If you often feel

as if you’re alone in this world,

as if no one understands you.

If you feel like an outsider,

as if you don’t belong.

Then that’s an invitation to look very closely at the people around you:

Who are they?

Are they like-minded people?

Do they have the same values, dreams?

Do they live a similar lifestyle?

Because once you’ve found your ‘crowd’,

you finally have that feeling of ‘coming home’,

of being where you belong.

That feels so good because

you don’t have to pretend anymore,

you can finally be YOU.

That is what I wish for all of you!

Find your group, your flock, your herd,

whatever you name it,

and thrive!

In order to find your like-minded people,

you first have to know,


your vision.

Make it very clear:

Who am I?

How do I want to live?

How do I want to relate to people?

How do I see our planet?

As something that is here to serve us or just the other way around:

as our home, as a place in which we have the privilege of living, of enjoying nature and all its beauty.

What are my values?

How do I see health care?

And so on.

Ask yourself all of these questions and be very honest with yourself.

Listen to what your heart says and not what your mind tells you to do.

Your mind tells you what other people taught you, what other people say is how it is supposed to be.

Once you have your own, very clear vision,

keep your focus on living according to that vision,

and you’ll see that like-minded people ‘suddenly appear’,

seemingly out of nowhere.

Where you used to feel weird, not normal, unaccepted,

(because you were frequenting the ’wrong’ crowd),


(once you’ve found the ‘right’ crowd, the crowd where you belong),

you’ll suddenly feel invited to be YOU, just you.

Finding people you belong together with,

is the greatest joy you can find,

that is the missing part you’ve been looking for your whole life.

My invitation to you all this week is:

Clear out all the clutter in your life,

make room for the real you,

get rid of all that does not ‘feel’ like you,

and you’ll get a very clear vision of what you want your life, and the people in it, to look like!

Simplify your life,

say no to all the ‘obligations’ that have nothing to do with how you see the world, with how you want to live your life.

Be very aware of what makes you happy and what not.

Keep in your life what gives you energy,

ditch what depletes you.

Look at all aspects of your life:

clutter in your house,

unhealthy habits,

self-imposed obligations,

negative thoughts.

These are all things that eat up all of your energy without us even realizing it.

In my new book “Less is yes!” I guide you step by step through that process of clearing out

all of the ‘too much’,

all of the ‘draining habits’,

all of the ‘letting other people define how you should be/feel’.

Take back control

of who you are,

of who you want to be,

of your energy.

Feel light again,

feel happy,

feel at home,

feel accepted.

Find your group of like-minded people!

I wish you all a joyful reading, the intention and the courage to get rid of your ‘garbage’ and lots and lots of happy energy flowing through your body and mind (again)!!!!

Thank you all for reading me!



author of “Less is yes!”

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What do you believe?

What do you really believe is possible for you?

Why do some people become what they dream of becoming in their life?

While other people never seem to be able to turn their lives around?

What is it that makes some people seem to be ‘lucky’ in life?

And others seem to get all the bad stuff?

It’s all about what you believe is possible.

What is a belief?

According to the teachings of Abraham (by Esther and Jerry Hicks):

a belief is a thought that you keep thinking.

The more you keep thinking a certain thought,

the more it becomes your belief.

Once you believe something,

you think that is the truth, the reality.

The reality is in fact just a thought somebody thought long enough.

So, you’ll never be able to change your ‘reality’ as long as you keep thinking the same thoughts, as long as you have the same beliefs.

As we now know that a belief is a thought you keep thinking,

you know you’ll have to start thinking different thoughts when you want or see other stuff happening in your life!

When do you know a thought is a thought that is in alignment with who you really are?

When do you know you are thinking about what you really want to be happening in your life?

It gets tricky here as we think we think about what we want,

when actually we are thinking about what we do NOT want in pour life!

For instance, you want to be heard, you want people to take notice of you and all you can think of is:

Will they listen to me this time?

Will they ignore me or not?

Did they hear what I was saying?

You see what is happening?

You want to be heard but your mind is worrying they might not hear you (again).

Your emotions are your guidance.

Feel what is a good thought and what is not.

Feel if it is something you believe from your heart.

When you think something,

or somebody else wants you to ‘believe’ something,

but you feel ‘bad’ about it,

it feels ‘off’,

then you know it is not a thought that is in alignment with your vibrational self.

