protective self will always come up immediately when facing a situation.

Therefore, I invite you to train yourself to hear your higher self.

Ask yourself:

what would my ‘higher self’ do in this situation?

After a while the voices (of the protective and the higher self) will become equally loud.

The more you keep listening and trying to hear the voice of possibilities, of kindness,

the easier you will be able to hear it.

Eventually, it will be the only one you still hear.

Imagine what your life can look like!

It’s like the story of the Native American boy who asked his grandfather how he could become a good, wise, kind man like his grandfather.

The grandfather told him there lived 2 wolves inside of him: a kind one and a vicious one.

The boy asked: which one is the strongest?

The grandfather said: the one I feed.

My invitation to you all this week is:

Recognize, and thank your protective self, then say goodbye to it!

Do not feed it any longer.

Welcome the voice of your heart,

the voice of your higher self, feed it, listen to it and enjoy life on that higher vibration.

The circumstances are what they are,

choose wisely how you react to them.

It makes all the difference in the world!

To you


To the people around you.

Remember the law of attraction: what you send out, you attract!




Often people think:

being “zen”,

being calm,

living in harmony,


chanting mantra’s several times a day,

burning candles and meditating all morning,

smiling and forgiving all,


all of the above can be part of your life

but are not the only things necessary to be okay

with who,

and what,

and where you are in life right now.

What is truly important is that

you know who you are,

you know what your capacities and your weaknesses are

and you are completely okay with them.

You accept yourself,

you respect yourself

and you love yourself.

Once you are in that place of:

believing you are a unique person,

knowing you are worthy,

taking care of, and respecting, the person you are,

then you are at peace.

That’s when you have arrived in your true haven,

your inner sanctuary.

From that place

you can handle everything life throws at you:

that’s what it means to be “zen’.

You act from a place of knowing,

from a place of belonging.

You feel you are part of something bigger than yourself,

you know you have a unique role.

You are you,

and nobody can be you or knows how to be you,

because only you can be you.

So, you can’t get it wrong.

That knowledge sets you free,

makes you feel at ease.

Being content,

Being okay with yourself,

living harmoniously,

brings you on a frequency of possibilities:

everything is ok,

there is nothing I can’t handle,

everything will fall into place eventually.

Even in the biggest turmoil,

you can react from an inner calmness.

That is for me what it means to live a harmonious life.

And yes, meditation, quiet, introspection, forgiveness

are part of getting to your true self.

Those are tools to get to your inner sanctuary.

Once you live from that place,

nothing can bring you off balance anymore.

And even if it does for a moment,

you have the tools, the knowledge,

to go back to your place of knowing.

That is my invitation to you all this week:

Go and create your inner sanctuary.

Know who you are and

accept yourself,

respect yourself,

and love yourself.

Whenever life throws you a curveball,

you will find your way to deal with it.

You’ll act from a place of confidence that all will be okay and

this will make you capable of dealing with whatever it is that needs to be taken care of.

That is why:

The mind says: “Once everything falls into place, I’ll be happy.”


The heart says: “Be happy and everything will fall into place.”

Listen to your heart and you’ll be okay.




We know, don’t we?

Oh yes!

We think we know, don’t we?

Why do we always assume that

we see the situation clearly,

we know what we would do,

we know what we would say,

we know how we would act.

I think it is safe to say that one can never know how a situation feels

unless we’ve been there,

unless we’ve lived that situation,

unless we’ve felt it for ourselves.

And even then,

we are all different people,

situations occur

under different times and circumstances,

with different people in it.

So, I try not to assume I know what is the best way to deal with situations/problems.

At best,

you can try to understand and approach the situation from all different kind of angles.

I think listening to the person(s), asking them questions,

is a good start.

Because in asking them questions, you make them look at the issue from a different point of view.

In talking about it in a more detached way, emotions tone down and

there is room for new views, for solutions.

Once they come up with options themselves,

the way is cleared to move on.

You can ask if they want help,

you can be their back up plan.

But only if they want you to be.

Don’t be the savior,

Don’t turn them into people who need to be rescued.

Everybody needs help once in a while,

but that does not mean they are helpless.

They are still capable of doing a lot of stuff.

It’s just this one issue that is causing them to reach out.

