WE ARE ALL SLAVES…., yes, you too.

That’s a shocking thing to say, I know.

But I do have your attention now, don’t I.

Seneca, the Stoïc Philosopher, already said it in his Moral Letters which date back to the beginning of our Christian calendar:

“ Show me someone who isn’t a slave!”

We are all addicted to something, whether knowingly or unknowingly.

Who can live easily without:



a hot shower,

a comfortable bed,

a car,

a TV,

a smartphone,

fancy holidays,

other people’s approval,

gossiping, (I know: shocking! Isn’t it: but honestly, try to “not gossip” for a whole day!)

social media,


You name it!

I hear you: I am not addicted, I just like it.

Okay, try to do without it for a day, a week, a month,…

Mmmm, it would get ugly, no?

All I am trying to say is: be conscious about what you’re doing!

Before you know it, it has become a habit and you don’t realize that you are doing/ having it anymore. ( which is a good thing for good habits of course but not for bad habits)

That’s where the word addiction,- being a slave to- comes in.

Break that chain of (bad) habits before it becomes too strong to break it.

Choose what you do very wisely and consciously.

Try to free yourself from needing things.

You can still have/do them but not in a way that: “without this I would be miserable” ( okay I admit: I am miserable without a hot shower, I am only human too :-), so yes I have my addictions too).

But you get my drift.

Try a day without and learn to appreciate new things.

Here are some suggestions:

Have some tea, soup,…instead of coffee, you’ll be surprised by the effect!

– Don’t just take your car but ask yourself: can I go by bike, on foot, …?

What else can I do tonight instead of automatically turning on the TV?

Listen for 2/3 in a conversation and talk only for 1/3 of the time.

– Check your social media once or twice a week instead of everyday or a couple of times per day.

– Make it your goal to NOT gossip for a whole week! Yes! You’ll feel so much happier!!!

Here ’s interesting challenge for next week:

You can only speak in a positive way about people, events. No moping, no whining, no complaining,.. Even when there is a problem: turn your sentence around so that you ask yourself a question like:

What can I learn here?

How can we handle this?

Who is the best person to contact in this situation?

In the beginning you’ll find it very unnatural, you’re so used to talking in a negative, condoning way that you don’t realize it anymore! So everytime you open your mouth, think! Only positive talk! Yes, you can train your brain and eventually, you will feel less and less the need to gossip, to complain, to nag. And guess what, you’ll look at people, events differently, more positively, more openly. You will start seeing opportunites, solutions where before you only saw problems.

And the next step is to ‘contaminate’ your surroundings with your positivity!

You’ll notice that, when you react positively to situations and to what others are trying to drag you into, they won’t feel comfortable going on and on about how horrible this or that is. They’ll start – hesitantly of course, because this all new territory for most of us- wondering about solutions, about intentions ( we’re so quick to ‘know’ that others are out to get us, aren’t we) ,…and when you keep it up, they will too and you’ll have a whole different atmosphere in your home, company, circle of friends, sports club,…

That’s just one addiction, bad habit.

List what you really would have trouble living without ( okay, not people of course!! OMG! Writing a blog can have a nasty fall out when understood the wrong way, please do not misinterpretate me here) and try alternatives, free yourself before it’s become an addiction that leaves you feeling miserable when not provided.

Free yourself from your need for:

– unhealthy foods,

– smoking

– alcohol

– caffeine

those are the obvious ones, but also free yourself from your need:

– to be right all the time

– to get appreciation from others ( it’s nice to have but don’t be dependent on it)

– to know every single new item on social media

– to attend to everything you’re invited to ( that’s just your fear of missing out, your FOMO, talking)

– to win in every situation

– to be heard all the time (listening is also very rewarding, try it!)

Make your own challenges, choose a ‘partner in ( positive) crime’ and make it a playful event!

You’ll be so much stronger without those needs, fears!

Wishing you all a free, independent life!!!!!

