“Sunrise comes after the darkest hours.”

We often have to hit rock bottom before we realize our lives can/must change.

Disasters happen,

Diseases spread all over the world,

We are hurt, we feel pain,

We are scared,


we don’t understand this.

Why do those things happen?


On short-term basis, we cannot find a positive meaning to disaster, it’s impossible to see a positive thing coming from all this.

But what about over the long haul?

Will it change our view on our lives?

Will we be more grateful for what we have,

for what we take for granted?

Will we become kinder people?

Will we feel more empathy for when disaster strikes somewhere else?

Could it be that, here in the West, we thought:

we were free from highly contagious illnesses?

we had everything under control?

we knew perfectly well how to run things?

I think/hope it is a big eye opener for a lot of people:

“This can actually happen to us too!”

It’s not only in Africa or in any other far away country that:

illnesses seem to take over control,

people are not able to cope immediately with the situation at hand

people panic and start acting irrationally.

Maybe next time there is an outbreak somewhere in the world, we’ll be more willing to help them out.

Maybe it will make us realize that only love and kindness are the real answers.

I know, businesses suffer enormously,

I don’t want to minimize any of this, it hits us hard.

That’s why:

people have to rethink their way of working,

people have to come up with short-term solutions,

people have to create strategies so that their business can -hopefully- survive.

Everything is uncertain, and that is hard.


What if we see this as an invitation to reconsider our whole system?

What if we could learn new -and better- ways to conduct our business?

What if, maybe, we realize we were stuck in old habits?

What if, maybe we find an ‘eco-friendlier’ way of running our whole economic system?

What if, maybe, we start to be more ethical, more respectful in the way we treat the competition, the clients?

I don’t know.

All I know is, we have this situation at hand and there are two ways of dealing with it:

We either,

see ourselves as victims: we feel helpless, we panic, we become egotistical.


We see an opportunity/ an invitation:

to find new ways,

to invent new systems, new solutions,

to help each other in the best ways possible,

to actually start living as kind and loving people.

We have time on our hands these week(s), so reflect on this for a while and open your mind to the lessons there are to be learned.

The world, nature, mankind was suffering and now,

we get this world-spread virus that knows no countries, no religion, no color, no gender….

I can only see this as an opportunity for us, human beings, to step up and

become better people,

have more respect for nature,

take nobody or nothing for granted,

become more grateful and more conscious.

I wish you all a good health, a warm heart and

take very good care of yourself and of the people around you,

keep your mind in good spirits (as I wrote in last week’s blog).

And reflect on this situation on a universal scale, be humble, learn what it is teaching us.

We are all connected, we are all living on this planet, there is no room for individualism.

Thank you all for reading me!