Make life simple again!

Not possible?


Says who?

Have you tried already?

What if you could start all over again: what would you want in your life and what would you not allow to come in anymore?

An interesting excercise, no?

And you know:

a lot of what you don’t want, you can actually get rid of!!

Yes, you can!

You feel too busy?

Skip what you don’t enjoy doing!

Delegate as much as possible! Yes, things can get done by other people! ( just give it a try, the world won’t stop spinning)

Skip half of what you do enjoy, because it makes your life feel overwhelming, and then enjoy the other half twice as much!!!

If you have space in your agenda, you will fully and truly enjoy your activities because they won’t feel as ‘squeezed in’ as before. You will have time to enjoy!

You feel you are cleaning all the time, tidying up all the time?

Check your house, your rooms, your garage,.. and donate, sell what you don’t need or don’t like anymore!

Clear the surfaces of all your furniture and just keep one or two things you really, absolutely adore, something that puts a smile on your face!

Create space and you will feel energized and the cleaning will go a lot faster!!! 🙂

Remember the times when you were more relaxed, less troubled.

Remember how you lived then!

Most of us had a lot less responsibilities, less possessions, less money, less…

And yes, I know you can’t go back exactly to how you lived then but just think about it for a moment!

You had a lot less and you were a lot happier!So think hard about why you want to earn so much money!

Is it just to buy more stuff?

Stuff that gives you more work, more worries, more maintenance,…?

Is it to buy a bigger house?

A bigger house for which you have to buy more furniture, is more expensive to maintain, to heat, to insure,…?

I am not saying you can’t buy and enjoy stuff, all I am saying is, think twice: does it really make you happier, when you consider the whole picture/process?

“If it costs you too much ‘life’, it’s too expensive!”

I am all for simplifying, for “less is more”.

Clear your schedule.

Clear your closet.

Clear your house.

And in doing so you will feel the energy flowing again! You will feel your mind clearing too!

Just think about it, find a silent moment and be really honest with yourself: what is costing you too much right now?

Define it and find a solution for it!

Wishing you all: the time to find out what is too much in your life and the courage to simplify your life!!

Thank you all for reading me!!


I am really looking forward to hearing from you! Leave a comment ( just click the comment button below) if you feel like it!


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