Op deze pagina vind je al mijn blogs in verschillende talen. Je kan zelf bepalen of je ze allemaal leest of enkel deze in de taal die je verkiest. Veel plezier!

Blue skies…

Don’t we all like them?

Don’t we all want to see them all the time?

What if we would know that they are always there?

And they are, you know.

We just don’t see them,

we don’t want to see them,

we don’t believe in them when the going gets tough.

We hold on to what goes wrong in that particular moment.

Once you see those negative things

– of which we will always have some in life because that’s life-

as merely clouds that pass before the sun in that clear blue sky, we will be able to deal with those clouds in a different way.

Because once you realize that they are just clouds, you have faith in the sun above them!

Even the strongest, darkest thunderstorm passes!

The sun is always there in the end!

It’s like flying: first you go through those bumpy cloudy patches and then once above the clouds, surprise – surprise, indeed the sun is shining!

So always remember the sun in your life.

Be grateful for everything you do have,

For all the things that do go well in your life,

For all the problems you are NOT having (and once you start thinking, there are a million things we do NOT have to worry about!)

We forget so easily and therefor it’s good to remind yourself every day of those blessings!

Write them down, be conscious about them, say THANK YOU out loud. I know it will feel silly in the beginning –and maybe you can warn those around you that you are not tripping 🙂 – but seriously, it will put your mind in a positive setting!

When you’re grateful, it becomes more and more difficult to dwell upon the irritations you are feeling. And be honest, most of the time, when you really take a step back, it’s mostly about trivial things we get all worked up about, like :

Who DARED merging into YOUR lane and arrive one split second before you now???

Why haven’t they replied to your email yet? Let’s face it, sometimes you wanted your answer even before the question popped into your mind, no????? Euh.. yes, indeed, be patient, the answer will come…

Why did it have to rain today??? Why today???? Of all days!?

There is nothing in the fridge!? Who ate MY food???

My favourite shirt is dirty…

This coffee is too cold, too hot…

You get my drift!

So let’s all take a deep breath,

Look up to the sky,

See the sun behind those dark clouds,

Believe the good stuff is already in your life!

See it,

Cherish it! It can be gone before you know it and then one day, you will long for what you had today!

Be grateful!

Feel love and compassion instead of anger and irritation.

Life, and you too, will be a lot more fun and a lot easier to deal with!!

Wishing you all a very sunny sky!!! ( visible right now or still hiding behind some clouds)

Thank you all for reading, liking, sharing my blog!!!!!


Qui est-ce que j’étais?

Qui est-ce que je suis?

Qui est-ce que je peux être?

On a tous une idée de ce qui on est, mais est-ce la vérité?

Est-ce encore vrai?

Est-ce que cela va toujours être vrai?

Est-ce que on est vraiment ce qu’on pense ce qui on est?

La plupart du temps, les gens se comportent comment ils pensent qu’il faut se comporter pour faire plaisir aux autres.

Tout d’abord cela ne sert à rien! On ne sait jamais ce que les autres pensent, on se sait jamais ce que sont les vraies attentes des gens vis-à-vis de nous.

On a beau à s’ imaginer ce que les autres veulent mais cela n’est qu’une fabrication de notre mental!

En plus, quand on vit une vie qui ne correspond pas à nos propres valeurs, un jour on payera le prix! On se sentira de plus en plus mal dans sa peau.

Vivre en harmonie avec ses valeurs, donne un meilleur estime de soi,

ce qui entraîne un plus grand confiance en soi

ce qui entraîne par la suite un plus grand sentiment de bonheur!

Alors il est très important qu’on ne se fixe pas sur une idée de ce qui on est, ou de ce que les autres nous disent ce qui on est.

Tout est toujours en mouvement, rien n’est fixe!

Notre corps par example change tout le temps et donc on n’a plus les mêmes cellules qu’on avait il y a quelques années! Imagine, on a un corps complètement renouvelé!