Be there,

but don’t ‘rescue’.

The more people feel they are still in charge of their life,

the less the problem will impact their life,

and the quicker they will find a way to resolve it.

My invitation to you all this week is:

don’t assume you know,

don’t think your way is the only way,

don’t think your way is the best way,

don’t be the savior,

don’t see somebody, who is dealing with an issue, as a victim,

respect people as your equals,

just be there for them,

when they want your help, give it,

if they do not want it, don’t force it on them.

Be the person they can turn to,


they won’t be judged,

they won’t be belittled,

they won’t be victimized.

You can also implement this on yourself if you are facing a roadblock in your life.

Don’t diminish yourself,

Don’t see yourself as weak,

Don’t consider yourself a victim.

Consider this situation an invitation:

to take a step back,

to observe the situation from all angles,

to create a solution.

You are not helpless,

you are still a very capable person,

you just need to deal with this issue right now.


nothing is forever,

change is a given in life,

what is true today may not be true tomorrow,

knowing we know nothing

makes us humble,

makes us see that in love we can find almost all the answers, if not all.

Love makes you

more understanding,

more compassionate,

more connected.

Be love

to yourself and to everyone around you.




Feeling trapped?

Feeling limited?

Feeling down?

Feeling overwhelmed by it all?

It’s now about a year that all of our lives have been ambushed by this virus.

How are you coping?

Are you doing okay?

First of all, I hope you are all in good health.

But even in good health,

it is emotionally and mentally hard for most people as:

you can’t get together with the people you normally get together with,

you can’t go to work as you used to do,

you can’t travel,

you can’t go to restaurants,

you are restricted in a lot of things in your life.

That can be overwhelming and depressing.

That’s true,

but only if you let it be.

As you can’t change the rules and the restrictions the government decided upon,

you have to look for the things you do have a say in.

What nobody can narrow down, is how you think!

You are completely in control of your thoughts.

You choose what you let in,

You choose what you keep going around and around in your head.

And your thoughts define how you feel!

If the grand picture is too overwhelming,

because we don’t know how long this virus will be around,

because of whatever aspect of our lives we can’t control,

we have to look for the small things in life.

Look for what you still can decide to do.

You can still choose:

what you eat,

when you go to bed,

when you get up,

what to wear,

whether you’ll go for a walk, for a run,

who you will call,

who you will chat with,

when you’ll do your chores,

what book you are going to read,

when you’ll meditate,

whether you’ll listen to music or not,

when you’ll have a nice cup of coffee.

You can:

still look after your pets,

sing if you like and dance around in your house.

cook a nice meal and dress the table in a festive way.

There are a thousand ‘small’ things you can do to make you feel better.

You see,

once you make your world ‘smaller’,

once you stop trying to move the mountain,

you’ll see possibilities, new opportunities.

You’ll discover ‘seemingly little’ things,

but they can make your day a lot brighter.

The whole situation feels less devastating, less overwhelming,

if you create your own sanctuary, your own happy place.

It is your choice how you look at things:

If you are looking for the things you can’t do for the moment,

you’ll feel miserable and stay miserable as it is out of your control as long as the restrictions apply,


You can see all the things that are still possible, and you’ll feel happy, you’ll feel content, even though you live in a more restricted world for the moment.

How you think determines how you feel.

It may sound harsh but it really is up to you!

Make your world smaller,

Look for all the things you can do!

You’ll feel the difference immediately.

You’ll see opportunities instead of restrictions.

Seeing possibilities, lifts your spirit.

You’ll feel the higher vibration of those positive feelings,

of feeling active, feeling creative, feeling alive!

Because you can decide what you’ll do, it makes you no longer a ‘victim of circumstances’, but the one who gets to decide.

So, decide what you’ll do, now that you have more time on your hands.

See the opportunity of what, more hours spent at home, brings to you.

You finally have time:

to catch up on some reading,

to spend more time with your partner and kids,

to declutter that attic, something you’ve been postponing for years, decades maybe,

to start learning a language,

to start learning whatever you can through internet courses,

to reflect upon your life,

to transform ideas into actual things.

The list is endless, really.

All you have to do is open your mind to it.

My invitation to you all this week is:

Decide you will start looking for possibilities, for options.

