I heard the following quote of Dr. Wayne Dyer in a video the other day:

“Be a host to God or

be a hostage to your ego”

I always say love instead of God but that is just semantics, because God is Love.

It’s just what you prefer.

“Be a host to love or be a hostage to your ego”

Waw! Isn’t that beautiful:

To be a host to love,

To let love live inside you,

To be love,

To make your life, a life filled with love.

I recommend it -from the bottom of my heart- to you all, try it, give it a go, and then see what happens…

I know it is not easy, because we are so used to living

from the ego,

from old beliefs,

from a default mode which is not love.

If we look closely at how we react to life, it is safe to say that our ego’s rule the world….

We get upset because:

Somebody reacted in a way we did not appreciate… how dare they…???

Uhh, we do not control other people’s reactions so, why let it rule our peace of mind?

We get upset because:

We didn’t get what we expected…

Who is responsible for your expectations…?? Yes, the one and only: YOU.

We get upset because:

people don’t feel how we want them to feel…

Well, I don’t know about you but I can’t change somebody’s feelings… I can be nice to someone but I can never guarantee their reaction, that’s their responsibility.

We get upset by so many things that are out of our control and basically it is plain stupid to let that rule our peace of mind.

But here we are, living from our ego:

Our ego that “says” what we are entitled to, what is right and wrong, how people should behave, ….

All of our ‘beliefs’ that are put there by education, experiences, society, …

But are they true?

Do they make us happy?


We are upset all the time!!

Somebody “stole” my parking place

Somebody “stole” my job

Somebody was mean to me

Somebody is more beautiful than me, is richer than me, is healthier than me, …

And so on and so forth, the ego goes on and on, ….

We really are a hostage to our ego!!

STOP this ego driven life!!

Be a host to love!!!!!!!!!

It’s not easy because we are not used to it, we are programmed to react from the ego.

But try it, little step by little step.

Make every day the decision to live from love,

to be a host to love!

Let’s try the following things:

Every time you hear people talking ill of others,

disengage, walk away.

Every time you think ill of somebody,

change that thought into a loving thought (nobody is 100% “bad”, you can always -yes always- find something positive about them)

And that includes you too!

Every time you are thinking ill of yourself,

change it and send a positive thought through your mind.

Every time you start blaming, complaining,

stop yourself and think, what can I do about this to change it.

If it’s in your power, do it, otherwise stop complaining as you can’t do anything about it anyway.

Remove anger because anger is the absence of love (= quote of Dr Wayne Dyer)

Practice compassion!

The Dalai Lama says:

“If every 8 year old, all over the world, would meditate on compassion for 1 hour/week, we would eradicate all hate and acts of violence over one generation’s time.

I’d say: it’s worth the try, no?

Start practicing compassion! You never know somebody’s story, so be nice to people, to animals, to all.

Become humble, it’s really not about us, individuals.

As I said in last week’s blog: we are just a blip in the whole universe, we are all connected, there are no individuals, we are all part of the ONEness.

When love lives inside you, you feel grateful, you don’t need more because you appreciate what you have, you are content.

Being a host to love, is being generous, sharing.

We have more than enough.

I’ve already said it many times in previous blogs: take a good look around your house and you’ll see tons of stuff you can give away. Share!

You’ll feel so much better, lighter, brighter.

You will become a being of light!

And light makes darkness go away…

I know it is not easy in the beginning but:

baby steps,

it’s really all about making a decision and then go in that direction, every single day!

You’ll trip, you’ll fall into the ego trap again. For sure!

Everybody still does from time to time.

But remember your decision and stop yourself, think about being a host to love and go from there.

Nobody is perfect!

The more you practice, the less frequent you will fall down again!

And the shorter you will “stay down” in your ego reality.

You will recognize your behavior and as you made a decision to live from love, you will be able to quickly shift again to your higher self, to being a host to love again.

I believe in love being the ultimate goal of life!

I wish you all a wonderful, loving, heartwarming week!!

Let’s be all a HOST TO LOVE!!!