Thank you so much for reading my blog!!


“Life itself is simple, it just isn’t easy”, is a quote by Steve Maraboli that really narrows it down.

We all know deep down what is good, what is right. If we listen to our body, it tells us exactly how we’re doing in life!

And yet, we hardly listen…

We ignore all the signs until we don’t recognize them as warnings anymore.

We get sore muscles, painful joints, headaches, all kinds of diseases, we feel a low level of energy.

If you don’t sleep well, you feel tired, you eat junk , you hang on the couch in front of the telly instead of working out at night, and yes you go to bed far too late with a belly and a head full of garbage…and guess what: you won’t sleep well… again… and yes, bingo! full circle.

So why wait until you are trapped in that circle?

It really is quite absurd if you think about it for a moment, isn’t it?

We are all reasonable, sensible people, no?

So think, make time to know what you want in life and why!

Write down:

What is an absolute priority in your life.

What makes you, YOU.

What is necessary to be that person.

Make a list of how you can live accordingly, write it down in as much detail as possible.

What are you not doing yet?


Find the REAL reason!

And change your behaviour, otherwise you will always get the same result!

For instance: If you have trouble going to bed early, ask yourself:

What is more important: watching some more TV, read a few more pages, scroll for half an hour through the social media ( OMG worst idea ever before you go to bed),….


be fully rested so that the next day you feel great, you have plenty of energy, you can handle any problem that comes your way, you don’t snap at people,… I think the choice is easily made, no?

Once you know why you better go to bed early and picture yourself in both situations, you’ll find it more easy to go to bed.

This is a rather easy one but you can make that list for all the things you want to realize in life: career, health, eating habits, realtionships,..

Being aware of how you act right now, and  making small changes can already mean a world of difference!

Most things are really simple and yet you never seem to “find the time” to do it. Guess what:

You will NEVER FIND the time around the corner, you have to MAKE the time.

And in order to be willing to make the time, you have to know your why. As we all have 24 hours/day, we need to make choices.

You want a fit body?

You have to work out. It’s as simple as that.

You want a healthy body?

You have to eat and drink healthy things. It is you, and only you, who decides. No one else to blame. Again, it’s not easy but it’s simple.

You want to spend more time with your family?

Put down that phone, and talk to your kids, spouse. Watch less TV, and go for a walk together,…

Once you take your own responsibilty, it becomes easier, you don’t waste anymore time blaming, whining, … you just go out and do it!

So that’s my question for you this week: write down – in detail!- what you want in life, what kind of a person you want to be and just DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!

No one will do it for you, nor can they!

Health won’t fall from the sky for you to grab it.

People won’t be around forever.

No, you have to put in the work and you will benefit from it. As will the people around you!!

Make one small change at a time, keep it realistic and achievable.

Once it’s become part of your routine, life will be simple AND will seem easier!!!! Not because life has become easier, no, because you have become stronger!!!

Go for it!!!!

You will grow from here and gradually you make all the necessary changes to have that fulfilled life you dream of today. That life you will have once you start!

Thank you so much for reading me!!!!


“Like attracts like”

Why is it that some people seem to have nothing but bad luck and others seem to succeed in everything they put their minds to?

Well, here you see the unwritten law of attraction at work:

when you think negative, negative things will come to you and when you think positive, positive things will come to you.

I can already hear the sceptici: oh, so all I have to do is think that I will win the lottery and I will win it?

No, it doesn’t work like that.

It means that when you think positive, your mind is seeing solutions, is seeing opportunities, believes in success. You think differently, you act differently, people see somebody who is self assured and so they believe in him/her too. And even the universe is sending all the right things your way. It’s becoming a circle of positive energy, believe, trust.

Is this a scientifically proven law? A lot of research has already been done, and is still going on, on these “Laws of Attraction”. So there is a lot of scientific literature available, if you want to go deeper into it. It may more difficult to prove than mathematics but on the other hand not everything can be proven in actual test results and that doesn’t mean it’s not true or not working.

