Are we changing our behaviour yet?

Are we analyzing our ways of living yet?

Do we treat this ‘time-out as a real time-out?

I know for some of us this is a time of double shifts and extra hard work so I am not talking about them.

I am talking about all of us who have to stay at home, who are working less because business is slow or maybe completely down.

I think it’s time, high time:

to become more mindful, more conscious, more aware.

Take a close look at:

who we are,

what we do,

how we treat other people,

how we live,

what we eat,

how we treat our own body, …

Circumstances ask us to make our bodies as strong as possible, we need our immune system to be in top shape, more than ever.

Wouldn’t this be the perfect time to finally start listening to our body (again)?

Our body is always right.

It’s us, we, our minds,

Which override the signals.

Our body is telling us what it needs and what not,

But do we understand what it says?

Do we go to sleep or do we still watch this extra episode?

Even though, we know we will feel tired in the morning. Maybe we’ve become so used to feeling tired that we think this is the way we are supposed to feel….

Do we eat less junk and more vegetables?

Or do we just complain we’re gaining weight and feel bloated all the time….

Do we go for a run or a good walk?

Or do we say: my body aches, my joints can’t handle physical exercise, I am out of breath


You see, it’s all in our own hands.

Yes, 100%.

Do you hear me say it’s easy?

Absolutely not!

But you can!

It’ s all in the mind:

do you want it or not?

Do you want to feel energized in the morning?

Then here’s what you need to do:

Go to bed at 10pm.

Yes, I know and I would want to but I can’t sleep. I hear you. It took me years of ‘not sleeping’ before I realized it did not have to be like that, that I could change this.

Build rituals and after a while your body and mind will adapt and yes, you WILL sleep again!!

Go to bed at the same time, every day.

No phone or computers 1,5 hour before sleep.

Let your stomach start digesting 2 hours before you go to bed, so no junk or snacks just before you go to bed.

Go easy on the alcohol: I know they say that 1 glass of red wine is healthy, and I sure can appreciate a good glass of red wine, but take 1 small glass, you’ll appreciate it just the same.

Watch something peaceful, something that makes you laugh instead of something that makes your blood pressure go through the roof.

Take a little book next to your bed and write every evening what made you smile today, what you enjoyed… so you can go to sleep with good, pleasant thoughts in your head.

You can add meditation, a little yoga or breathing exercises

Just build your own ritual, step by step and do it every single day until it has become your new habit!

Then you will sleep again, try it and you’ll see.

The same goes for your eating habits, your work out plan, …
You control what you do.

Work out new recipes, new schedules for your work out!

This is the perfect way to start building your immune system, to reinforce your body.

Don’t wait, start NOW.

Start living in this new, healthy way.

This is your wakeup call to (finally) start:

Respecting your body,

Realizing how important good health is,

Cherishing your body: it’s protecting you.

Stop destroying this treasure you’ve been given.

Nature is very intelligent; it knows how to heal itself.

But it also has its limits….

Take this time to reflect, to make plans of how we will start treating our bodies, nature, the whole planet with the respect it deserves so it can heal again.

Go outside (or go out onto your balcony, open a window) and take a deep breath and take a good look at the trees, the sun, the sky, the birds, … just breathe and say ‘thank you’.

I wish you all a very healthy, restful, thankful week!!!

And for those who have to work double shifts: thank you for taking so good care of us!!!! We are sending you all of our love and lots of energy!!

Thank you all for reading me!