Empathy works for both parties.

Being empathetic brings





kindness, …

Be an example, be the one that starts acting nicely.

We are all human beings, and being human means:

making mistakes as well as having successes,

feeling angry as well as being happy

feeling irritated as well as being grateful

feeling impatient as well as being patient

reacting aggressively as well as being understanding and supportive


By being empathetic, you see and recognize all those feelings as feelings you have too!

In realizing that they are not perfect and that you are not perfect either, there comes an understanding that we are all human beings, that we are all in it together.

We are not alone in our ‘being imperfect’!

That makes us kinder towards others AND towards ourselves!

Once we start feeling connected to other people, we become nicer, kinder people, we don’t feel so alone anymore, we know it’s OK to feel the way we feel.

This being OK does not mean that it is OK to nurture the negative feelings/ behaviors.

It means we can all have them but then it is important what we decide to do with those negative thoughts/ feelings.

Feelings pass a lot quicker if we don’t feed them.

Feed them?

If we feed a feeling, it grows bigger and bigger until it controls us.

When we do not feed a feeling, we just feel a certain way and we notice it, we decide to accept it and then we let it go.

That way, the feeling is not able to rule our thinking, is not able to control the situation anymore.

We are not our feelings,

Yes we do feel a certain way but then we can decide what we’ll do with it.

If we feed the anger, the hate, the distrust,… it will grow and grow and it will take over our thinking and we will become victim of our feelings. Those feeling will rule us and we will act in an angry, hateful, …way. That does not help anyone!

The good thing is: this works the other way around too!! And here is where it becomes really interesting!

When we feel grateful, understanding, kind, happy,…all of a sudden the whole situation will look differently, will feel differently!

We will be able to be understanding, to be kind, to be empathetic in our reactions.

And that’s my whole point:

decide how you will think, how you want to feel and your actions will be the result of that choice.

If you have the time to be angry or nasty to people then you most certainly have the time to be nice to them too!

So choose wisely and choose kindness!

The world will be a better place because of it!

Thank you so much for reading me!

If you want to learn how to “decide” the way you feel, the way you look at things, feel free to send me an email and we can plan a session.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Have a wonderful week, look and you will see!