Corona virus = lesson in humility.

Did I just shock you?

Are you appalled by what I say?

Or do you agree?

Let me explain myself:

We, humans, need nature to thrive, to survive and not the other way around.

In fact, nature is better off without mankind.

And that’s what most of us do not get.

We, humans, think we are superior to all other living creatures,

We think we know better and try to alter nature’s course,

We think we have the solution to everything that goes ‘wrong’,

We think we can ‘beat’ everything we do not approve of in nature,

We think we are entitled to most of the land,

We consider oceans and water as solely for human consumption and for crops or whatever that can be of use to us, to consume or to have.

We get rid of everything we don’t like or don’t know what it can do for us.

We want a lot of land, so we cut the trees,

We want no uncomfortable slopes, so we level the ground,

We don’t want to get our feet dirty, so we put concrete on the soil,

We don’t like the stain in our carpet, so we use poison to clean it,

We don’t like the weeds in our garden, so we use yet another poison to get rid of it (for -at best- a couple of weeks, wow what a gain!)

The list is -unfortunately- endless.

We keep on destroying our planet, our home,

and still, we ask for more.

We want clean water because we don’t want to get sick, okay, that’s reasonable.

Let’s see: maybe we should use less poison?

We want clean air to breathe,

Oh yes, pollution…. well maybe it’s time to pollute less.

We want to eat all kinds of fruit and vegetables all year round,

So we just fly them in from the other side of the world, what are planes for, right? Exhaust emission levels..???? Ring any bells?

We want to eat healthy but no, we don’t support organic farmers, that food costs too much,

Okay, so maybe if we all would buy organic food……all farmers would start growing organic crops and then healthy competition could kick in.

So, what has all this to do with corona virus being a lesson in humility?

Well, let’s face it: one ‘little bug’ and

The ‘human’ world derails,

Economy falls flat on its face,

We turn into scared little creatures,

We lose perspective,

We still want more and more and we only think of me, myself and I,

We don’t have any cure,

We don’t know how to handle the situation, …

Well, that makes us really superior, doesn’t it?

Do we even think about this whole thing on a larger scale?

Do we take a step back and re-assess how we are living here on this amazing planet?

Do we adjust the image we have of us, humans, and our impact on nature?

Do we realize we are not the VIP’s of all living creatures?

Maybe, we should be thankful we get to live here too?

Who says, animals are less important?

Who still thinks insects, bees, … are just a nuisance?

Who still thinks pesticides, herbicides, … are not harmful? (yes, but the label says so…. Duh)

Who uses all kinds of cleanings products, chemicals, … and is still convinced: “Oh I am just using a little bit, that won’t hurt the planet?” Newsflash: Millions of people are thinking that!!!!!

Yes, I get on my high horse about this subject.


Be completely honest to yourself!

You want to be healthy?

Help create a healthy environment!!

You can’t be half pregnant: either you are or you are not.

This is my call to you all for this week:

Take a very close look at your own life and make a decision:

Do I want a clean, healthy planet?


Then start cleaning up your life today!

Use organic products,

Eat healthy, organic food,

Stop taking a pill for every little ache you feel,

Get your body moving,

Go outside and breathe,

Use water wisely and limited,

Re-use rainwater,

Use solar energy,

Drive an electric car,

Or even better, use your bike or go on foot,

Stop consuming just to consume,

Become a conscious customer: buy local, eat local,

Use what you have,

Get broken stuff fixed instead of just throwing it out.

Go through your whole house and clear out all the clutter:

Only keep what you use, donate what is still in good shape, and dispose responsibly of all the stuff that is no use for anyone anymore.

Get rid of all the poisons in your house:

You’ll be shocked by what a chemical dump your house has become over the years.

Let’s see what toxic products you have:

Most of your detergents, cleaning products, all insect repellents, herbicides, pesticides, old paints just sitting there in rusting cans, old varnishes you never use,  air ‘refreshers’: my god is that a joke or what, most of your medical cabinet ( you can cure any common health issue with natural remedies yourself), …

Get rid of it in a responsible way and

change your attitude: use natural, eco-friendly products.

When everyone runs a clean, healthy ship, the whole world is a cleaner, nicer place to live!

Decide now and live up to it!

Honor this beautiful, amazing globe!

Thank you all for reading me and for living consciously and responsibly! Thank you!