Le même est vrai pour nos idées, nos capacités, nos pensées, nos émotions,…

Tout est changeant!

Si par exemple, on se dit, “je suis timide”, cela est basé sur ce qu’on a vécu dans le passé, mais rien n’est fixe, rien n’est permanent!

On peut commencer à s’entraîner à ne plus réagir timidement! Le plus d’expérience qu’on acquérira dans des situations où on a plus de confiance en soi, le plus que cette confiance va grandir!

Après un certain temps, on n’est plus timide!

Rien n’est fixe, tout est variable dans la vie!

Et cela vaut pour tout vos comportements, ce n’est qu’une question de se réaliser qu’on puisse évoquer ce changement et après vous prenez le chemin vers ce nouveau comportement souhaité.

Le jour ou on se réalise vraiment que la vie/ nous/ tous est en mouvement, changement éternel, on voit le champs de possibilités qu’on a dans la vie!

Devenez ce qui vous voulez être! Ne tenez pas à ces croyances limitantes!

Explorez ce champs de possibiltés qui est en vous!!!

Une très bonne façon pour aller se promener sur ce champs est la méditation.

Je vous souhaite tous une très belle pratique, une promenade plein de découvertes et de bonheur!!!

Merci beaucoup pour avoir lu mon blog! Partagez-le si vous l’avez aimé! Merci



Good stress versus bad stress

Good stress is obviously the positive little pinch we feel before we take on something huge. That only makes us sharper, more competent, more alert. That’s absolutely a good thing! It enhances our performances, it helps us make better decisions. So that is not the problem.

It’s the bad stress that is killing us slowly but steadily

There are a lot of elements causing this stress and today I am going to highlighten just one:


When we feel fatigued

▶ we feel stressed

▶ we feel more tired

▶we feel even more stress

▶ and so we feel more fatigue…….

Once you’re trapped in this chicken-and-egg situation, you can’t get out easily, you feel yourself evolving from a confident, competent person to a reactive and defensive person.

You worry more

You are feeling heavy

You lack motivation

Your attitude becomes negative and judgmental

Your mind is racing, darts all over the place hence you lack focus

You are always in a rush and yet you complete nothing

Your bodily functions shut down: brainfunction, cellular repair, immune system, digestive system,….

The list is long and depressing…

So one key element to restore that health and calmness is SLEEP!!!

Sleep cleans your brain, refreshes your body and mind.

And yet, nobody takes the 8 hour (or more) sleep which is necessary for our body and mind to function well!

We all want to go through life like a top athlete, but we don’t behave like one. (Roger Federer sleeps 12 hours/day!!)

We keep on pushing and pushing our body and mind without thinking about the necessary rest and recovery they need.

It really is very simple, not easy but simple: you want high performance in life, make sure your body and mind are up for it!!

Prepare yourself with the same ritual every night so your body and mind are ready to go to sleep:

NO screens 1 hour before bedtime ( read a good book, write down what made you happy today, talk to your partner, go for a walk, …)

Keep the same bedtime hours every day of the week

No alcohol, coffee, sugar,… or other stimulants before bedtime

Make sure your room is a place to rest: quiet, calm, no clutter,…

Let in the fresh air so your room feels clean and rejuveniting

You don’t like those bedtime habits???

Just ask yourself: how many more days do you want to ‘wake up’ groggy, stressed, overwhelmed, bad tempered, tired, ….

There’s your answer! Not one single day longer!!!

It’s very simple but it’s not easy in the beginning.

Once you’ve made a habit out of it, it becomes automatic behaviour and it requires less and less effort.

Once you start feeling the benefits of a good night sleep, a rested healthy body, when you start feeling motivated again, energetic, you will ask yourself why did I torture my body for so long by depriving it from it’s much needed sleep!!!

Start tonight! Create this good habit!!

Wishing you all a very good night sleep!!!!!!

Sweet dreams!!!

Thank you so much for reading me, sharing my posts, liking them,…!!!!!



Analysis leads to paralysis….

