I would like to share with you one of Oprah’s life changing moments:

A guest in her show one day, said:

“Real forgiveness happens the moment you let go of the hope that life could have been any different.”

We can’t forgive as long as there is still that thought in our head, that longing, that hope, that it never happened.

It did.

That, you can never change,

The past is the past and will always be there.


Stop hoping that person did not hurt you,

Stop thinking that event never happened.

It did, look forward, move on.

I know it is difficult,

But what is the alternative?

Hate, holding a grudge, revenge?

Do you know how much of your energy revenge is eating up all the time?

When you’re holding on to a grudge, that grudge is holding on to you too.

It consumes so much energy, and to what purpose?

The past will never change,

It won’t make you any happier,

It won’t improve your life.

On the contrary.

The biggest act of self-love, is forgiveness!

You don’t indulge what happened, no!

You just set yourself free!

Free from hate,

Free from sleepless nights,

Free from feeling hurt,

Free from feeling insulted,

Free from the past!

At last!

Look at your life,

Look at what you have right now,

Look at who loves you,

Look at who you love,

Look at all the wonderful things in your life,

And let go of all negativity from the past!

You’ll feel so much more







Nothing is holding you back anymore,

Nothing is consuming all your energy anymore,

You stop wasting energy on useless thoughts, on emotions that are not making you stronger: on the contrary, negative emotions make you weaker.

Forgiving is:

seeing your real value,

seeing you are worthy of a happy life,

knowing that what happened says nothing about you, but everything about the other person,

choosing to move on,

looking at all the beauty you have right now,

looking forward to all the good stuff that has yet to come!

We all have time to think right now, time to reflect upon our lives.

Use this time to clean up all your old cobwebs, all your old grudges.

It’s time to turn your face to the sun and breathe,

Feel the air filling your lungs and feel free!

Freedom is in your head,

Choose how and what you think and you’ll feel your emotions shifting.

Enjoy the energy,

Enjoy life!

Thank you all for reading me and take care of yourself and your loved ones!!!