Rush, rush, rush,

We all ‘fly’ through life!

But do we actually ‘live’ life?

Take your time to enjoy everything you do!

Yes, everything!

I know, there are things we ‘d rather not do, but we have to do them anyway.

This is also an invitation to take a close look at all the things you do.

Be very aware of what is absolutely necessary and what is not.

If something is not necessary and you don’t like doing it, then stop doing it!


Yes, you can stop this because it is not necessary!

And for the things that are necessary, well

You then either, be grumpy and you are doing those things whilst complaining and whining and feeling unhappy all the time,

or you do them and say, well as I have to do them anyway, I can at least make the best of it and be happy I am alive and healthy enough to be able to do them.

You always have a choice!


I came across a beautiful poem about ‘time’ the other day and I would like to share it with you.

Take time to work,

as it is the price for success.

Take time to think,

As it is the source of true power.

Take time to play,

As it is the secret of youth.

Take time to read,

As it is the foundation of knowledge.

Take time to be friendly,

As it is the door to being happy.

Take time to love,

As it is the true joy of life.

Take time to be cheerful,

As it is music to your soul.

Let’s all take time!

Time to breathe,

Time to listen,

Time to observe,

Time to enjoy,

Time to rest,

Time to….


I wish you all a very ‘time-full’ week (as in ‘with plenty of time’)!

Make time to enjoy your life and your loved ones!

You choose!

Choose wisely!

By for now, see you next week for my next blog!

Thank you all for reading me.