If you think about it for a second ( not too long ;-)), it’s true!

Once you start looking and imagining all the possible things that can happen, you never get started.

Do I have all the parameters ??? Or did I miss something?

A healthy sense of calculating the risks is good but trying to solve every possible problem or hick-up before they even occured is a complete paralyzer!

So just go for it, start what you want to do!

Action is worry’s worst enemy.

You’ll see that by acting, solutions will come as problems arise. No need to foresee everything from day 1.

As Jonathan Lehmann puts it in his morning affirmations ( Insight Timer App) :

“Plan but remain flexible,

Be patient and self confident

Don’t let yourself be guided by fear!”

Fear is what we like to call perfectionism…

But perfectionism is not about wanting to be perfect, it’s about wanting approval from others. And this can soon become unhealthy! Stop depending on other’s opinions to feel happy and achieved.

We just don’t dare to be content with what we do because we fear looking incompetent to others who might have different standards ( or so we think have ‘other/higher’ standards than we do)

If we are happy with what we’ve done, we give others permission to be happy with what they’ve done too and so stress, fear, perfectionism, …whatever you like to call it, will diminish!

Just act, live day after day, grow, learn, be happy with the results you got so far!

Know that paths are made by walking!

Don’t try to get “there”as fast as possible, wherever “there” may be…

Be here!

Live now!

Enjoy every moment while you live it!

You never know what awaits around the corner.

Be grateful for what you experience today!

When you are grateful, it’s really hard to get angry, jealous, upset, irritated,… all the negative feelings dissolve into that rich pool of gratefulness!!! Explore it and you’ll experience true calm, true contentment!!

So this week was a short blog just to invite you:

not to worry too much,

not to be scared

but to be grateful and enjoy the moment!!

Thank you all for reading me!!!!


You’re stuck

You feel unhappy

You are not satisfied with your life

You want change

Look at your habits!

What do you do on a daily basis?

Look closely and you’ll be flabbergasted at what you see !!

The good news is:

By changing your daily habits, you’ll create a whole different life without having to climb the Mount Everest, go to a zen retreat in Nepal, moving to Belize,…to feel happy and content.

Create healthy habits!

If you choose something long enough, it will choose you back.

So look at:

what do you eat?

What do you drink?

What do you listen to?

What are you looking at?

What do you read?

It seems quite simple but if you think about it for a moment, it does make sense!!

What do you eat?

If you consider how many tons ( yes, quite scary, isn’t it) of food you put into your mouth during your entire life, then it seems a no brainer that you better put healthy food in your body instead of tons of junk!! ( if you scroll through my blogs, you’ll find a whole blog about healthy food)

What do you drink?

You really are surprised that your hands start shaking after you’ve had your 6th cup of coffee??? Or that you start putting on weight even though you’re not eating a lot but maybe drinking a lot of alcohol? Or that you have trouble sleeping with a belly full of garbage???

What do you listen to?

You may not be into that: “music influences the growth of plants, the behaviour of animals,”… but just think for a moment, or even better, test it out!

Put on some really kick ass music in your car: do you feel you want to start driving faster? Do you feel the adrenaline pumping?

And then put on some zen flute music, like the one you hear in spa centers ( hmmm I wonder why…???)

So I think it’s safe to say that music does influence our state of mind hence listen to cheerful music and you’ll feel a lot happier than always listening to all the heartache in the world!

The same goes for all the news bulletins, and talkshows where they are constantly focussing on the negative.

What are you looking at?

Here too: garbage in, garbage out. If you are really interested in who cheated on who on Temptation Island, who gossiped about whom, who is morbidly overweight,…. Well I am afraid you won’t feel happy, inspired, energized,…. So be very selective! Or even better: turn off the television. You know if you do the math:

let’s say, 2 hours a day ( which is rather realistic),

that means 728 hours/year,

which are…….!!!!!!!19 work weeks in front of the TV!!!!!

Quite shocking, isn’t it??