When you keep thinking that, and believing that,

you’ll never feel good,

because it is not who you are, it is not what you want in life.

Every time you feel good about something,

that is an indicator that you are keeping up with You, your vibrational Self.

It means that this thought is what you dream of, is what you want for yourself, what your heart is telling you about.

You can never get what you want, as long as you keep thinking about what you do not want, as long as you feel bad, as long as you emotional guidance tells you ‘no’.

Is it a bad thing that something feels ‘off’, that you are not feeling happy?

No, it’s an invitation to return to your vibrational self.

An invitation to get back in alignment with who you really are.

You may not always realize you’re thinking about what you do not want,

and that is why you get stuck.

You get stuck when:

you only see, experience what you don’t want in life,

you keep thinking about what you do not want to be happening to you.

You think you ask for what you want but as you are stuck in the negativity of what you do not like,

you keep getting what you do not want….

The Universe gives you more of what vibrates on your frequency.

That is how the Law of Attraction works: you get what you ask for (which is what vibrates on the frequency you are vibrating on).

The Universe does not judge,

it sees the vibration you’re on and it gives you more of the same because the Universe thinks that is what you want.

I hear you screaming and fuming now:

are you kidding me?

did you not hear me?

This is what I do NOT want.

Yes, I hear you,

but that is how ‘reality’, how life works.

You are the creator of your reality.

What you think of, and keep thinking of, becomes your belief.

You vibrate on the frequency of your beliefs.

That is why you have to think, and keep on thinking:

about what you do want, (people being nice to you, a job you like, a healthy lifestyle, more time…)

about what makes you feel good,

about what you want more of in life.

The moment you hear, say, experience something which gives you a negative feeling,

immediately think something positive about that person, situation.

Think about what you do want to experience,

and believe it is possible!

Do not say you believe it and still have that little voice in your head saying:

This will never happen!

No, say it, feel it is good and believe it can happen!

Listen to your inner guidance, to your feelings.

They will tell you what it is you really want in life.

Vibrate on the frequency of what you want, of what feels good.

The more you feel good, the more you’ll ask for more of the same and you’ll be in alignment, you’ll be who you really are.

The more you feel ‘off’, the bigger the contrast with what you really want, the more you need to rid yourself of those thoughts.

It is very important that you not only free yourself of negative thoughts,

you also have to let go of anger, of resistance,

of feeling powerless.

Believing you are worthy, you are able, puts you on the right frequency for getting more of what you want.

You’ll have to be in total absence of negativity, of feeling a victim, of feeling less worthy.

For example, when somebody yells at you and you let it get to you,

you’ll never get what you want.

You’re still feeling powerless.

If you want people to be nice to you, you first have to let go of the negative feelings you have about this person, this situation.

This situation shows you the contrast between what you want and what you do not want.


in being appreciative of Self, of who you really are,

in feeling worthy of respect, of love,

will put you on that frequency where there is no hatred, no blame, no shame, and then your message to the Universe will be clear and it will give you what you do want more of in your life.

As long as you’re doubting,

as long as you think it is not possible to attain what you dream of in life,

as long as you feel yourself unworthy of that achievement in life,

as long as you do not believe it is possible for you to have what you want,

the Universe will not send you the components you need to get what you want.

Be very aware of what you think,

of how your thoughts (or common beliefs) make you feel.

Only in thinking about what you truly want,

in keeping on thinking those thoughts over and over again until they become a belief,

will the Universe give you more of what you need to attain your dream, your personal goal in life.

Where focus goes, energy flows.

This works both ways:

as long as you keep thinking about what you do not want,

the longer you’ll keep getting more of what you do not want.

The more you focus on what you want,

the more you’ll get what it is you desire.

That is how you create the life that you want.

You get what you keep your focus upon.

Be very aware of where your focus goes to.

You are the creator of your life,

of your reality.

Stop blaming others.

You and only you are responsible for how you feel.

I know this sounds harsh.

but give it some thought,

open your mind to the possibilities this creates,

and you’ll realize this is how ‘life’ works.

Train yourself in thinking only positive thoughts,

in thinking only thoughts about what you want to have in life.

See what happens.

Give it time.

It’s like training your physical muscles,

go step by step and built up slowly but steadily.

You can read all about how you train your mental muscles in part 3 of my book ‘Less is yes!’