Here I just want to get your attention on the fact that: how you think, act, speak,.really defines the outcome of your actions!!!

Just imagine:

you want to talk to your boss about a raise because it’s been a while since your last wage increase.

You are really afraid because you’re not sure, you imagine all the worst scenario’s, you have nightmares because of it, you keep saying to yourself: he/she is never going to give me a raise, you finally have the meeting, you’re nervous, you speak too quietly or too loud, you defend yourself, you think that it would be unfair if you don’t get it,…all negative thoughts and actions. Guess what? You probably won’t walk out that office with a pay raise under your arm!

Now imagine the same situation completely different:

you are very motivated, you delivered a good job so far, you are happy at your job, you want to have even more challenges,…and you picture yourself working on that new objective, you believe you can handle it, you sleep well, trusting everything will work out perfectly, you go to your boss, confident, calm, happy, full of positive energy and guess what? I am sure you’ll sell him/her your wish and you’ll walk out of that door with a new goal, new paycheck, and a boss that stands 100% behind you!

Believing, affirming to yourself you can do it, having faith is already half the battle!!

Will everything always turn out as you imagined it? No, not always but when you stay positive and not start sulking that you didn’t get what you had in mind, you will see that in the end you got something even better!! You don’t always see it immediately but life has a way of giving us what we need, not always what we want at that specific time.

Being positive, seeing the silver lining, always looking for the opportunities in a situation makes your life a whole different ball game!

So the choice is yours:

Be negative, sceptic, look for the “bad luck”, keep complaining, blaming, waiting….and guess what? You’ll never be happy, you’ll feel no joy at all.


Be positive, believe, look for all the happy moments in life, be grateful, take your responsibilities, take action,…and yes you guessed it right!!! You’ll live a fulfilled, joyful life!!

Tips to start living the latter:

Keep your head up! Literally! Nod when you doubt and say yes, that’s possible even though you’re not seeing the answer yet. But it will come as long as you open yourself up for possibilities. Looking down makes you feel heavy, you literally don’t see any way out.

Repeat the affirmations that you have written down. Put them everywhere and repeat them throughout the day.

Visualize yourself in successful, happy situations, see how things will work out! In detail! You’ll see your own movie and your subconscious mind believes it!

Your subconscious believes what your conscious mind is saying whether it’s true or not.

So consciously say to yourself: yes I can do…, Yes I will …, Yes I am …

Act ‘as if’ until you actually are what you want to be!

“Fake it till you make it” is another expression that is worth considering for a moment.

That doesn’t mean you have to lie, or cheat, no, just believe in yourself that you can do it and in the end your mind will accept this and present you all the tools you need to actually succeed!!

Your thoughts are very powerful!!! If you would know the force of a negative thought, you would never think negatively again!!!!!

So use it to your advantage and think positive!!!!!

Trust yourself, trust in the force of others helping you, trust in the universe sending you the opportunities that can help you realize your dream.

Wishing you all a positive vibe, positive mindset which will result in a positive life!


God is having a ball….!!!!

You know the saying: If you want to make God laugh, tell him ( or her as you wish) your plans!

And this is soooo true! Believe me, life really is what happens when you were planning something else….oh yeah! It happens to me all the time!

So then why do we keep over-planning, over-thinking, trying to control everything, living in the past ( which is over anyway), living in the future ( which may never come in the way you imagine it right now),…???

We think we can make plans, we do it all the time and then life throws us a curve ball and all the plans go down the drain!

Looking back, it often seems like such a waste of time and energy.

I agree, you have to plan a certain direction in which you want your life to go, you have to ponder upon the pro’s and the con’s on some level.

But at the end of the day, you really have to live life as it is thrown at you, you have no saying at all in some of the twists life makes.

That’s why I pledge to all of you: LIVE IN THE NOW!!!

