When are we right?

What is the truth?

What is the whole truth?

How do we know the other one is “wrong”?

Why are we so stubborn in defending our ‘right’?

Why are we so narrow-minded when it comes to:

letting go of what we believe to be true and

seeing what someone else believes to be true or right?

It is a really thin line between who is right and who is wrong.

I guess everybody has their own truth. We are all ‘right’ in some way and wrong in another way.

We all see things through our filters of experience, knowledge, education, culture,…

Who decides which truth is THE truth?

This is a very philosophical item and it’s not my intention to start the discussion to have an “absolute right or wrong” answer in the end.

All I want to point out is, that maybe it is wise to listen and really hear what the other one is saying, try to see it from their point of vue, from their way of living, of feeling.

Maybe you’ll understand their truth, their values, their feelings too, and even if you don’t,

even then,

it is not decided that what we think, believe, “know”, ….is right.

Is it worth

to fight,

to put the other one down,

to feel superior,

to be irritated,

to hurt people,

Just because you think you have the truth on your side?

For me, it all comes down to respect:

Respect each other whether you agree or disagree.

Listening and learning,

seeing and understanding new points of view,

taking the other one’s feelings into consideration

is a sign of respect, of wisdom, of maturity.

Even if you do not see at all, how they can possibly feel that way: they feel that way so for them their feelings are real.

Respect that, respect them.

If you find yourself in a situation of disagreement, frustration, anger,… just

put yourself in their shoes,

try to see it from their point of vue,

try to live their life for a moment.

You’ll realize that there are many ways to see, feel, and explain things.

And by listening, learning ,… you’ll feel more peace, more harmony hence you’ll feel more happy and relaxed!

It’s okay to have a different opinion. For you AND for them.

This week’s blog is a very short one, just an eye opener, just something to think about for a moment.

Thank you all for reading me!!

Have a very openminded, ‘looking from a different angle’, peaceful and interesting week!!