Thank you all for reading me!



author of “Less is yes!”

available on www.lannoo.be and www.standaardboekhandel.be

No one ever got any happier

by focusing on the negative stuff in the world.

Do we have to ignore the ‘bad’ stuff then?

Do we have to live in our own little bubble without taking anybody or anything else into consideration?

No, I am not saying this at all.

All I am saying is:

you know/feel what is good and what is not.

Repeating over and over again

what is not working,

what is not right,

what is stupid (in your opinion),

what is going wrong in the world, …

is not getting you anywhere nearer a solution, nor a feeling of happiness.

On the contrary:

the solution can never be found on the vibration of the problem!

We need to get off of that negative vibe to be able to see a way out.

That’s the reason why we have to stop focusing on what goes wrong.

Of course, we first detect there is a certain problem,

we feel something needs to be changed,

that is normal otherwise we would not live in/be connected to the world around us.

But then we immediately have to switch our focus on:

what can I do to make this better?

how can I make a change?

what can I do to get this situation unstuck?

That’s the first thing we need to do:

we need to set ourselves in solution modus.

You’ll immediately feel the field of opportunities opening up to you,

you’re no longer stuck in a problem because you start looking for solutions.

You take a step back, away from the ‘problem’ and

you analyze the situation as an opportunity for growth,

for improvement, for change.

Once you’ve observed/ thought about what is possible,

you can start working on moving towards that solution.

Even if people do not work with you in the beginning,

focus on what you want to see differently and

keep going towards your goal.

That’s why I advocate

living like you would like everybody else to be living,

doing what you want to see done in the world,

serving the planet as you feel it needs to be served,

respecting everything and everyone,

I believe in being an example of what you want to see more of in the world,

instead of fighting against what you do not want to see happening.

I believe in being kind and serving,

instead of fighting, blaming, and being angry.

I feel that by doing nice things,

you radiate positive energy

and by sending out positive vibes,

you encounter other things that vibrate on that same positive frequency.

My invitation to you all this week is:

Focus on solutions.

Look for the positive in people, in things, in situations.

Focus on getting unstuck.

Let your mind be creative in finding answers.

Sometimes you’ll find the answer in the least expected form.

I know that when you’ve been stuck for a while, it can be hard to believe there is a way out.

But believe there is,

there always is a solution!

As hard as it might seem, you can get unstuck!

Take a step back,

take your emotions out of the picture,

calm down your ego,

your ego (your protective self) thinks it is protecting you against the mean, vicious world outside, but it isn’t. On the contrary, it keeps you from seeing opportunities. Live from your higher self!

say to yourself you’ll find a way out of this rut,

turn away from the negativity,

focus on what will help you get out of this problem/ situation.

Start acting in a new way.

Start doing the stuff that will bring you to the situation you want to be in.

Keep up this new behavior and you’ll see the people around you changing too!

There is no need to say to them they have to change,

just by being positive, they’ll be kinder too.

Remember though, you are never responsible for the way people behave.

I know I just said they’ll be kinder too but this is not 1+1=2.

Some people will never change and that is not your fault.

But you’ll see that the majority of people will be nicer when you are nice to them.

You’re only responsible for how you act.

Be kind, feel compassion, especially for those who are not kind.

They are hurting, they are not happy.

I wish you all many positive, solution-oriented, kind thoughts.

Enjoy the feeling of relief, of lightness, that washes over you

once you’ve stopped thinking about the bad stuff,

once you’ve cleaned out the clutter in your head.

(cf part 3 in my new book “Less is yes!”)

The reward of being positive in life is,

you’ll start noticing even more nice, positive, kind things in life.

It really is a matter of switching frequencies.

Go to that higher frequency!

Thank you all for reading me!



As Courtney Carver says:

“If organizing your stuff would work, you’d be organized by now”.

And she is so right.

So, what is it then that keeps us from living that simple life, that life

with no clutter,

with no excess,

with less obligations?

Why is simplicity so hard to obtain?

It should be simple, no?

It really is all about your why in life:

why do you want to live with less?

why do you want your time back?

why do you want to feel light again?

why do you want to stop trying to have that picture-perfect life?

We feel something is making our lives feel heavy, exhausting,

but we can’t really put our finger on it.

The answer is in Less.

As I mentioned above:

to live with less you first have to define your why.

Why do you want to have more space, more time?

What is it that you want to make time for in your life?