It’s all you have! It’s all you are certain of right now!

The past is gone and the future is not happening yet.

90% of all our worries never come true! Just imagine what countless hours of unnecessary worrying!

Enjoy, cherish,.. every moment,

Be aware of what is happening around you today,

Be grateful for what you have today, because you’ll never know what will happen tomorrow. Maybe you’ll be longing for the things you have right now, things that you take for granted right now, things that you even may dislike today,…but once they’re gone, you’ll miss them.

That is why it is so important to:

slow down,

take a deep breath,

look around you,

meditate upon your life,

see and appreciate your life,

so that you are completely present in the now and enjoy it to the fullest!

Live life being open to changes, being as positive as possible, being flexible,…

Yes you can make plans, otherwise you are just drifting through life; but adapt your course when you feel it’s necessary.

And you’ll see more clearly when you are not rushing through the days, when you take the time to live in the now!

That way you’ll see what is really going on around you, you’ll feel what is good, what is lacking,..

You also adapt your course whenever life forces you to do so.

The only thing you do control, is how you react to the things around you.

You can’t control traffic, only your reaction to it.

You can’t control other people’s mood, only your reaction to it.

You can’t control illnesses, accidents, …only your reaction to it.

You can’t control global economy, politics, weather, ….only…

You get my drift.

All we can do is live consciously, fully aware and acting according to our values.

No control does not mean no influence whatsoever!

You do have a free will!

You do have a choice!

But it is a choice to how you will react to life, not necessarily to how life will continue to unroll itself.

Because here is where the unforeseen, the unexpected will pop up.

Let go of the need to control and of the need to have it all neatly planned. That’s just your fear and uncertainty talking.

See what life brings, make the best of it and enjoy the journey! The destination is not that important.

Wishing you all a very happy “present”, a content way of living, a flexible mindset and enjoy the adventure we call life!!!!


Get your priorities straight; all else are excuses.

Does this sound harsh to you?

Sorry but it’s the truth.

Life is all about priorities!

You have to figure out what is –without any question- the most important thing in your life!

As in,

without doing this, I am not the person who I want to be

without doing this, I won’t feel good about myself

without doing this, I will lay awake during the night wondering what if I only…

So, I ask you to take the time to write down

what is an absolute must in your life,

how you want to live your life

what you want to be remembered for by your loved ones

what makes you who you are

what you absolutely want to have done in your life.

This you can do whenever you find some silence.

This can be:

At night, before you go to bed, when you write down in your journal what made you happy today, what made a difference today. Just stay a little longer in this moment of reflection and dedicate a page of your journal to ponder upon your priority.

Or it can be on holiday, when you’re in nature and you hear your own voice whispering, in the silence, what really matters most to you

Or it can be when you’re meditating.

Choose your own place of silence and listen!

Really get to the bottom of things.

Don’t just write down some generalities but be really very specific about what and why this is a priority in your life.

Priority was a word that did not exist in plural, only now we’ve created priorities –plural!

This is not a good thing because your mind will say: hey I can’t do all this, I have no time, I have to do this first….

And yes, that’s absolutely true! You have to choose! But not between priority 1 and 2 and 3 and 4,…

No, choose what is your number 1 priority!

What works for me is: I commit to 1 absolute priority on a professional level and 1 absolute priority on a personal level.

And when at a certain point, there is a conflict between those two, choose the one which will leave you with the least regret !

When you make your personal priority as important as your professional one, your life will automatically become balanced! And isn’t this what we are all looking for in our life? Balance, harmony,..

I am not telling you what YOU have to choose, all I am saying is:

Know what is your absolute top priority and live accordingly!

It’s the only way you can live a life with no regrets!

We are all making life very complicated by saying:

I have to…( really? says who?)

