You know I like to start my blogs with a quote, or a question, and here is the quote I’ve chosen for this week

I like this one a lot! (Obviously or I wouldn’t have picked it :-))

As I am absolutely not a technical nor technological master mind,

this is exactly my modus operandi when dealing with computer issues, phone issues, and all kinds of electronic stuff!


I never quite drew the parallel with myself.

But it is actually the very same thing I do:

when I “don’t function” well or

when I want to improve my wellbeing,

when I want to elevate my energy level.

I unplug!!

Even if it is only for a minute, or for a couple of minutes.

This is a huge energy booster.

Try it and you’ll feel the difference!

No time?

Everybody has one minute!

The more you say -and feel! – that you don’t have time to take a (little) break, the more you need it.

We all rush, rush, run, run, hurry, hurry, …

And one day, we will have outrun ourselves…

We will become ill or as Courtney Carver says:

“you’ll face a break down, or a break up or both.”

If you don’t unplug,

If you don’t take the time to:

“Reboost” as in: recharge your batteries, elevate your level of energy,

Take care of your body

Take care of your mind,

Take care of your relationships,

There is only one outcome:

Complete crash, meltdown, breakdown!!

We all get “wake up calls” but we are champions in ignoring the ‘signs’:

We feel tired, but we still stay up late

We feel irritated, but we don’t look for the actual cause within ourselves,

We argue more, and again, we don’t see a pattern,

We sleep less,

We stuff ourselves with junk,

We drink more alcohol,

We busy ourselves with useless activities,


And then suddenly:

We lose our job,

Our partner decides that enough is enough,

We get ill,

And we wonder how we got to this point….?????

Start today,

Be aware,

Listen to your wake-up call(s),

It’s never too late!

Unplug now!

Decide to take back control of your own wellbeing and take a break!

Little breaks everyday:

Put an alarm in your phone and when it sounds:

stop what you’re doing,

take a couple of deep breaths,

go outside if possible. (people are allowed ‘smoke breaks’ so why wouldn’t you be allowed an ‘energy-boost-break’?)

Plan an hour, half a day every week and do something that makes you smile, that expands your heart, that uplifts your energy!

Don’t discard lightly the effect of your levels of energy.

It’s this that will keep you healthy (body, heart and mind)

Don’t we all need to be at our highest, best health level to deal with all what is going on?

Panic won’t work, stress only diminishes our immune system.

The only thing that does work is to make sure our body and mind are as strong as possible.

Make an annual planning for holidays, weekend breaks,

If you don’t plan it, you won’t do it!

Before you know it, the summer is there and you will have been working non-stop.

Book weekends, make plans and actually do fun things.

You decide what is fun for you.

It does not always have to cost money,

Just make sure, you are energized!


Make time!

Take a break!

I wish you all a healthy week, and make those plans!

It will make you stronger and

You’ll already have a smile on your face just by planning it!

Thank you all for reading me!