What is it that you miss out on in your life

because you have no time,

because you have no room,

because you feel you have no energy left in your body to do the things that matter to you?

You’ll see that all your answers to those questions come down to one thing:



Yes, that is what it all comes down to.


getting back to living a simple life,

answers all your questions about how to get back to love.

Simplifying your life is your way back to:

spending more time with the people you love,

having time again to do the things that you love,

being able to enjoy the things that you do, because you are not too exhausted, your schedule is not overloaded.

I invite you all to read my book Less is yes!

It’s a practical guide that will take you

to that life of less,

to that life of space,

to that life of lightness.

We start with the easy part: the material clutter in your house,

and then we work on cleansing our body,

to finally get to the part where you clean up the cobwebs in your head.

The book is your perfect guide to keep you going,

to help you out when you feel stuck during the process.

You will really turn your life around.

It’s a transformation into living a healthy, happy life.

This is a huge thing that we need to tackle day by day, step by step.

As we did not clutter our life in one day,

as we did not get into the physical shape we are in right now over the last year,

as we gathered experiences over the years, as we all got demoralized at some point in our life,

we cannot expect to clean up our life in one day.

We need to do it step by step and celebrate each victory, no matter how small!

Make sure you know why you want to do this.

I keep mentioning this because this is what will keep you on track

when things get tough.

Why do you want to feel energetic, light, free again?

Why do you want to sleep a sound sleep again?

Why do you want to have space again?

Why do you want to be more available again?

The answers to these questions is what will keep you going when you feel you would slide back into old habits.

You start this decluttering process because you feel everything is becoming too much, so you want less.

The decluttering process is not a competition in having as little as possible, no, it is a means to an end.

That end is:

feeling light again.

being able to breathe again.

seeing what is really important in life.

doing stuff that makes your heart sing.

It’s your way back to love!

I invite you all to take a good look at your life,

to take a good look at how you feel about:

what you own,

what you do,

what you think.

Does it make you feel good?

Do you have, do, think the things you have, do, think only because

you hope you will belong?

you hope people will love you for it?

you hope you’ll be important because of it?

Or just because it is what your heart says this is who you are?

Be very honest with yourself!

Because know that

you will NEVER please everyone,

you will NEVER have an opinion everybody agrees with,

you will NEVER belong everywhere.

Choose where your heart says you want to belong,

Choose the opinion your heart agrees with,

Do the things you feel are the right thing to do, not the popular thing.


Getting back in good shape,

Thinking positive,

is so much more than ‘re-organizing’ your life.

It’s getting back your life,

It’s feeling LOVE again.

Thank you all for reading me!

You can already pre-order my book “Less is yes!” on

www.lannoo.be and www.standaardboekhandel.be

Thank you all for

choosing less!

choosing life!

choosing love!




Something that is already on my mind for years now, is that:

almost all of our problems originate in ‘too much’.

We are exhausted,

We are getting sick,

We are getting frustrated,

We are getting fed up,

We feel drained,

We get depressed,

We feel overwhelmed,

We worry we’re not good enough,

All because of too much:

Too much activities,

Too much (self-inflicted) obligations,

Too much on your plate,

Too much saying ‘yes’ to everything,

Too much junk in our body,

Too much stuff in our house,

Too much limiting beliefs in our mind,

Too much pleasing other people,

And actually,

WE are in control of how much we allow in our lives!

We don’t always realize it, but it really is all up to us,

It is our choice!

My new book “Less is yes!’

teaches you everything you want to know about:

how you can let go of your stuff, of unhealthy habits, of limiting beliefs,

how you can turn your life around so that the ‘too much’ is gone,

how your life gets a lot more meaningful when you introduce less.

We have to let go of old habits, of old beliefs,

in order to turn our life around.

We have to create new habits in order to have a different life.

Once you start living with:

Less stuff in your house,

Less junk in your body,

Less junk in your life,

Less consuming,

Less pollution,

Less hours awake,

Less sitting down,

Less driving your car,

Less activities on your agenda,

Less worrying,

Less living by other people’s standards,

Less ego, less Protective Self,

You create:

more space to live, more space to move around,

more energy, more health,

more eco-friendly living,

more sustainability,

more pureness, more clean environment,

more restoring sleep,

more exercise,

more going by bike, or on foot,

replacing ‘fomo’ with ‘jomo’

(fear-of-missing-out with joy-of-missing-out),

more peace of mind,

more being YOU,

more living from your Higher Self.