And then there’s of course the gaming world too, same here! How many do you need to have killed to start feeling happy…?????

What are you reading?

Read inspiring books, biographies of people you admire, old books which make you live in another time, you’ll be amazed by what you can learn: similarities and differences, happy books,….You enter a whole other world where you can feel good and happy! And guess what, when you put down that book, you’ll have a smile on your face!!! And that’s exactly what you wanted, isn’t it???

You see how habits create your life, your mindset and how you can control it by choosing well!!

So I invite you all to take an honest look at the above items in your life and make the necessary changes!

Stick to them and they’ll become habits!

And those habits will create the future you crave!

It’s all in your hands!!!!!!

Wishing you all very positive, happy, inspiring habits, hence future!!!!!

Thank you all for reading me!!!



What a nice word for this season!

You do get that extra bounce in your step, don’t you?

Nature awakens,

New life emerges,

A new life cycle begins!

How wonderful (full of wonder!) and energetic this makes us feel!!!!

We are all part of nature, so we too, get new chances every day!

We often do not live our lives to the fullest because we dwell on the past, on what could have been.

But what happened, happened, that we cannot change.

It’s in the past, it’s behind us, no use going over it again and again.

If you look ahead of you, you see opportunities, new beginnings, chances,…. take them!

Learn from your past and then leave it behind and move on.

Try again, you are much wiser now!

The most successful people admit that they learned more from their “failures” than from their successes.

Every morning you have a choice: make the most of your day or live in the past and rethink, over and over again, things that cannot be changed anymore. ( sounds exhausting and rather foolish don’t you think)

Life happens to all of us, it’s how you deal with it that makes the difference between being happy or unhappy.

The way you look at things, defines those very things.

Nothing is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ in itself. The same thing, word, event,.. can mean a thousand different things to different people in different circumstances.

It’s our brain that gives them importance and classifies them.

“Les choses ont la valeur qu’on leur donne! “

It’s so easy to dwell on the negative but really:

What good does it bring you???

Has it ever helped you at all????

Haven’t you suffered enough??

So why keep on looking for the negative in things if it makes you so unhappy.

Decide now if you want to be happy: make a firm decision: a hell yeah!! And not a yeah but…

Refocus, retrain your brain to look for the good in things, in people, in life. Wish each other well! Even the people you don’t particually like. That’s hard, I know, but the alternative makes you and everyone else miserable!!

That’ why it has to be a ‘HELL YEAH! I want to be happy!!!!

You have it in you because our nature is good, is kind. It’s what we make of things, what we assume, that turns it into something bad, something ugly. We can make ourselves and others happy by just seeing the good stuff, wishing each other all the best!

And isn’t “feeling good” what everybody wants? No matter where they live, what colour their skin has, what religion they believe in, what language they speak,…????

So be really motivated and make that positive change!!

Only you can make you happy, nobody else!

The bonus is that your environment benefits from it too, hence you benefit twice!!!!

Decide today!

Wishing you all a very positive, happy, “hell yeah” day, weekend, life!

Thank you so much for reading me!!!


Demain se construit maintenant…

Ce qu’on sème aujourd’hui, on recolte demain.

What we initiate, what we do, how we think,… shapes our world of tomorrow.

So we better think twice, be nice, plan for the good stuff!

Because if we think negative thoughts, handle ourselves and others in a destructive way, we will spiral further down!

If you want a happier, nicer, more relaxed life/ world, … start making changes today! You can’t have a different tomorrow if you keep on doing the same things day in and day out.

That’s what Einstein calls insanity!

Dan Pedersen has put it very simply:

Answer the following 2 questions for yourself truthfully and you’ll know how you can create a better future:

What am I not doing now that one day I’ll wish I had started earlier?

What am I doing now that one day I’ll wish I had done less of?

That’s why I invite you all to take a deep breath, look – really look and see- what is going on around you and appreciate all the good stuff!!!!