I must….( what if there was an accident and people had to figure it out without you; we overrate the need for our presence all the time)

I have no time….(what if you only had 1 day to live: would you choose to do this “emergency” or would you choose the thing you had no time to do)

I can’t…(yes you can, what if your life was threatened, you would be surprised of what immense forces you could muster in yourself)

I all want you to give yourself this gift in life:

find out what gives you peace of mind, what gives you a good feeling about yourself

and make room in your life to do these things!!!

We only live once, make it a good life, a life that you can be proud of, that you can look back upon with as little regrets as possible.

I know

it’s not easy, but it’s simple

and taking the time to reflect will already make a huge change in your life!

Take it one step at a time, don’t be too harsh on yourself if you slip up. As long as you are conscious of your number 1 priority and live up to it as much as you can.

You will feel the difference in your belly between

trying your best or making excuses.

Your body doesn’t lie, just be courageous enough to listen to it.

Wishing you the silence, the inspiration, the force to be who you are deep down!

Thank you so much for letting me inspire you and for taking the time to take a deep breath, look at your life and at where you want to go.

And that’s exactly what I am going to do too for the next couple of weeks! I’ll go into nature, find silence, get inspired, get my body and mind refreshed, and focus for a few weeks exclusively on my personal priority!

See you back in September!




The day you start living just as you,

only comparing yourself to who and what you were yesterday,

that’s the day you’ll start feeling real, start feeling a calm settling in life, start knowing where you belong, start experiencing happiness!

You are who you are,

Get to know yourself,

Get to know the real you

And love yourself for it!


who you are

where you are in life

what you’ve accomplished so far!

You are where you need to be right now!

Life is like a book: you need to read every page to learn the whole story! And then you’ll understand and appreciate the story all the more!

Even when you feel you can do better, when you want some things to change in your life: you still are where you need to be in this very moment.

You learn through every experience and it will make you stronger and wiser so that you can take the next step of your journey.

Only look at where your path is going, at what you want to become.

Even when people disagree, advise against it,..

Know what you want, WHY you want it and as long as you are not hurting anyone, go for it.

Consider very carefully your why and your how and if you are truly convinced it is not damaging anyone or anything, do it!

Mostly people will advise against something because they are scared to go after what they want in their life, because they play safe. Which is totally ok if that’s their choice in life, but don’t let yourself be discouraged by them. Don’t let them hold you back!

Nobody is standing in your shoes,

Nobody knows exactly what you are thinking or feeling!

Of course you can always listen to people who lived similar experiences but even then: listen, learn and then decide what YOU will do!

Every situation is different,

Every person is different.

Only compare yourself with your old you!


become YOUR dream,

be proud of yourself,

forgive yourself for your mistakes and become a better person because of those mistakes.

Nobody becomes a wise, beautiful person without living, making mistakes, … That’s what life is all about!

Live and react out of love!

Don’t judge and don’t let yourself be judged!

People who judge, do so because of THEIR past experiences, not because of you!

When we see, hear,…something our brain immediately searches for similar experiences so that it will know how to react. But that is a reaction based on a past experience! Not necessarily helpful in the current situation!

So therefor train your brain to stand down, observe with a completely open mind, consider all the possible angles and then react from a compassionate point of view.

Creating these new connections, this new habit of treating every situation as new, is the best gift you can give yourself!

Meditating, being mindful helps to train these new connections in the brain.

You’ll also start taking things less and less personal because you can see that people react from THEIR personal, past experiences and that makes all the difference in the world!

You’ll see them for who they are, appreciate them for who and what they are, and you’ll stop comparing, judging, trying to control their reactions, ..

They live their life,

have their opinions,

make their choices,

And that’s OKAY!

An immense calmness,

an immense silence in your head,

a very clear image

of who you want to be

of how you want your life to look like,

arises once you’ve stopped comparing yourself with other people.

That clear vision not only makes you feel happy, it also gives you a huge strength to go after what you consider important and valuable!