Once you create these new habits, you will start feeling a change.

You’ll start living differently, step by step.

You’ll start living a happier, lighter, more energetic life!

That will create momentum to go on, to keep up these new habits.

My invitation to you all this week is:

List everything in your life that weighs you down,

all the energy drainers,

all the sickening garbage,

all the stuff you don’t even know why you’re doing them anymore,

and find the solution in LESS!

Less gives you more of all the good stuff!

You want to feel light again?

You want to start your day with a smile?

You want to feel energized again?

You want to get rid of all the garbage in and around you?

Choose less!

You really do have a choice!!

Make the decision now.

I choose lightness,

I choose brightness,

I choose to feel energetic again,

I choose Less!

Less is yes!

Read how in my book (available from May 2021, pre-order now on Lannoo.be, Standaardboekhandel.be and soon also available on Amazon.nl)

Thank you all for reading me, and enjoy your new life in which

Less will bring you so much more LIFE!



Being stuck.

When do we know we are stuck?

When you keep thinking the same thoughts,

When you keep saying the same words,

When you keep doing the same things,

You are stuck!

You’ll never get unstuck as long as you keep



and doing the same things.

Start with recognizing that you are stuck!

Notice your mind going round and round

in the same circles,

getting you nowhere.

Now you know that the only way out is:

Thinking differently!

Think big!

Dream big!

What if you could achieve anything?

What if there were no limits to your dreams?

What if you could do anything you put your mind to?

What if there were no objections to what you want in life?

Picture that world!

Don’t be practical yet!

Just dream for a moment.

Create an image

of what you would be doing,

of who you would be,

of who you would work with,

of where you would live…

if you were to live that life,

that life of your dreams!What do you feel imagining that life?

What are you willing to do to get that life?

What are you willing to learn to get that life?

How many times are you prepared to fail to finally get that life?

What part of that ideal life is already within reach?

What part can you already start living today?


No, I do not believe that.

You are you,

you have your dreams already inside you, in your heart

and no way that there isn’t any aspect of that dream,

that you are not already living today or

that is impossible to start living from now on.

You can start living your dream life today!

Believe you can.

Start small but do already one thing from your ideal life!

Then look at what else you can start doing:

look at what you can learn,

look at who you can contact,

look at who is willing to participate in your dream,

look at how you can act,

look at how you can react.

By refining the image of what makes you happy,

by starting to do things that make you happy:

the image of your ideal life will start to become a very clear image.

You’ll know more and more what you want.

You’ll know for sure what you don’t want anymore.

That clarity is what you need to be able

to create a plan,

to write down step by step how you will transform your life.

Start today.

If not now, then when?

You decide whether you’ll go for it or not.

I am not saying you’ll find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

No, all I am saying is:

It is possible to create a life in which you are happy.

It is possible to make -some of – your dreams come true.

In taking steps towards

a life that suits you better,

a life that makes your heart expand:

you’ll live more from your heart,

you’ll be more you,

you’ll become who you’ve always wanted to be deep down.

And that is all that matters.

Live being who you are deep down, in your heart.

Remember the saying:

Hell is, on your last day on earth,

the person you became meets the person you could have become.

Life is a journey,

it doesn’t matter where we arrive,

as long as we enjoy the journey,

as long as we learn along the way,

as long as we are moving in the direction of our heart,

as long as we live from our deepest source,

as long as we feel more and more at home.

That’s when you’ll feel/know you’ve arrived.

That’s when you’ll feel your dreams have come true.

My invitation to you all is:

Dream big!

No limitations!

Create this world of love, of pureness in your mind.

Make an image of your best you, living your best life.

Cherish that image.

Set a plan of how you’ll make this image more and more real.

Take you first step.

The more steps you’ll take,

The clearer the next step will become.

Keep going in the direction of where your heart is telling you to go.

Enjoy the way home….



I often hear people say:

“I didn’t want to do this but I just couldn’t say no”

Well, it all boils down to what is most important to you.

When you have your priorities straight,

it becomes a lot easier to say ‘no’ to things you don’t really want to do.

Once you know

what kind of person you want to be,

how you want to live your life,

what is most important to you,

then you automatically say ‘yes’ to things you care about,

and ‘no’ to less important stuff.

