In honour of Remembrance Day on November 11th, I write this blog about love, compassion, friendship, kindness, and tolerance. Because I believe those are the only things that will guarantee us peace.

I would like to share the following verses written by Rachel Macy Stafford, (New York Times best selling author of Hands Free Mama, Hands Free Life, Only Love Today) because I stand by every single one of them:

“Shame abandons, encouragement believes.

Condemnation paralyses, compassion frees.

Exasperation quits, patience prevails.

Yelling silences, communication opens up.

Blame hurts, grace heals.

Faultfinding destroys, praise builds.

Rejection loses, unconditional love wins.”

Those statements seem so simple, but ponder upon them for a while. They are so true, so real, so recognizable.

Aren’t we all very quick to judge, to become angry, annoyed, irritated,… and do we even think about how the other person is feeling because of our reaction, of our attitude?

So much hurt, pain can be avoided by just opening up our heart for other people. Hurt is avoided on both parts because when we are angry, annoyed, yelling,.. we make someone else very sad and we too feel very unhappy.

Therefor I would like you to read these statements again and again, maybe even write them on a post-it, or on a memo in your phone so that you can read them whenever you like, as often as you like.

Being conscious about how we treat other people will automatically make us softer towards them, kinder, more supportive.

I know it isn’t always easy because we all have our issues, our problems, … but that’s just it! They too have their problems, even if they don’t show it or talk about it.

Just think about the end result!

By being nice, kind, … YOU feel better, the other person feels better and of course the interaction between the two of you is better! Hence it will become a lot easier to be nice to that person! And the more kind people in the world, the kinder the world becomes!

Isn’t that just great? And so logical?

Then why don’t people treat other people more gently? Beats me!

Why don’t we all stop staring at our belly button and look up!

Look at the others, see their problems, help them!

That’s the fastest way to forget about your own problems and to feel good!

The amazing thing is: Everybody wins!

If you put a little more effort in your well DOING, your well BEING will take care of itself!

I wish you and every human being a very peaceful Remembrance Day and know that world peace begins in your heart.

We all need to carry peace, kindness and compassion in our hearts so that the world becomes a better place for all of us!

Do not focus on the bad things that are happening ( yes they are happening and sadly they will always happen), but focus on what you, as a person can do to help bring peace to the world, close by and far away.

Don’t wait for the politicians to act, don’t blame others, don’t shirk your responsibilties,… we can all contribute to a better world!

Yes, we can!

At night before you go to sleep, say thanks for all the good things in your life; in the morning remind yourself of all the benefits of being kind and in acting kindly your day will become a good day!

A very positive way to start your day can be by listening to the morning meditation by Jonathan Lehmann ( Insight timer app, 10 minutes) in which he gives you 7 affirmations to have a happy, magical day. One of the affirmations is “I speak only to spread positivity, it is counterproductive for my happiness to speak against myself or against others”. ( no more self destructive talk nor gossip! Practice this and you WILL feel so much better!!!!!!!!!)

Choose one affirmation and live by it for the entire day! The next day you can choose another one, or the same one or add one!

And yes, you will feel the difference!! You’ll have a lot more to thank for in the evening! And this will make you sleep better! Another bonus!!

When you have a happy day, you will spread that vibe and your surroundings will act more positively too! Again, nothing but wins for everybody!

We really are all connected, we are all part of this universe and thus we all affect each other. Let that be a positive effect!


Wishing you all a magical week!!

Thank you for reading me!