It also makes you a better person because

you’ve stopped judging other people,

you are kinder to others,

you’ve become more tolerant,…

And guess what: this way of living really is contagious:

Kindness generates kindness

Tolerance generates tolerance

Non aggression generates non aggression

So my call to all is:

Become silent enough

to hear what you want,

to learn who you really are


Live YOUR life in a respectful, loving, compassionate way!

Discover yourself and ENJOY what you find!!

Thank you all for reading my blogs, sharing and liking them..!!!!


What if you were to die tomorrow?

What would you do today?

Who would you want to see?

Where would you want to be?

Who would you want to send a message to?

What would your regrets be?

What would you wish you had done more of?

What would you wish you had done less of?

An interesting way to find out what your real priorities are in life, isn’t it?

A bit macabre, I admit, but very effective!!

Sit down, go to a quiet place, and meditate upon these questions.

It will provide you with an absolute clarity on what is important to you, and I mean really important, “meaningful life” important.

It will immediately give you a huge feeling of calmness over the daily trivial things that you get so worked up about.

Looking at it from a more optimistic angle, you can ask yourself:

“What in 10 years time will I still remember of the things I got so frustrated about today?”

“Will they still matter?”

I think we can safely assume that at least 90% won’t be worth remembering. And 99% won’t be worth fretting about anymore.

So let it go, don’t give the little nuisances of life the energy you are giving it now.

Where energy flows, things grow: so give it no energy and there is nothing to be all worked up about.

Give all your energy to the good things in your life, to the things you like, to the people you love and your life will become a lot lighter and brighter!

Remember that every minute, every hour gone by, is a minute, an hour that never returns! Make the best of it! You can’t rewind time and do it better the second time around.

All you can do is:

Start right now, start this very minute

to live your best possible you!

Make yourself proud, be your hero, be your best self and you’ll never regret another minute in your life!!!

Do you need to be perfect? No way!!

Do you need to have all the answers right this minute? Not possible!

Aren’t you allowed to make any mistakes anymore? No, you are human, making mistakes is in our nature.

As long as you:

are your best,

do your best,

speak your best,

As long as you:

are humble,

are not judgemental,

and learn from past mistakes,

you’ll be okay.

Then you can live your life with your mind at ease, and when the time comes, you won’t regret a single thing.

I hope that moment won’t come any time soon and that you can start doing what you’ve always wanted to but never got around to it.

And remember, no one knows when his/her time is up, so don’t waste another minute.

Thank you all for reading my articles, liking them, sharing them! You can also find articles of mine on Medium! You support my work by clapping for these articles on Medium.

Grateful as always!


 This is something worth considering for a moment, isn’t it?

As we are the only person we can’t get away from, who we have to live our entire life with, who we can never take a break from,…. we better have a very good relationship with ourselves then, don’t we?

Are we our worst enemy?

Yes! I am afraid so.

Who keeps nagging at you when things didn’t go as you planned?

Who tries to remind you time and time again that you are not able to do so and so, not able to reach your objective, that you are not good enough…?

Who has the harshest words when you failed at something,…?

Who keeps telling you that maybe you could have done this or that, should have done so and so,…

I think some of these things sound familiar, don’t they?

Well, if they do, it’s time to become friends with that enemy inside! Become friends with YOU!

Because when all is said and done, we have to find peace with ourselves!

As I said, you can’t take a break from yourself!

Learn to love yourself for who you are,

accept who you are with your flaws,

embrace your successes and learn from your failures.

Know that perfection does not exist ( my God wouldn’t that be boring: all “Stepford wifes”) and that never in your whole life you will be loved and liked by everybody.

And that’s all right!

Just make sure that you are there for you!

Don’t be too demanding,

Know that you’re a work in progress!

As long as you make sure you are in progress!

Love your body through

eating healthy food,


sleeping, …

Treat your body as your companion through life! Make sure it’s in optimal condition to travel the journey of life!

Keep your mind as healthy as possible too:

Don’t feed it with “junk” either:




things that open your mind to great ideas, to a positive mindset

meditate to become still, to take the time to be who you are when all the hussle quiets down.