Then I hear:

“Yes, but I don’t want to seem rude or not caring”

Well, that is all a matter of perspective.

What do you care most about?

You can do anything in life but you can’t do everything.

You have to make choices.

Suppose you only have 6 months left to live:

Would that make your choices easier?

Would you still do all the stuff you can’t say ‘no’ to today?

Would you still say ‘yes’ to everything to please other people?

Or would you start listening to what your heart says ‘yes’ to?

You can never please all,

you can never do all,

you can never be everywhere.

You know, as Courtney Carver says:

“The only people complaining when you set your boundaries, are the people who do not respect you having any boundaries.”

Remember that.

If you keep giving, giving and giving,

you’ll get depleted and you’ll be no help to anyone anymore,

not even to the people you love.

Do things that give you energy,

meet people you love,

take time to be silent,

take time to know and set your priorities,

take time to breathe and enjoy life,

and you’ll be so much happier, so much more fun to be with.

My invitation to you this week is:

Go for a walk into nature,

listen to the silence,

listen to the sounds of the birds,

listen to the trees moving in the wind,

listen to the ocean.

Reconnect with nature.

Reflect on where you are in your life.

What are your goals?

What are your dreams?How do you want your loved ones to remember you?

How do you want to spend the rest of your life?

Make a list,

write down what is most important to you.

Then look at what you are doing in your life right now.

Don’t judge,

just observe.

You can never change the past,

you can only do the best you can right now.

Notice where you can make adjustments in order to live more from your heart,

more from your priorities.

Make a list of what you want to start doing.

Make a list of things you want to stop doing.

Then start small.

Start doing something that you’ve always dreamt of doing,

even if it’s only by starting to read about the subject.

But start, take it into your hands and commit to it.


Stop doing something you’ve always done,

something you only do because other people ask you to,

something that does not bring you any closer to your dreams, to your goals.

Yes, it may feel awkward in the beginning,

but remember,

only people who do not respect you having any boundaries, will object.

Once you’ve let it go, you’ll feel so relieved,

so much lighter!

You’ll feel liberated.

You’ll feel as if you finally have the permission to live as YOU.

Read this book and you’ll realize your life is now!

It’s time to make those lists!

Be very honest, that’ll make it easier to create that image of your ‘ideal’ life.

Once everything is clear in your head,

it will become a lot easier to say no.

Stick to your dreams,

Don’t waver when somebody asks you to do something.

Know why you’re doing this.

Remember all the times you felt bad when you said yes when you did not want to.

Remember all the things you did not do because you were doing things somebody else wanted you to do.

Know why you want to learn to say no.

Make that image of how you want your life to look like really clear,

and decisions will become:

Hell yeah!


No thank you!

Good luck and enjoy living as YOU!!



How do we perceive the world around us?

What is ‘real’ in life?

How does what we see/ hear/ experience, make us feel?

No emotion ever existed without a thought that preceded it.

So, it’s what we think that makes us ‘see’ the world a certain way.

What we think, colors what we see/ hear/experience.

What we then feel, is caused by that thought.

Just imagine you think someone is mad at you:

You’ll look at that person expecting negative behavior, comments, …

and you’ll hear criticism, disapproval.

We get an affirmation of what we think is happening because we look for this to be true.

And we believe this to be the one-and-only reality.

But is it?

Ever tried asking that person what they really meant?

You’ll do a back flip because of what they will tell you!

They were not mad at all,

they were cautious because they were unsure of what you were thinking because you were subconsciously, sending out vibes of cautiousness, of paranoia.

If there would only be one reality,

then why are there so many ‘mis-understandings’?

Everybody thinks their own thoughts, hence, everybody has their own reality.

Having that in mind, you can avoid a lot of bickering.

Lucky for us, humans, we can choose what we think.

This gives us the opportunity

to look at the world from another angle,

to see another ’reality’,

to understand what else can be possible,

to feel differently about our surroundings, about the people around us.

Choosing what we think, is an incredible power!

It is the power:

to see beauty,

to see love,

to see and feel good.

I know some people say:

this is not real,

this is living in denial.

But is it?

What is the reality?

All the ‘bad’ stuff in the world?

All the negative things happening?

Is this what people see because they hear one of their fears speaking?

Is it them who live in denial of beauty?

Or is it the other person who lives in denial of wrong doing?

There is no ‘one reality’.