See the positive side of things and yes I know there is a dark side too but if you turn your face to the sun, all the shadows are behind you!!

Start your day with a smile, with good intentions such as:

Listening instead of talking

Reaching out instead of lashing out

Helping instead of ignoring

Supporting instead of criticizing

Being an example instead of hiding

I truly believe in a better world if everyone makes an effort and as the Dalai Lama says: it’s a positive kind of selfishness because by being a kind person, people around you will act in a kinder way too so at the end of the day: everybody wins!!!!!

Wishing you all

A very joyfull Easter!!

A new spring,

A new beginning,

A fresh start,

Blossom like the trees in springtime and you’ll have a rich harvest in the autumn!!

Thank you all for reading me!!!


De ochtendstond heeft goud in de mond.

Waarom bestaan er toch zoveel clichés?? En wat is ervan aan?

Ik ervaar alvast dat als je dag bewust begint, alles veel vlotter, leuker, gemakkelijker verloopt!

Het loont om net dat kwartiertje/ halfuurtje vroeger op te staan en alles ‘onder controle’ te hebben dan al meteen te moeten branden staan blussen en in crisis modus te gaan. Deze modus hou je nl. de hele dag aan. Denk maar aan een ochtend waarop je je verslaapt, dan hol je de ganse dag achter de feiten aan en blijf je je doodmoe en opgefokt voelen.

Als je daarentegen:

op tijd ontwaakt

– enkele malen diep in – en uit ademt, je rekt en strekt en vervolgens onmiddellijk opstaat doorheen die 5 seconden van “pijn” ; de snooze knop indrukken is alleen een verleninging van die “strijd” tegen die 5 seconden, je ervaart ze toch en onmiddellijk opstaan helpt je er het snelst doorheen!

bewust geniet van je douche, je gedachten nog rustig laat ontwaken, geniet van het warme water, de zeep,… Je bent nu in de douche, je kan niks anders doen dus geniet volop en laat je geest rustig in het moment

een gezond ( geen snelle suikers) ontbijt neemt samen met partner, gezin, huisdier, …of gewoon jij.

– even een frisse neus haalt: als het kan een blokje om ( hoeft echt niet lang te zijn), ga te voet of met de fiets naar het werk: of een deeltje ervan en geniet van de buitenlucht, adem in en uit, …

jouw prioriteiten van de dag even op een rijtje zet: maximum 3 anders zijn het geen prioriteiten meer maar to do’s. Een gemakkelijke check is: wat zal me straks uit mijn slaap houden als ik dit vandaag niet heb gedaan.

Inderdaad er is nog geen sprake van smartphone, PC, TV, ….

Ontwaak eerst ten volle en neem de leiding over je dag, je leven.

Kijk voor het eerst naar je mails als je ook effectief de tijd en volle aandacht hebt om ze te beantwoorden! Het heeft geen zin je geest ermee te vullen als je er niet volledig bij kan zijn.

Zo hol je de ganse dag in het ritme van de anderen!

Kies zelf uw startmoment en beantwoord dan mails, berichten, telefoons,… Zo is je geest in een actieve modus en niet in een reactieve.

Dit is heel belangrijk voor het stressgevoel. Bij actieve modus heb je een gevoel van controle en dus lagere stress, bij reactieve modus stijgt jouw stress niveau want je gaat in reactie/overleving m.a.w. minder controle gevoel.

Neem een BEWUSTE START van je dag/ week/ weekend/ leven!

Heel hartelijk dank om deze blog te lezen! Deel, tweet, like,….zoveel je maar wenst!


I recently read this definition of hell:

“On your last day on earth, the person you became, meets the person you could have become………”


That’s one I pondered upon for a while…

It is quite  simple and so very true but nobody believes it enough to make the necessary changes. Regret is one of the toughest emotions to deal with!

If only I…..

What if…..

Who you are TODAY is not who you have to be TOMORROW!

Of course if you live a happy, balanced, fulfilled life today, no need to change: good on you!! Keep it up!!!

