Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve,…..

All kinds of holidays and reasons to reconnect with the ones we love!

And do we? Reconnect?

Do we still feel the joy of family gatherings or has it become all obligation and no fun?

I hope you do feel joy and warmth during those times of year.

Thinking and acting in terms of “just being together and enjoying one’s stories, enjoying one’s company” instead of “giving shiny presents” and “stuffing ourselves with too much food and too much drinks”, can already be a huge step in the right direction!

Understand that your belly is not bigger during this season, you are not more hungry, you do not have to eat tons and tons of food,…just because it’s Christmas.

You’ll feel so much better, lighter in eating just as you normally do, on regular days. And feeling lighter will make your mood lighter too!!

This does not mean you can’t make it festive! No!!! Make a beautiful dish, decorate your table, put nice candles, create a cosy place where people feel welcome…

It just means don’t eat or drink yourself into oblivion…

Okay, when you are invited, you don’t get to choose what’s on the table. But you do have a choice in what you actually eat and drink.

Food is one thing, but then you have the ‘obligation’ of seeing some people you don’t really connect with.

I know! We all have that one person we really do not want to sit next to at Christmas dinner, we really do not want to hear their sneering voice, but just try to think about that person in another way.

As you cannot change other people, all you can do is change the way you look at them, change the way you interact with them. Change your expectations! They will never change! They don’t realize that they are sending negative vibes!

Appraoch them with compassion, with love. All you can do, is decide how you will interact with them, what vibes you will send them.

I know this is a stretch in some situations but what do you prefer?

Fretting all day/evening, getting all worked up, going on and on about it afterwards?

Or letting it just wash over you, nodding with a smile, not entering the discussion, …

is a very wise quote by Mark Twain.

So accept everyone for who they are, enjoy all the positive people you really feel connected with and let the negative/rude people just be.

Make this year’s holidays about giving each other undivided attention, spending time together, going for a walk together,…about re-connecting instead of just buying yet another unwanted gift that probably leaves you feeling empty instead of feeling a real connection with the ones you spend time with.

Make this a nice and warm time of year, think about the lonely people, the poor people,…too.

Make a difference where you can!

That’s the real spirit of the holidays!

Maybe you think I am writing this blog too soon but I just wanted to make you think twice about the senseless buying of useless gifts, the overspending of so much money on material things,…Money that could be spent so much more usefull for projects that really need the money.

Donate for a good cause and give the ones around you the most precious gift ever: your time!!!! We are all so fortunate that we are not in need of stuff, but we are all in need of each other’s attention, of each other’s love.

Let this Chrtistmas be a really warm Christmas where we re-connect!!

Have a very inspired pre-Christmas time and reflect upon how you can make a real difference this year! Because you can!

“Be the change you want to see in the world!”

is my absolute favourite quote by Ghandi.

If we do not change how we think about things, we will not act differently and we won’t have a different end result!

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Get into that driverseat!

Thank you very much for reading my blog!!!

I hope to meet you soon!!




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