Everyone chooses what he wants to see.

Most of us are unaware of thoughts, fears, old habits,

that shape our reality.

Our subconscious mind tries to recognize situations.

When it sees something similar to an old experience,

it pulls out that old memory along with the feelings you felt back then, and this colors the new situation.

That’s why we often react in an inappropriate way,

We thought we knew what was happening and we reacted from that old memory.

Become aware of the fact that it is what you think,

that makes you see the world around you and

this is what makes it feel real to you.

Decide what you will allow to color your world.

Discard thoughts that make you see everything in a negative light.

Develop thoughts, nurture memories that make you see everything in a positive way.

The world will not change because of it, as you cannot change people, nor stop things from happening.

But how you perceive it, will change dramatically.

This becomes an upward spiral:

the better you feel, the more positive you’ll be thinking,

the more positive thoughts you’re thinking,

the happier you will feel.

And so, your world will become brighter and brighter.

This can be your ‘new’ reality’.

Choose how you want to feel by choosing what you think.

You decide how your reality can/ will look like.

It is up to you!

I choose to look for the beauty in life.

It is there.

You only have to want to look for it.

The more positive things you see,

the kinder you’ll become.

The kinder you are, the more you will contribute to a beautiful world.

My invitation to you all this week is:

Decide how you want to feel in life.

Take a good look at what you think when you fail to see the beauty in life.

Flip this ‘reality’ over and see how you feel if you think about it differently.

Look for what else is possible.

The more you practice this, the better you’ll get at it.

Good luck and enjoy being at the steering wheel of ‘what life looks like’



The 17-second rule.

We’ve all heard about the Law of Attraction.

We already know the gist of how this works,

but let’s take a closer look at the finesses of it.

In the book “Co-creating at its best”, you can read a conversation between Dr Wayne W. Dyer and Esther Hicks,

based on the collective consciousness, also known as Abraham.

One of the things they talk about in this book, is the 17-second rule.

When you think a certain thought for only 17 seconds, the Law of Attraction will bring you another thought like it.

So now, you have a second, similar, thought and momentum begins to set in.

When you think this new, similar thought for about 17 seconds, again, the Universe will bring you a new similar thought yet again and momentum builds.

And so, the law of attraction continues and when you’ve crossed the threshold of 68 seconds, you’ll stay on the vibrational frequency of those thoughts.

Now, the momentum is very strong and hard to counter.

The longer you think a certain thought, it becomes a habit of thought.

The stronger the habit, the faster it becomes a belief.

Now, the good thing about it, is that it works for both negative, ‘not-serving-you’ thoughts as it does for positive, ‘serving-you’ thoughts.

So, better make sure you build beliefs that are serving you!

The important thing is, first of all, to recognize your thoughts.

Be aware of what you think, of how you talk to yourself in your mind.

Make sure it are your thoughts and not thoughts other people think and therefor make you think them too.

Know what thoughts serve you and which ones don’t.

How can you know that?

Just take a deep breath, become quiet, and

listen to your body when you think a specific thought.

Do you feel your heart expanding?

Do you feel a smile forming on your lips?

Do you feel able to take action?

Then you are thinking positive, serving thoughts,

thoughts that help you to be who you really are,

thoughts that come from your source.

Do you, on the other hand,

feel yourself frowning, while thinking certain thoughts?

Do you feel your energy draining out of you, like the air out of a balloon?

Do you feel unable to act?

Do you feel a victim of circumstances?

Do you feel anger coming up, frustration, guilt, shame?

Then stop that train of thoughts.

It is not helping you at all.

It keeps you on a low vibrational frequency, the frequency of the problem and you’ll never find a solution on that vibration as,

the ‘problem’ and the solution vibrate on different frequencies.

As we were talking about the 17-second rule, the 68-second threshold, momentum setting in:

I hear you wondering, okay but how do I switch frequencies?

Well, the best moment to choose your new vibrational frequency,

is when the momentum is very low, or when it has stopped.

When you wake up in the morning,

your built-up momentum of the previous day has stopped.

So, the best moment to start your positive train of thoughts,

is when you wake up!

Choose very consciously to think positive thoughts.

Here you can deliberately stay for 17 seconds with that serving thought, that thought that comes from who-you-really-are.

The law of attraction will bring you a new positive thought and when you keep up staying with those thoughts, you’ll find yourself on a high vibrational frequency.