Be willing to see them.

You control your thoughts!

Make it positive ones and you’ll immediately feel your mood lifting!


How you think determines how you feel.

How you feel determines what you do.

Thank you all for reading me



The first time I heard that, I was appalled.

I did not agree.

I had all my ‘buts’ and ‘no ways’ ready…

But the seed was planted,

I could not get that thought out of my head.

I thought, if the spiritual teacher dr. Wayne Dyer said so, he must know what he was talking about, right?

So, I started to do some soul searching,

I started to study how people treat other people.

And yes, it hit me, he was right.

People do treat you the way you allow them to.

Does that mean that you completely control how people behave?

NO, of course not!

You are never responsible for how others act


you can let them keep on treating you that way


you can walk away from disrespectful behavior.

THAT is up to you.

And here is what the whole issue is about:

How do you think about yourself?

How do you treat yourself?

Are you harsh towards yourself?

How do you speak to yourself?

Do you put yourself down?


Do you like who you are?

Do you respect yourself?

Do you treat yourself as you treat the people you love?

You see:

this is what it is all about.

As long as

you don’t respect yourself,

you don’t love yourself,

you don’t think you are important.

That’s how long people

will treat you disrespectfully,

will treat you as a doormat,

won’t respect your boundaries.

So, yes,

people will treat you as you allow them to.

The good thing about this is,

you have a say in all of this:

You choose how you think about yourself,

You choose to honor yourself,

You choose to respect yourself,

You choose to let people know what your boundaries are.

And yes, people will be surprised in the beginning.

But people who love you will be thrilled to see that you finally love yourself too!

And people who do not accept your boundaries, are people who took advantage of you not having any boundaries.

So, my invitation to you all this week is:

Look at how everyone is treating you,

Including yourself!

Do people respect you?

Do you respect yourself?

Do people accept who you are?

Do you accept who you are?

Yes? Great! That is the way it is supposed to be.

No? Do people not treat you how you would like to be treated?

Show them how you would like to be treated by:

starting to respect yourself,

letting them know what your boundaries are,

telling them nicely but firmly what you no longer accept.

If they truly love you, they will love you even more now that they see the ‘real you’ blossoming.

If they walk away, then they have never loved you anyway.


Be the beautiful person you are in your heart.

Show the world THAT person!

Not the one, you think, they want to see.

That can never work in the long run as you can never be what everybody else wants you to be. You would need to be a million different versions to be able to please everyone. That’s impossible.


Be that sparkle of beautiful light and love that is hidden in your true self!




WHO are YOU?

And I don’t mean:

what’s your name?

where do you live?

who are you married with?

whose son, or daughter, are you?

no, I mean:

WHO are YOU?

Do you know?

Did you know but have you forgotten?

Are you scared to find out how far you’ve drifted away from the real you?

I think it is time to go and find out who the REAL you is!

Not only to figure out who this amazing person is,

but also because

one can only be truly happy when being real, being authentic.

As long as we are chasing societies’ ideals,

As long as we are fulfilling other people’s dreams,

As long as we are living other people’s lives,

We can never be who we truly are.

So, my invitation to you all this week is:

Go into nature,

Take a long walk,

Go to a silent place,

Put your hands on your heart,

And listen.

Listen to the silence,

Listen to your heart,

Become entirely still,

Feel your heartbeat,

And listen.

WHO are YOU?

What is important, and I mean what is really important to you?

What values do you want to see more of in the world?

What makes you happy?

What makes you sad?

What do you support?

What do you want to see less of in the world?

How do you want to be remembered by the people you love?

What would you change in your life if you only had 6 months to live?

Discover the real you!

Write down

your purpose in life

your dreams.

Write down who you really are.

Get to know that person inside you,

get to know your soul.

WHO are YOU?

Are you living your real you?

Are you fulfilling your purpose in life?

Yes? Great!

No? Why not?

What are you waiting for?

Nobody is going to do it for you!

It is up to you and only you!

Don’t wait any longer.

Start living YOUR life right now.

No buts and ifs.

Do it.

There is only one you,

There is only one person who can live your life and that is you!

I wish you all many delightful moments while getting to know the real you, and

be courageous,

be brave and

let the world meet this wonderful person called YOU!