Deepak Chopra says:

“Every grateful moment makes me healthier.”

Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

You don’t believe him?

You think it’s all a whole lot of BS?

Even if you don’t believe this yet, give him the benefit of the doubt.

What do yo have to lose?

Nothing, right?

But what do you have to gain?

Think of that!!!

Your health!!

A lot of diseases are caused

by being unhappy,

by living under too much stress,

by feeling angry all the time,

by holding grudges against people,

by thinking about all the things you don’t have,

by focussing on the negative.

What if you would try to focus

on the positiveon forgiving people instead of staying angry all the time

on seeing the good in people instead of focussing on their shortcomings

on enjoying the things that go well in your life

on being grateful for all the problems that you don’t have!

Yes, there are a LOT of problems you don’t have!

We are not hungry,

We do not live in a war zone,

We have a roof over our heads,

We have a bed to sleep in,

We have people who love us, care for us,

We are free to express our thoughts,


But we never consider that for even a minute.

Life can always be worse, remember that!

Maybe one day you will long for the life you are living now!!

Feeling grateful:

makes you feel calm,

makes you feel warm inside,

makes you feel connected,

makes you feel strong,

makes you feel confident.

In a grateful heart, there is no place for hatred, for envy, for jealousy.

And that is why every grateful moment makes you healthier!!

Neativity makes you sick, positivity makes you healthy!

So keep a lock on that barrel of negativity and open up the gates to let out all the joy, warmth, happiness, gratitude, compassion, friendship, love, respect!!

I wish you all those wonderful feelings and I wish you become an ambassador of positivity too, so that more people may discover this source of well being!

Thank you so much for reading me! Feel free to leave a comment on this post or on previous blogs. I am looking forward to reading you!


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