A frequency where you’ll see solutions,

where you’ll feel connected to your source,

where you’ll feel able,

where you’ll meet positive people,Because, when you feel good, you’ll radiate that vibration,

you’ll attract things that vibrate on this same frequency.

This is also an ideal state to express your affirmations.

When you feel good,

when you vibrate on a high frequency,

and you’ll affirm what you want in life,

the universe will bring you tools, people, ideas, … to realize your dreams.

The Universe knows what you feel so that is why it is important to be on a ‘good-feeling-frequency’ when you express your affirmations.

When you are feeling down and you rattle off your affirmations, the Universe won’t hear what you are saying, it will sense that you are feeling down and bring you similar things.

So, yes affirmations work, but make sure while saying them, you already feel the joy you will feel when you’ve reached what you are affirming.

Can you switch frequencies during the day?

Yes, but it will be a bit harder.

As you are vibrating on a low frequency,

you’ll have to focus very consciously on going to this higher frequency.

You’ll have to, actively,

stop your negative thoughts, so that the momentum comes to a halt, switch your train of thoughts to positive ones,

keep your attention on those thoughts coming from your source,

so that the Law of Attraction can bring new ones,

keep it up so that you can reach and cross the threshold of 68 seconds.

Here you can build new momentum.

Keep it up and stay on that new, higher frequency.

Once you see, feel, good things coming your way,

it gets easier and easier to stay on this high vibrational frequency.

Once you’ve been there for a certain time,

even when you ‘fall down’ to a lower frequency again,

you’ll recognize it and you’ll know what to do to ‘climb up’ again.

The more you are aware of what you are thinking,

the more you can choose what you think,

hence, how you feel.

My invitation to you all:

Become aware of your thoughts,

Practice thinking positive thoughts when you wake up,

Stay with them,

Go through the day on the frequency of solutions!

Don’t be frustrated when you ‘fall down’ on a lower frequency again, just recognize it,

and then actively focus on getting ‘up’ again.

The more you practice it, the easier it becomes.

Good luck and enjoy!!



“Don’t be afraid of perfection,

you’ll never reach it anyway!”

I really like this one 🙂

What a relief,

what a reassurance!

Finally, we can:

Stop trying to be perfect,

Stop being too harsh on ourselves (and others),

Stop being disappointed, all the time,

Stop being angry with ourselves when we did not handle a situation perfectly, (as if there were such a thing …)

I know it is hard to let go of that thought of perfection.

I think most of us were raised in the atmosphere of:

You can never work hard enough,

Your results can always improve,

Always focusing on where you failed instead of praising all the things you did good,

Making sure people won’t talk -badly- about you, …

I think you can picture the situation.

And I do not say this to judge the people who raised us, no, not at all.

They only did it out of love,

out of fear that otherwise our lives would be (too) hard.

No, I only mention this so that you’re able to recognize when you’re still behaving:

in a way to please people,

in a way of trying to be perfect,

out of fear of not being good enough.

It is time to stop this behavior.

Don’t be mad when you still slip up from time to time.

No, just recognize it, name it, and let it go.

Move on with the intention of being kind to yourself.

You are good enough!

We all live our lives trying to make the best of it,

trying to help out where we can.

So, we are doing great.

No sane person lives his life saying:

I’ll work as poorly as possible,

I’ll hurt as many people as possible,

I’ll be as hateful as possible.

No, I do not believe that.

We all try our best, in our own various ways.

I’ll go even further and say: even if you think people behave in this atrocious way: think for a minute why this could be. Mostly it is because they are lacking love, approval, kindness from others.

Being nice to them already makes a world of difference.

To them and to you.

My invitation to you all this week is:

Stop looking for perfection

in your own life and in other people’s lives!

Stop looking for where you/people failed, for where you/they

messed up.

Stop trying to impress people,

just do the best YOU can and sometimes reward will follow and sometimes not, that’s okay. Your reward is that you did the best you could, you helped out in the way you were able to.

Stop living a life thinking what other people may or may not say about it.

It’s your life!

Only you know how to live it!

Make it as beautiful as possible.

When you live from your heart:

you’ll automatically do your best,

you’ll be kind,

you’ll be loving.

And that is all that matters.

Your heart is never wrong.

You are doing great.

You are perfectly imperfect.

And so is everyone around you.

Thank you all for reading my imperfect blogs!