Expectations, …

As the old year nears its end

and the new one is just around the corner,

We tend to reflect upon our lives: we replay:

what we did,

what we still want to do,

what we regret,

what we are proud of, …

While wishing each other all the best for the New Year, people often ask:

“what would you like to happen this year?”

Think about this question for a while…

And I mean really think what this means for you.

What are YOUR goals, YOUR dreams, YOUR expectations for this new year?

When formulating what those are, take a very close look at them first:

Are they really YOUR dreams?

Are they really YOUR goals?

Or do you do,

what other people expect from you?

what society thinks is great, cool, wonderful?

Is it something you will be proud of or do you just want others to be proud of you?

If it’s not something you feel in your heart,

Well, okay, MAYBE you will please others but you won’t make yourself happy!

If you don’t live what you feel in your heart, you’ll never be happy, nor satisfied because you won’t FEEL it.

Therefore, search your heart for what it is that GIVES you energy and follow that dream!

The funny thing is, even when you are scared people won’t love you for it,

Once they see how happy it makes you, and how you radiate pure joy,

You’ll “contaminate” them with those great vibrations and guess what:

they’ll love you for it!!!!

So, stop being afraid to follow your path,

Stop pleasing others when it drains your energy!

Take a good and long look in the mirror and say:

“this is me, this is who I am and that is what I want to do”

Make sure your new year’s intentions are YOURS!

Make sure you’ll do what invigorates you!

Listen to your heart and start being YOU, really YOU!

That is what I wish you all for this new year!

Let’s meet your real goals, your real expectations.

Thank you all for reading me!