7 steps to live a joyful, relaxed and fulfilling life.

I once read these 7 steps and as I found them so powerful, I would like to share them with you.

Step 1: Serenity

Being in a serene state, gives you peace,

makes you accept what life brings to you.

I am not saying that you have to passively undergo all that is happening around you, no.

But just by accepting that things do happen beyond your control,

you can relax, you can react in a peaceful way.

That’s not the same as being a fatalist.

Choosing to be, choosing to live your life no matter what the circumstances bring you:

that brings you peace, that brings you serenity.

Step 2: Regularity

Creating a routine, having a schedule brings you calmness.

Don’t see having regularity in your life as something that holds you back.

No, having a certain regularity in life, gives you peace of mind, creates space to do things because you’re not wasting any time anymore.

You know what to do, when you’re going to do and when you have time to spare, when there is space in your agenda.

That brings calmness and so you can breathe easily.

Step 3: Absence of vanity

When you stop being vain,

when you stop thinking, it is all about you,

when you stop letting your ego run the show:

you’ll start listening to others,

you’ll stop comparing,

You’ll start noticing all the beauty around you,

you’ll start being more loving, more compassionate,

and that will give you joy.

Step 4: Sincerity

Speak the truth, act in accordance of how you are feeling, of what you are thinking.

Always be respectful but do say what you are really feeling.

Drop the mask, drop the act,

be honest with yourself and with others.

That’s the only way there can be a real connection.

Feeling connected, feeling you belong somewhere brings you joy.

Step 5: Simplicity

Keep life simple, keep things simple.

The less you have, the easier, the clearer life becomes.

Return to your true self, to your source.

Choose what is important to you:

you can have anything but not everything.

Choose wisely.

When your attention is divided among a lot of things,

nothing gets your complete focus.

So, choose what matters most to you and give it all of your attention.

That way you’ll live a fulfilling life.

Step 6: Veracity

Don’t ‘work’ the facts, don’t twist the truth.

Be reliable, act upon your promises.

Be truthful.

What you think, what you say and what you do, must be one and the same.

Step 7: Equanimity

No matter what is going on around you, keep your own mood peaceful.

Always be a loving, kind, compassionate person.

Joy and pain are part of life.

We all have to deal with it.

Don’t let it dictate your mood,

don’t let it rule your world.

Be in charge of how you feel, of how you react.

Everybody benefits of a respectful, calm behavior in any situation.

I invite you all to think about these steps and you’ll know where you can improve, where you can become a better, more peaceful person.

The beauty of it is that EVERYBODY benefits from your improvement: YOU in the first place, because you’ll feel so much better.

And when you feel better, everybody around you will be influenced by it.

I wish you all a very joyful, peaceful, calm week!

Thank you all for reading me.