Stress poisons the mind and slowly kills the body:

so calm down,

take a few moments to gather yourself

live intentionally, not reactively.

Be your best friend in every way possible!!!

Treat yourself as you treat the people you love most in the world!

Be you

Love you

You are enough!

Thank you so much for reading my blog! Like it as much as you want, share it, find me on Medium and there you can express your likes in claps.

As always, I am so grateful for your support!!





A different life

Your ideal life

Do you want this?

Do you really want this?

Are you sure?

What are you willing to give up for it?


Than you don’t really want it!

You don’t want it bad enough.

If you don’t start doing things differently, you can’t have a different life! Period!

This may seem harsh, but it’s the truth!

Make a list of what you value most in your life, and then consider what you are willing to give up in life in order to achieve those things you value more.

It all comes down to this simple exercise: look at what you value most and then get rid of the things in your life that you value less.

Make space to achieve what you want in life.

Even if it scares the hell out of you!

It will feel uncomfortable in the beginning, uneasy, weird, … you’ll start doubting if that is what you really want. But that’s the little voice of fear you are hearing. Fear of the unknown. Don’t let it tell you what to do or not to do.

As Leonardo di Caprio puts it: “ Every next level of your life, requires a different you!”

To achieve the change you want in your life:

Make it very clear what it is you want to achieve.

This can be anything from something personal, to something on a professional level.

Start with one change at a time and break it up in little steps.

Do every day this little step towards your goal, no excuses, every day! Set triggers, reminders, … whatever it takes to make sure you stay on track.


You have to continue this new habit/ behaviour/ action until it has become a habit. This can take 30 days up to 60 days. Take your time!

You can’t create real change in 1 week!!

Once you start doing this new behaviour out of habit, you can add something:

Either you increase the action in time or in numbers:

for instance:

you do 10 more push ups,

you drink 1l of water instead of the 2 glasses you are used to,

you meditate 15 minutes instead of the 10 you are now already feeling comfortable with,

you count to 10 instead of 5 before you react in a situation,

you check you emails every 40 minutes instead of every 20 minutes….

Once you’ve achieved what you intended to, than you can look at another aspect of your life you want to change

You can achieve whatever you REALLY want to achieve.

Be very clear about what it is you want to reach. Just break it down in small enough steps and create new habits.

Get rid of old habits because you can have ANYthing but you can’t have EVERYthing!!

It’s all up to you and only you!!!

You want it? Really want it?

Make the change!

Wishing you all the courage to start making changes! Because it takes courage to overcome the fear of the unknown! Be humble enough to let go of old habits, and to be open for new ones!

Thank you so much for reading me and good luck!!

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a very grateful,


Be real

Be pure

Be honest

Speak from who you really are

Act upon your words

Get rid of the masks

Get rid of the stories

Just be yourself, with victories and failures.

By being the unperfect you, others will feel so much more comfortable around you!

They will have the courage to drop their masks too

Wouldn’t that be just great?

Gone with

all the masquerade

all the falseness

all the whipped up stories

all the fake

all the hurt caused by trying to reach the unreachable “perfect” life

I like what Tony Robbins says about perfection:

“ If the standard you live by is perfection, you live by no standard at all!”

You can never reach perfection so live by a standard that you can live up to!

When people feel you are real, they will trust you.

Where there is trust, there is gentleness, kindness.

When people feel you don’t judge, they will respect your opinion, no matter whether they agree or not.

That’s kind of my ”ideal world”, or that’s the world I choose to live in:

Being real, honest, respectful, not judging, always open to learn, …

Once you start living this way, it’s amazing how more peaceful life becomes, how much happier you feel and how people feel at ease with you, hence you feel at ease with them.

So everybody benefits from true, kind, real people.

Start this very moment, what’s keeping you?

Wishing you all an honest, open and pure life!!

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