Last week we talked about making an inventory of everything you have.

I don’t know how far you got,

But to most of us,

It’s an almost impossible job….

That’s how much stuff we own!!!

And still, most of us are already thinking of buying something new, one of these days…!!!

So, whether you have your list or half a list or none,

It doesn’t matter, you can start minimizing today!

The exercise was to make you realize, the HUGE amount of stuff you own.

Now it’s time to really get started!

Why do I need to minimize, I hear some of you asking?

Well, maybe you don’t realize it right now, but

stuff eats up so much of your energy,

stuff owns you!

First of all, in a full room, the energy cannot flow freely, it gets blocked by all the things standing, hanging there and that’s an unhealthy place to live in.

Secondly, stuff weighs you down; we feel tired all the time and we can’t figure out why…

Just do the test:

Open a very full closet and look at it:

you feel immediately demoralized, tired and you just want to close it as quickly as possible.


you can hardly find what you are looking for


you don’t even know all the things that are hidden in it…

and you end up buying stuff that is somewhere to be found in your house.

Now open a well-organized closet:

a closet where there is still empty space visible.

You will feel happy, energetic


you know what is in the closet because you can actually SEE everything!

Hence you find what you are looking for.

Only happy and positive feelings!

Now you know why.

(in a nutshell of course, I am writing a whole book about how to declutter your life, I hope it will get published by the end of the year)

Here is how you can start minimizing your stuff.

(don’t just organize your clutter, get rid of it!)

You can go room by room, or closet by closet.

That is up to you.

Make 3 piles of everything that is in the space you are decluttering,


Nothing may be left in a drawer or on a shelve.

Pile 1: trash, you throw it out, it is not useful to anyone anymore.

Pile 2: transfer: you don’t use/wear it anymore, you have more than one of it, ….

You give it to charity, to whoever will actually use it!

Don’t keep it for “maybe one day, I’ll use it again”.

No, “maybe someday “becomes never!

Pile 3: here are only the things you really use, really wear, the things you absolutely adore and make you happy, so in other words, your treasures.

Get the stuff of pile 1 and 2 out of your house within the week!!!!

Or you will start organizing your clutter in just another space in your house!

Out with it!

That is what gives you your space and energy back!

Pile 3 is what you keep and as so much stuff is gone now; you have the space to organize it in a way

you actually see what you have,

you can actually enjoy looking and using what you have/like.

It’s scary in the beginning, I know, but once you’ve started, you’re going to be hooked!!! I promise!

The joy afterwards is so rewarding, you’ll keep on downsizing your stuff!

The funny thing is, when you only have what you need and actually use,

you always find what you need and so it feels as if you have more!

You know what you have,

You like what you have (so you have always ‘something-to-wear’!:-)),

What you have, actually fits you and your current lifestyle.

Only winners and winning feelings!

Take a good look at your list and discover what part of your house is in greatest need of a thorough decluttering day.

Work your way through it, piece by piece, room by room and before you know it,

Your house will feel light, organized,

And you will feel happy, rich, content and full of energy!

That feeling will keep you on track.

Whenever you consider buying yet another thing:

Stop yourself, think about it for a few moments, ask yourself this:

Do I need it? Yes or No.

Yes. (when ‘no’ it’s easy not to buy it)

Do I already have it or something similar? Yes or No.


Will it make me happy? Yes or No.


How long will it keep me happy? Just on this one occasion or for a very long period of time?


You get my drift.

Be very conscious before you buy.

Wait a week, a couple of weeks even, before buying it and most of the time your “need” goes away!

Even when you do actually need something:

consider renting it, or buying second hand, or lending or borrowing it from somebody.

If we all share what we have, not everyone has to own all that stuff.

Together we can make our planet:

a healthier place by not ‘over-consuming’ as much,

a lovelier place by not granting ‘stuff” such an important role.

I wish you all a very interesting journey through your stuff!

Don’t hold on for sentimental reasons, it’s only stuff,

only keep what you actually enjoy!

You don’t need stuff to keep your memories alive.

Clean out your clutter and breathe in the lightness!

Feel free to contact me when you are stuck, when you think the job is too overwhelming. I am happy to provide guidance (in English, Dutch or French) on your journey to an organized, clean, happy house, hence life!

Good luck!!