“Only Love Today”

Rachel Macy Stafford.

She wrote a whole book about “Only love today” and reading it, absolutely makes you pause and think about how you relate to others.

Love really is the only way:

The only kind way,

The only human way,

The only respectful way,

The only appropriate way,

Hence, the absolute only way.

You can bully people, you can twist somebody’s arm,

You can shout, you can command, …But to what end?

If you are ‘lucky’, people will do what you order them to do,

But what did you really achieve?

They won’t respect you,

they will only fear you.

They won’t like you,

they will -at best- tolerate you,

They won’t spontaneously help you,

they will only do the strict minimum.

They won’t come to you just to be with you,

they will avoid you.

They won’t be honest with you,

they’ll only tell you the necessary.

So, take a moment and really think about all the situations:

where you -for the moment- would never consider being kind or being loving,

and turn the situation around to: you

being kind,

being respectful,

being open,

believing people are actually capable of doing what you ask them to do.

You’ll be surprised what a whole new, wonderful world will open itself for you.

Your children will be happy because:

you treat them respectfully,

you ask them nicely,

you praise them after they have finished their task, regardless of the result!!

(They’ll get better over time, because now they will be motivated to try again. They will feel you believe in them.)

Your co-workers will come to you and will enjoy working with/for you because now you treat them respectfully.

Your pets will listen to you because now you are gentle and rewarding.

Shopkeepers will help you with a smile because you ask with a smile.

Wherever you are, when you are nice to people, people are nice to you too.

I know, you’ll meet the eternal grumpy one, or it may take some time for people to get used to being treated nicely

(yes, unfortunately people are not used to being treated respectfully),

But they’ll warm to you eventually.

Just think positively about whoever you meet.


“How can I help you?”

“What can I do for you?”

“How are you today? and really wanting to hear the answer.”

“I believe in you”

“I know you’re doing the best you can”

“Don’t worry, it’s okay”

And this is not only a very nice way to treat others, you’ll be amazed by how it makes YOU feel too!!!!

Because be honest, when you command somebody to do something, when you shout at your dog, when you keep yelling at your kids, when you fret because the bus driver was grumpy, …

How does this really make you feel?

Not very good, right?

In shifting your own mood, your own intentions,

You are making a shift in the vibrations you’re sending out.

And as you can read in my last week’s blog:

You really do attract similar things, things which are vibrating on that same frequency.

Try it!

Be nice,

Be open,

Be forgiving,

Be patient,

Be appreciative,

Be love.

And you’ll get your biggest reward ever:

People will return the favor.

That’s how the law of attraction works.

Practice kindness over and over again and you’ll feel the mood shifting wherever you are.

“Don’t let the world change your smile,

Let your smile change the world.”

Thank you all for reading me!