But are we being the person who we wanted/want to be?

I already spoke a lot about finding your goals, search for your why, but then the actual work only starts!

It’s all well and good to know who we want to become and what we want to achieve but then there’s the journey towards it.

Then we get scared out of our minds, and our head finds a trillion reasons why we should not pursue our dream:

It’s not realistic

says who??? our devil-knows–it-all in the back of our mind? Who says he’s right (or “she” sorry guys :-))??

I don’t have the skills

so learn! start training, get educated!

I don’t have the money

how much do you actually need to get started? Maybe not so much as you thought. Be resourceful: share, rent, get free try outs,….

I don’t have the time

get your priorities straight, and yes you will have to say no to a lot of stuff. Outsource what you can. Make time. That’s what priorities are all about. You can’t have it all, but you can have your dream if that’s what you really want. ( what are you willing to give up for it?)

I don’t know where to start

What about with one tiny step? Start searching for information, contact people who can help you get started, one tiny step each day towards your dream. Follow courses, get a mentor.

Often people prefer to live in the known uncomfort, than taking that leap of faith into the unknown.

Own your life!!

Create and control your environment.

If you don’t change anything in your current life, there will never be any lasting changes.

Make space:

literally in the space around you: get rid of old stuff that reminds you of the old you that you don’t want to be anymore;

but also in your mind: forget old beliefs and learn, see new things, be curious, live in wonder.

Surround yourself with people who support you, who belief in you!

It’s the daily actions that create habits and it’s the daily habits that create your life, your future.

If you want change in your life (no matter in what area), change your daily actions until they become your new habits, hence your new life!

Improve 1% each day!

Never skip a day! Set a reminder in your calender, do it everyday, “no” is not an option, make yourself accountable: tell someone, write it down in your journal,…

After 60 days this new daily action has become a habit!

Isn’t that great!!!?? We all know how hard it is to break habits! So use this to your advantage when you are creating new, healthy, inspiring, fulfilling habits!!

It’s NEVER too late!!!!

Start now!!

I wish you good luck and heaps of courage!!!

Go for it!!

You CAN do it!!!


Be real

Be you

Who are you?

You still remember the real you?

Funny question, isn’t it?

But, really, do you still know what your heart wants, who the real you is, deep down, in your heart, in your soul?

What makes you smile, what kindles your fire?

Stop the auto pilot.

Stop just being alive.

Stop living other people’s agenda’s.

Create space in your mind, in your life.

Listen to the silence and (re-)discover yourself.

Spend each day at least 10 minutes in silence and just breathe, just be, just listen to your inner self.

Write down you mission statement.

Who do I want to be?

What life do I want to live?

What do I want my close ones to remember me by?

Write down what you’re most passionate about and live that dream!

Ok, I hear you: “But I need my job, I have my responsiblities, I need to, I have to… and so on and so forth…”

That’s true but:

think wild,

think as large as possible:

isn’t it possible to live a little closer to your dream?

Even if it isn’t possible to make a living out of it, you can always spend each day or each week, 1 hour, half a day, a whole day, doing what your heart begs you to do!

Sooner or later, in the end, we will all die. Hopefully much later…!

But what we do with our lives before that happens, is up to us:

living your dream or

living on auto pilot.

The end result is the same!

BUT: the joy during the journey will make all the difference in the world!

Not only to you but also to the people around you, and in the bigger picture, to the whole world!

People who live their dreams, live according to their values, their passions, and so they are happy.

Happy people radiate that feeling and infect the people around them!

Happy people are tolerant, helpfull, kind, sharing,….and they do make the world a better place.

So what are you waiting for????

Be that person.

Listen to your heart in silence.

Write down your life mission.

Hang that mission statement where you can see it, and read it out loud every day.

Create the circumstances to start living that dream.

Go step by step towards your goal and towards the life you were meant to live!!!!!!!

Be real.

Be you.

Thank you for reading my blog!

Have a wonderful week!